11 Best Jobs For The Traveler

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There are tons of jobs that let you travel full-time. Not only that, many of these jobs are lucrative and have many benefits as well.

Some people are okay with traveling once or twice a year, but then others would prefer to travel full-time.

I work online full-time, which lets me travel whenever I want. It’s really amazing! 

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 1. Teach English online with VIPKID

With over 600,000 students, VIPKID is the leading platform for teaching English online. 

Teaching English online is a great way to make income at home, while on your schedule. 

VIPKID pays up to $25 per hour, and the entire curriculum is provided for you. Forbes even recognized VIPKID as one of the best places to work online. 

To meet VIPKID application requirements, you need to have a bachelor’s degree in any field, eligiblity to work in the U.S. or Canada, and at least 1 year of teaching experience (includes tutoring, homeschooling, coaching, mentoring, and other life experiences.

Apply to become an online VIPKID English teacher here.

2. Start a blog

I created this blog and made over $80,000 in my senior year of college (that’s me in my first major feature by Forbes!).

Blogging isn’t easy and takes a lot of hard work. It’s not for everyone. I had to work for free for a long time to build this business from the ground up. If you feel that you can help people with a blog and inspire others to live better lives, a blog is a great way to do that. I make money with ad revenue, affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, and selling my own digital products.

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3. Freelance writing

I had no idea what freelance writing was (or that you could make money from it) until I met my friend Holly. I was even more shocked to see how much she makes as a freelance writer.

Holly makes six-figures with her freelance writing career; $225,000 a year to be exact.

There are hundreds of freelance writing jobs out there, but getting those freelance jobs isn’t easy, which is why Holly created Earn More Writing.

I used Earn More Writing to help me get started in the freelance writer field, which helped me land on sites like GoBankingRates and many others. I went from charging $50 to $250 per article and now, I know I can charge much more than that with my writing experience. 

This work from home opportunity is legit, lucrative, and lets you work anywhere in the world. Holly travels (a ton!) and works all around the world.

In her free workshop, she shares her techniques she’s used to make six-figures freelance writing. 

You can check out her course and free workshop here. 

4. Teaching English with EF Education

EF Education is an online platform where Chinese students connect with online English teachers.

As an online English teacher, you can make up to $20/hour plus bonuses. Perks include working remotely, setting your own schedule, and working at a job where employees feel happy and fulfilled with their work.

You can apply to become an EF Education teacher here.

5. Scuba Diver

If you love working in the ocean, experiencing wildlife, and enjoy sharing the experience with others, becoming a scuba diver is the perfect job for you.

You can spread awareness to others about how important it is to take care of the environment so that the underwater wildlife can thrive and continue to exist.


  • Work underwater
  • Live every day working with beautiful creatures
  • Share a memorable experience with others

Find out how to become a scuba diver here.

6. Flight Attendant

Becoming a flight attendant can be one of the exciting and rewarding jobs.

You get to see countries from all over the world, make new friends while traveling, and get to live a life that isn’t traditional by any means.

Flight attendant training is quite rigorous, and not everyone makes it through, so make sure to brush up on training and get prepared before applying.


  • Free flights
  • Free accommodation when working
  • Travel discounts
  • Travel to cities all around the world

Find out how to become a flight attendant here.

7. Yoga Retreat

Do you have a passion for yoga?

Are you already a yoga instructor?

If so, hosting a yoga retreat abroad or working at a yoga retreat abroad could be the perfect job for you.

There are jobs hiring all over in Asia, Europe, South America, and more.

If you’re not trained as a yoga instructor yet, you can get trained and learn more on the link below.


  • Help change peoples lives
  • Work in beautiful countries all over the world
  • Share your love of yoga with others

Check out this list of yoga retreats for teachers abroad.

8. Travel Nurse

Travel nurses can help save lives all over the world.

They can choose where they want to live, the duration of length they want to start employed in a certain area, as well as get their housing paid for.

Travel nurses generally make more than a regular nurse from the area, and the money is also tax-free since the job is more than 50 miles from your home.


  • Work in different cities or countries abroad
  • Excellent salary
  • Free or discounted housing

Learn how to become a travel nurse here.

9. Translator

Becoming a translator is not only a lucrative job, but also gets you to immerse yourself in a language you love.

You can work anywhere in the world, and either find a job online or in person.

Not only that, but you can also tutor on the side and teach the language.


  • Stay brushed up on the second or third language you’ve learned
  • Make friends with people that speak the other language
  • Pay can be lucrative

Learn how to become a translator.

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10. Yacht Stewardess

A yacht stewardess is in charge of providing superior hospitality service on the yacht.

Being trained in bartending and wine service and having good people skills is a must.

This job may not feel like a job at all times, especially when you’re out on the water experiencing a type of beauty people rarely get to see.


  • Pay can be lucrative
  • Get to work on the water on a beautiful boat
  • Experience life in a beautiful country and travel nonstop

Learn how to become a yacht stewardess here.

11. Camp Counselor

There are hundreds of camps all around the world looking for people to hire.

There are English language camps, where you are hired to teach English for the summer, and even camps where you are in charge of outdoor and sports activities.


  • Work abroad
  • Learn another language
  • Work at an awesome camp

Learn how to become a camp counselor here.

So what are you waiting for? Have you ever wanted to work abroad? If so, make it a reality. Start planning now and turn your dream into reality.

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What’s your dream job abroad?

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  1. These are some cool ideas. From experience I can add one more. Hostel front desk attendant. Certain hostels will offer you a free bed if you work a few hours a day checking in guests and booking reservations. I did this for 3 weeks at a an awesome hostel and met a ton of people. Even when I was working I was mostly just hanging out.

    A free bed at a hostel lets you extend your travels, make friends, and you can even run a blog or have another job that earns an income.

    1. Alexis

      That’s so cool!

  2. I’m happy doing #11 as I get to travel and work at the same time. Most of the jobs posted here really earn a lot of money, yet some aren’t that easy to apply for. If you’ve got the right skills and attitude, you get more chances of being hired.

    1. Alexis

      That’s awesome!

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