Liberty HealthShare Review – How I Get Healthcare While Self-Employed

Disclaimer: I am not a healthcare professional and this review is solely my opinion and experience with Liberty HealthShare. Before you make a big decision involving healthcare and health insurance, you should do your research and make sure any plan will cover your needs and fit your lifestyle and beliefs. 

Update 6/5/19: I’ve recently had a bad experience with Liberty Healthshare. The process claim took so long, that my doctor now refuses to accept Liberty. Currently, I’ve had to submit the claim myself and have been waiting 1 month for customer service to even get back to me.

After being with traditional health insurance for most of my life, I decided to enroll in Liberty HealthShare due to the low deductibles and affordable monthly cost.

Working as an entrepreneur limited my health insurance options and the options I did have had insanely high deductibles with a high monthly fee.

I decided I wanted to publish this post once I had a few experiences using Liberty HealthShare, so you’ll see my actual bills of receipt and experience at the very end of this post.

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How To Cut Meal Prep Time And Save Money On Groceries

Coming up with a meal plan that is both delicious and pleasing to the entire family can easily become stressful.

Feeding a family of four can range from $150-$290 a week.

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Spending just $5 a month on a meal plan that does all of the work for you can help tremendously in your savings department.

The shopping list and meal plan are already prepared for you, all you have to do is pick up the food and cook.

The $5 Meal Plan allows you to save a large amount of money each month, as well as time saved from trying to figure out what to cook and what ingredients you’ll need.



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