Volunteering/Working Abroad Instead of Paying For Vacation

30th June 2014

I am super excited to write this post because I will be talking about something I just recently discovered.

Maybe most of you already know about this, maybe some of you don’t. Instead of going on a vacation in a foreign country, why not volunteer in the country instead?island-999218_1920


What countries can you choose from?

There are so many countries you can choose from, including countries like Costa Rica, Austria, Argentina, New Zealand and so many more. If I were to go through Interexchange, my top countries would be Costa Rica, New Zealand, Spain and pretty much any country in Latin America or Europe.

Through an organization called Interexchange, you can go abroad to all of these countries and do a various array of jobs. You can work at all of the different continents in the world and gain an amazing experience.


How much does it cost?

Volunteering through this company does come at a certain price, depending on which country and program you choose. The time length of your stay also depends on what you would pay. The great thing about this program is that you can also apply for grants that can possibly pay for your stay in the country.

To apply for the grant, you simply write a paper on why you would be a good fit for the grant and why you deserve it. If I decide to go through Interexchange (there are many companies that offer these services in other countries) I will also be entered into a drawing through my TEFL school I went to. The school I went to has a special relationship with the Interexchange company so I could possibly even save even more money if I were to get picked out of the drawing.

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How long do you volunteer or work for?

The time length of this volunteer/work program varies from country to country.

You could spend 1 week or even a year in a country. There are also programs in the Interexchange program where you can become an au pair and live with a family in a different country.

You also help the child with their English and in return you get free accommodation and a number of other benefits. This is definitely something I would be interested in if I wasn’t going to school.

Through the Interexchange program, you can also teach English in schools and camps. I’m not sure if I’m mixing this company up with another company but you should get paid for teaching English in these schools. If not, they provide a great amount of benefits. You can live in any country of your choice and have free stay with an abundance amount of other things as well.

Basically, if you’re done with the 9-5 gig, teaching English abroad is definitely something you should look into. If you’re like me and still in school but want the abroad experience, you can volunteer during the summer at special camp sites. My top choice right now is Costa Rica because I would get the chance to work with people with disabilities, something I am incredibly passionate about.

Have you ever volunteered abroad or taught English as a foreign language in a different country?

What was your experience like?

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