10 Ways To Lose Weight At Home For Free

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Do you not have time for the gym or want to save a few bucks by eliminating your gym membership?

I used to have a personal trainer and while I did love it, it was SO expensive. Now, I have a $25 gym membership and learned how to weight lift and workout on my own. 

Below are ten ways you can workout at home for free.

1. Apps

Most workout apps are free and have in-app upgrades to choose from. 

Here are a few free workout apps to choose from:

I recommend going into your phone’s app store and checking out all the workout apps.

If a workout app costs money, it’s generally less than $10 a month. Most workout apps have free trials as well.

2. YouTube. Yoga With Adrienne, Blogilates, and plenty more.

I recently started Yoga With Adrienne’s 30-day plan and have learned a lot already.

I am working on not only my body but my mental clarity.

My patience has increased, and I enjoy the slow workouts that work on me mentally as well.

Yoga has so many benefits, such as lowering blood pressure, increased flexibility and muscle strength, and is an overall great boost for your daily energy. 

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3. Use your library card and get access to countless workout DVDs at your local library.

There are tons of workout programs you can partake in for no cost at all, all available at the library.

I’ve learned that my library is stocking up on newer workout programs, but there are still some workout programs left from the ’80s.

4. WorkoutBox is a site similar to Bodybuilding.

This site also has workouts that are custom to your wants and needs and tells you how to do the exercise and how many reps, the difficulty, and so on.

It’s entirely free as well.

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5. Do a quick Pinterest search for a free workout and meal plan.

Pinterest is amazing because you can get a free and quick workout/meal plans very quickly, geared to your specific goals.

Most people use Pinterest for recipes or DIY crafts, but it can be used for so much more. 

6. FitnessBlender is a site that is very specific to your wants in a workout.

You can find workouts that are in a specific time frame, the level of difficulty, training type, and equipment needed.

The option of choosing how many calories you want to be burned is also an option.

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7. Borrow a library book from the health and fitness section of your library.

When I began my fitness journey, the library was my best friend and even helped educate me on so many different subjects in the health world.

8. Clean your home more often

Cleaning burns many calories, as most of you might already know from vacuuming floors and cleaning bathtubs.

Also, studies have shown that a clean living space can boost productivity levels and make for a happier living environment.

9. Bodybuilding.com.

Jamie Eason’s 12 Week Plan, along with many other free workout and exercise plans for moms, bodybuilders, and more.

Bodybuilding is an awesome website anyone, and everyone should use, no matter what your goal may be.

You can learn to educate yourself on different workouts and what muscles they target on the body.

Free meal plans are also available on BodyBuilding.com, depending on your goal. 

10. Create your workouts with a resistance band

If you don’t have a resistance band already, they cost less than $15 and can work out your entire body.

This resistance band on Amazon even comes up with a resistance band workout guide.

There are tons of free workout programs online for resistance bands. Pinterest has a massive selection of resistance band workout programs as well. 

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Do you workout at home?

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  1. The YouTube channel that’s helped me is Xhit. I’ve started using Leslie Sansone videos on there too. I like that the Xhit videos are usually under 12 minutes. For someone with chronic fatigue, short is important. Then I can work up to having some endurance.

    1. I’ve never heard of Xhit. I’m going to check that channel out now, thanks!

  2. I am a fan of Fitness Blender. That couple is really good and I always follow their Youtube videos at home. One of my favorite workouts is their high intensity interval training.

    1. I love doing their HIIT workouts as well. I use HIIT any time I workout.

  3. I just visited the site workoutbox and I must say that its sample workouts are doable and I like that each exercise has videos that I can watch. Thanks for sharing this site to me, Alexis.

    1. You’re welcome Kelly!

  4. I am a fan of bodybuilding.com. I have learned the proper diet and right meal for my body type as well as the right exercise I need, Alexis. And, almost everything I need about fitness and the supplements are already there. I feel like that this site offers more guaranteed results if done religiously.

    1. I LOVE Bodybuilding.com. Such a great, free resource!

  5. Exercise really helps people to lose weight. I learned so much from this post of yours. Thank you so much for sharing this one. 🙂

    1. Thank you!

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