How I Make Over $10,000 Per Month With These 4 Side Hustles

A few years ago in college, I started dabbling into a bunch of different side hustles. I did so many things, some jobs I hated and some I surprisingly loved. 

One of my side hustles even turned into a full-time job and paid off my student loans, bought me a car, and helped me start my retirement fund early on. It hasn’t been easy, but it’s so worth it.

I love side hustles because they open you to new possibilities. I would never be where I’m at today unless I started diving into random jobs. 

Here are the four side hustles that make me $10,000 a month.



25 Ways To Practice Self-Care For Free Or Cheap (That Actually Work)

Self-care is defined as an activity that is meant to improve or take care of your mental, physical, or emotional health.

Doing this can not only improve your happiness, but can improve your relationships, career, family, and everyday life.

I struggle with my mental and physical health at times, so self-care is a big part of my life. I used to completely neglect myself, and now I’m a priority. Your self-care will be different from someone else’s. Get started by finding out what relieves your stress and makes you happy by starting with some of the tips below!

Below are 25 ways to practice self-care for free or cheap. 



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