6 Productivity Tips To Make 2020 Your Best Year Ever (That Actually Work)

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Are you the type of person who believes that there aren’t enough hours in the day to get work done?

Do you wish you were more productive and had more time throughout your day?

There’s a huge difference between a productive person and a non-productive person.Someone who is productive has worked to become that way. They’ve done the necessary things to stay efficient with their time.

Below are 6 extremely helpful tips for maximizing productivity and getting tasks done.

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How To Achieve Your 2020 New Years Resolution

According to a survey, almost 60% of people have a New Years resolution of losing weight and eating healthier. 25% have a goal of spending less and saving more. 18% want to get more organized.

These stats aren’t surprising, especially since the gym is crazy packed in January and February.

A total of 8% of people complete their New Years’ resolutions. So how can you make sure to land in that 8%? Create a solid and strategic plan to get there!

It is 100% possible to complete your New Years’ resolution. I completed mine and so can you! (more…)


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