10 Ways To Get Long Lasting Energy On A Budget

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The world spends billions of dollars on the newest energy drinks, pills, powders, and other items in order to get energy.

What about the people that want to get energy naturally, without taking pills and other drinks that are filled with chemicals that we can’t even pronounce?

Read further to create a life of long-lasting energy.

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1. Load up on the good carbs.

Complex carbs, such as whole grains, will ensure that you have long-lasting energy throughout your day.

FACT: Carbs have many of the proteins and fats we need in order to maintain a healthy body. Carbs also protect your muscles and provide nutrients for the healthy bacteria in your body.

Fully Raw Kristina is a carb loving, energy machine. Her book “The Fully Raw Diet” has a ton of awesome recipes. You can get the book here. The best thing about her book is you aren’t depriving yourself of foods. You get to eat A LOT.

Many people are afraid of carbs, due to the diets out there that have claimed a low carb diet being good for you, when it is actually not.

Low carb diets can make you lose weight, but you will end up gaining it all back and more after you are done with the diet. A low-carb diet is not a sustainable, long-lasting diet, and what we want to create is a lifestyle of healthy eating, not crazy diets.


2. Go outside. 

Going for a walk outside can help wake you up, relieve anxiety, muscle tension, and more.

Going outside and getting some sun has so many benefits, such as boosting memory, focus, creativity, and more.

So if you are feeling like you are having writer’s block or are in some type of slump, take a walk outside for a good 30 minutes.

3. Stay hydrated with the right liquids.

So many people grab sugary drinks from Starbucks or a vending machine, thinking that it will help them gain long-lasting energy.

I recommend getting a bottle that has a fruit infuser, so your water can have a delicious fruit taste to it. You can buy a fruit infuser water bottle here.

You will save a ton of money and help the environment by no longer buying plastic water bottles that you end up only using once.

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4. Meditate. 

Not only does meditation help with stress and anxiety, but it can also help to create energy.

Meditating once a day can have significant benefits.

If you are ever feeling like your day could not possibly get any worse, that’s the perfect time to meditate, right then and there.

All you need is a chair, floor, quiet area, and that’s it. 

FACT: Meditation can boost your Growth Hormone and DHEA hormone. These hormones are often put into energy pills and drinks, yet we can make these hormones all on our own.

5. Get enough sleep.

If you have trouble getting enough sleep, incorporate meditation once in your day, or at least a few times a week.

Over time you will notice a difference in your sleeping patterns, and overall mood during the day.

Here is a natural sleep aid if you have trouble getting to bed on time.

6. Let the natural light come into your room in the morning. 

Letting natural light come into your house has many positive benefits on both energy and overall well-being.

Imagine yourself in a house with zero windows, as opposed to a house with windows everywhere, letting natural sunlight come in.

Which house do you prefer?

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7. Use proper posture. 

Get a little stretch in and make sure you are using proper posture.

Fact: Slumping forward with your back curved can possibly cause constriction of your blood vessels in your spinal area.

This can lead to back problems, and even issues with your discs, muscles, and more.

I also recommend using proper body mechanics when lifting things up the ground or moving items.

Make sure your lift with your legs and not your back. Lifting with your back can create even more back problems, leading to possible health issues in the future.

Read this book to become motivated and stronger, mentally.

8. Time management

Creating good time management practices doesn’t mean filling your day with more tasks, but instead limiting what you do to certain things to simplify your life.

Instead of working hard, you can work smarter.

Here are tips for better time management:

  • time blocking
  • creating a calendar ahead of time of your day, week, and month
  • answer emails only once a day
  • use social media only at night for a limited amount of time

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9. Watch a comedy show.

Laughing has already proven to aid in relieving stress and other negative feelings.

I’m currently obsessed with watching Gilmore Girls and New Girl. Who else is excited about the 4 part Gilmore Girls series to come out?!

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10. Eat a healthy diet.

 What you put into your body can very well be the determining factor of how your day goes.

Remember: Treat your body as a temple, a home, where you live. You want to treat your body with love and respect.

Remember: Treat your body as a temple; a home; where you live. You want and should treat your body with love and respect.

Some foods I recommend eating are:

  • quinoa
  • oatmeal (100% oats, not the mixed oatmeal in the prepackaged bag)
  • beans (kidney, black, garbanzo)
  • spinach
  • strawberries, blueberries, pineapples, plums
  • cucumbers, tomatoes
  • lentils
  • bananas
  • avocados
  • different seeds

We all want to create a life where we feel bountiful energy. vitality, and strength. This can easily be done if we take the correct steps and get rid of

Many people rush to grab the sugariest snack to gain energy back when this is actually the worst thing you can do for energy.

You WILL end up gaining some energy, but then you’ll suffer the consequences, which involve feeling very tired, sluggish. For me, my mind and thoughts feel foggy and I lose focus fast.

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What do you do to create long-lasting energy?

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