Here’s How To Save $1,000 Per Year On Your Cell Phone Plan

This is a sponsored post. 

I’m writing this review today in disbelief and a little mad. I’m mad because I’ve been overpaying for cell phone service for years. 

Fox business shared an article recently that said the average person spends about $57,600 over 60 years for their cell phone plan. That number doesn’t include buying new cell phones, extra equipment, etc. Ouch. 

I couldn’t believe it, so I did some research on low-cost mobile plans. Then, Tello Mobile reached out to me and I discovered their low-cost customizable plans. They seemed too good to be true, but it still made me curious enough to want to try it out. 

I tested out a Tello Mobile phone that cost me $19 per month (total!) in my small town in Colorado. Let’s just say I ended this test run feeling bitter because I realized I’ve been overpaying for my cell phone service. 

What I learned from testing out a new mobile plan: Just because you pay more doesn’t always mean you’re getting better service. T-Mobile charges me $80 per month while Tello Mobile charges me $19. I got the same coverage with both phones in my city. I went out to different locations in my town and tested both phone plans. They got the same exact service.  (more…)


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