14 Ways To Stay Healthy While Traveling

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Eating healthy abroad is much easier than you think, especially with most restaurants moving toward whole foods and healthier options.

I’ve even found that healthier food is cheaper and more abundant abroad. I lived in Italy for awhile as an au pair and found so many healthy options in Switzerland, Italy, France, and Germany. And the food was so good!

Below are 14 ways to eat healthier while traveling.

1. Choose an Airbnb or hotel that has a fully stocked kitchen

I recommend using Airbnb before using a hotel, mainly because of Airbnb’s being more affordable, as well as having a fully stocked kitchen.

Most Airbnb’s will have top of the line kitchen appliances, as well as anything you’ll need to create a healthy home-cooked meal.

Using a hotel can be trickier because you usually only get a fridge, and that’s if you’re lucky.

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2. Download workout apps before you go.

You can do these workouts anywhere at any time.

This is perfect for anyone who is trying to save money and also wants to get a workout in abroad.

A few of my favorites are:

  • Sworkit
  • 7 Minute Trainer
  • Fitbit
  • 7M Fitness

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3. Pack travel-friendly foods

Prepare foods before you get to the airport, especially because many airports do not have healthy foods to choose from, and if they do, they are way overpriced.

  • vegetables such as carrots, celery, broccoli
  • sandwiches
  • potatoes (I’m in LOVE with potatoes lately, haha!)
  • fruits such as apples, bananas
  • pre-made salad
  • granola mix
  • nuts and seeds

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4. Use the coffee maker to create hot water

Hot water can help make an awesome oatmeal breakfast dish or even make steamed vegetables.

I’ve made instant oatmeal with a coffee maker, and it did work in case anyone is wondering.

5. Sign up for Ibotta and get cash back on groceries, clothing, + tons more

Ibotta is perfect for the type of person who doesn’t like collecting, clipping, and organizing coupons.

I use it mostly for getting cash back on fruits and vegetables, but you can also get cash back on items related to cleaning, baby products, clothing, shoes, plus anything else you can think of.

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6. Book a place that has free breakfast

Whenever I stay at a hotel or hostel, I make sure to choose a place that has free breakfast.

Free breakfast usually entails a lot of unhealthy foods, but they always have fruit, oatmeal, and tea to choose from.

You get to take as much as you like (unless stated otherwise) so eat what you want and save some fruit for later on.

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7. Use Groupon to find local restaurants

Groupon will give you a huge discount at restaurants as well as many travel destinations.

8. Make sure to book your accommodations near a grocery store

I ALWAYS make sure to do this because when I haven’t, I go straight to the closest restaurant and pig out on food, simply because I don’t feel like walking to a store 2 miles away and then preparing food.

Stay prepared and think ahead of time by booking your room near a grocery store.

9. Stay hydrated

Yeah, I know, you’ve heard of this tip a million times. But can you honestly say you drink enough water every day?

I know that I don’t, which is why I invested in a water bottle and app to get me drinking more water.

Dehydration can nad to headaches, fatigue, feeling hungry when you’re actually thirsty, and tons more.

This water bottle is motivational and will remind you to drink water.

10. Give your body the well-needed rest it deserves and lay off the booze

Alcohol has unnecessary calories that do no good for you and also leads you to make bad decisions, such as eating a bunch of junk food that will have you feeling extra crappy the next day.

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11. Find a park near you and go for a walk or run.

I’ve even gone to gyms that would let me take a free workout class.

All you have to do is sign up as a possible new member, and they give you the class for free as a trial run.

I enjoy my workout way more when I’m out at a park, with the sun beaming on the skin than in a stuffy, cramped hotel gym. Do whatever you like the best.

12. Walk everywhere!

Walking is one of the easiest ways to burn off calories. It’s also really easy to get in 5 miles of steps just by going on an adventure around a new city.

You also save money by not using taxis, ubers, or other forms of transportation.

I also find that you get to discover the coolest places by foot that you wouldn’t otherwise see if you were in a car.

I got a Fitbit which challenges me every day. This is the Fitbit I use every single day. Make sure to get the size that fits you.

13 Meditate using a free app

I use Headspace to guide my meditation, but you can also use other free apps or YouTube to guide you.

Meditating a simple 15 minutes a day can have drastic changes in your mind and body.

14. Wash your hands and bring sunscreen

Being healthy also means you must take care of your skin, which we often tend to neglect.

I recommend bringing not only sunscreen but hand sanitizer as well, especially since you might be stuffed in a small area (such as a plane) with people who might be sick.

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What do you do to remain healthy while traveling?

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  1. These are all excellent ideas. I didn’t think of bringing some snacks with me when I went away recently. That would have been an awesome idea. Also, I didn’t realize sunscreen was for all year round. Should have brought some of that with me as well.

    1. Awesome Stephanie! Sunscreen is SO important. I forget that sometimes, too.

  2. This is a great list and I’m happy to report I do some of these as well! A hotel with continental breakfast is always on my list and it needs to be “continental” not just muffins. I also have done the grocery bit. I haven’t researched it in advance of travel but I have made a point to find a grocer when I arrive and buy food like granola bars, dried fruit, jerky, bananas, etc. – foods that are somewhat healthy and easy to take with me as I sight-see. Usually I am able to snack on these foods enough to replace at least one meal a day. Add in the free breakfast and then all I really have to buy is dinner!

    1. I always try to get a hotel or hostel with a continental breakfast. It really helps and it’s such a time and money saver!

  3. I never thought about using the coffee maker hot water to steam veggies. Perfect for My Whole 30!

    1. Awesome!

  4. This is so relevant right now as I travel. We packed healthy snacks, so that is helping. I just need to make it on a joy or to a gym while I am traveling as well!

    1. Awesome Marette! Glad to help.

  5. awesome article. The hotel room or air BNB with a kitchen is a great idea because you could be spending tons of money eating out but at least this way you save a little money cooking for yourself but the bonus is you can grab all healthy items 🙂

    1. Thank you Nicole!

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