10 Easy Ways To Cut Your Monthly Expenses

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Cutting monthly expenses is actually a lot easier than you think, especially when you lay everything out on the table.

I used to make $800 a month (teacher’s aid salary) and had to do whatever I could to cut my monthly expenses. I did everything I could to save money!

Here’s a list of the best ways to cut your monthly expenses.

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1. Download Ibotta

Ibotta is a free app that gives you cash back for making purchases on things like groceries, clothes, toiletries, and much more!

Before I visit a grocery store or make any kind of purchase in-person, I check the Ibotta app to see what kind of cash back I can get. Currently, there are deals like getting up to $2 off toothpaste, up to 20% cash back from Groupon, $1.50 off pasta, and so much more.

It’s silly not to use Ibotta if you’re a regular grocery shopper and also have to buy things like clothes, toiletries, and pretty much anything else you’d find at a store like Walmart or Amazon.

If you sign up now, you can get $10 in your account by using my link here.

2. Negotiate your bills (I saved $290)

Did you know there’s a company out there that negotiates to lower your bills?

Billshark is a MUST for anyone who has a cell phone, cable, internet, or insurance bill and wants to lower their bill.

And trust me, it works because I’ve used it myself on 3 different bills and I’ve saved $290.

Here’s how Billshark works:

  1. Send copies of your bills to Billshark. (I did this by uploading an online PDF of each bill).
  2. Billshark negotiates all of the bills you send in.
  3. You get notified if Billshark was successful. If they are, they take 40% of the savings. Ex. Billshark saved me $290 over the course of 6 months, so I pay them $116. I can do this in a monthly payment plan or all at once.

It’s definitely worth the savings and it was such an easy process. 

You can start lowering your bills with Billshark here.

3. Read 1 book and learn how to save thousands

Are you sick of being a broke millennial? That’s exactly how I felt a few years ago when I was paying off tens of thousands of dollars in student loans and consumer debt.

For less than $12 (or free if you go to your local library), you can read Broke Millennial, one of my all-time favorite personal finance books. You learn how to manage your better in a much better way which saves you a whole lotta money in the long run.

You even learn how to manage and pay off student loans the best way for your situation, how to transform your relationship with money (so you can make more of it). 

I also highly recommend reading Broke Millennial Takes On Investing if you’re looking for a fresh and easy guide to investing. The sooner you understand investing & retirement, the better your future will be. You’ll make informed decisions about how you invest and you can also make sure you’re saving enough for retirement. You might even be surprised that you can afford to start investing now. Every $1 counts! 

4. Sign up for Ebates. 

Ebates gives cash back on online shopping at your favorite stores. Save on clothing, travel-related expenses, and pretty much anything online!

Create an Ebates account here. Make an online purchase of $25 and get $10 as a welcome bonus! So easy.

Ebates even has a free browser extension that automatically applies the best coupons to your purchases and activates cash back. There are so many times I forget to use Ebates when I’m online shopping – so the Ebates button reminds me every time I go online shopping. It’s a must. 

5. Sign up for the $5 Meal Plan.

$5 Meal Plan gives you a weekly shopping list and meal plan catering to your needs and budget. Most meals only cost $2 per person, saving you money and time each month.

Grocery and restaurant outing spending is one of the most costly categories in a budget. Cut expenses and save more money by learning how to cook healthy meals for a low cost.

6. Swap expensive beauty items for affordable items

I’m obsessed with everything beauty and skincare related, but I also know I don’t like spending a bunch of money on these items. 

Here are my favorite beauty items that are affordable, cruelty-free, and high-quality:

7. Switch cell phone plans

Fox business recently shared an article that said the average person spends about $57,600 over 60 years for their cell phone plan. That number doesn’t include buying new cell phones, extra equipment, etc.

I tested out a Tello Mobile phone that cost me $19 per month (total). Tello’s goal is to eliminate overpriced wireless plans. They have no contract, no fees, flexible plans starting at $5 to $39, and unlimited text in any plan.

8. Start spending with cash only.

It might be an inconvenience, but that’s the point. You will save a lot more money this way. When you physically see the cash going away into someone else’s hands, it makes you think more.

Seeing $100 go away in cash is a heck of a lot different than seeing $100 on your credit card go away.

Cash envelopes are a great way to organize your cash and spend your money intentionally. 

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9. Use Groupon when you do need to pay for things.

Groupon is great for saving money on restaurants, haircuts, trips, and more. I use Groupon to buy things such as haircuts and paddleboard rentals.

Saving money and cutting down on monthly expenses do not have to be a chore.

It can be fun, exciting, and also make you feel great at the end of the day because you know that you are making a change that is going to benefit you in the long run.

Ditch the spending on useless items that you don’t even need, and save money for an emergency fund or other savings (like paying off your car or student loans.

10. Honey

You can stop searching for coupons because Honey finds the best coupon for you automatically.

Honey is a browser extension that you download once. Any time you go shopping online, Honey will automatically give you the best coupon for your purchase. If you’re not using Honey, you’re leaving money on the table.

Sign up for Honey here.

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What are some ways you cut monthly expenses?

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