Free 12 Week Travel Savings Plan

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Feel free to print this out and scratch off each week!

Plan a trip with all of my money-savings travel related posts below! 

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Check out this free travel savings plan that will save you $500 in 12 weeks! Perfect for spending money abroad or even backpacking on a budget in Europe. Read more of my traveling tips here!

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  1. Yay! Thanks Alexis! These three posts will surely help me save more money for my travel.

    1. Thanks for reading Kelly!

  2. Hey, Alexis ! I came to know a lot of things after reading your article.
    Exquisite stuff you made on. It’s helpful for me to save money. I think some of my friends need this worth able words going to share. Thanks for posted it,

    1. Thanks so much Michael!

  3. Simple and amazing thanks for uploading keep sharing like this.

    1. Thanks Andrew!

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