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How I’ve Saved Almost $5,000 From Not Buying Stuff

26th January 2017

A couple months ago, I watched a documentary called The Minimalists. 

I wasn’t expecting it to inspire and motivate me as much as it did. Immediately after watching the film, I decided that I wanted to get out of consumerism and become more responsible for my purchasing decisions.

I got serious about saving money. The first step was to look at where my money was going. Then I set a goal. I had a goal to get to $5,000, and now that I’m almost there, my goal is to get to $10,000. Setting up goals makes this process a lot more fun. It ends up being somewhat of a game or a challenge, which I love.

I’m going to include what I did to cut spending and save money, how much it will save my yearly, and what you can do instead to replace the item.

Read further to find out how I’m stashing $5,000 into a savings account and moving toward $10,000 in savings.

Find out how I've saved over $5,000 as a 23 year old. Save money, budgeting, and setting up an emergency fund was very important to me. Continue reading

50+ Ways To Make Extra Money

21st December 2016

Making or saving extra money is addictive, once you get the habit down. The hardest part about starting a budget or saving money is simply getting started and having a plan in place. Get started now and start reaping the rewards of saving money now!

Making extra money each month can totally change your life for the better. Some of these good things include:

  • pay off student loans
  • pay off a car or house sooner
  • feel satisfied in knowing you are doing well with money
  • open your life to other ways of making a living
  • help pay for a vacation

Find out how you can start making money either at home, in your city, or traveling abroad. This is such a helpful list for anyone who wants to start making some extra cash. Continue reading

7 Ways To Pay Off Student Loans Fast

28th September 2015

Below is a post from my sister at Making Sense of Cents. Enjoy!

When I first graduated from college, I was very stressed out about my student loans. I had already been living on my own for several years and working full-time, but I made the mistake of not paying off my student loans in any manner whatsoever.

When I finally graduated from college, I received a letter from Sallie Mae stating how much I would owe each month. The amount shocked me and I couldn’t believe it. I knew at that very moment that I needed to pay off my student loans quickly. I didn’t want to be paying off hundreds of dollars in student loans for the next couple of decades – I knew that just wasn’t for me.

So, I went on a mission. I took the actions below and I was able to pay off my student loans within 7 months of creating my plan. You can do it too!

Paying off your student loans as quickly as you realistically are able to is always a great idea. Below are seven ways to pay off your student loans fast.Check out this list on how to pay off student loans quick. This list was so helpful in creating a plan to pay off student loans.

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