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I Live In Colorado!

15th May 2015

I’m sure you’re thinking, “Jeez Alexis, you sure move a lot!”

Yeah, I can totally admit that I do. I might even have a problem with being indecisive when it comes to certain things, but I can admit it.

After a little less than a year of living in the suburbs of Chicago, I decided to take off and move in with my sister and brother-in-law in their new home in western Colorado. This decision came pretty easy to me, as a number of factors motivated me to do so.

Why I decided to leave Chicago:

1. I was not living in the actual city of Chicago, which I should’ve done originally…but if I would’ve done that, my bills might’ve been about 2x-3x more than living in the suburbs.Find out life in Colorado and why I left Chicago!

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How To Find A Place To Live On Craigslist + Scary Personal Experiences

26th December 2014

Before I moved to Chicago, I had to find a place to live. I was a little hesitant to use Craigslist at first, but I wasn’t sure where else I could try.

I was looking on Craigslist for a while and it didn’t take too long to find a place, but I feel like I should have done more searching to find somewhere closer to work, etc.Find out how to find a place to live on Craigslist, plus learn about a crazy experience I had! Continue reading

Denver Trip + My First Couchsurfing Experience

10th November 2014

Hey guys! So I’m finally able to say I’m a couchsurfer. I did it.

I met up with a complete stranger from Couchsurfing. They were verified/background checked and had numerous references, so I went the “safer” route.Check out my first experience couchsurfing!

I’m officially in love with this site! I saved A TON of money since I don’t have to spend anything on a hotel. I also got a personal “tour guide” all to myself. This was an amazing experience and has motivated/inspired me to do this again.

I plan on taking a 2 week trip in December solely using the couchsurfing site. I’d like to hit up 3-4 places during those 2 weeks, but I haven’t decided where I will travel to yet. Continue reading