Starting Out As A Personal Trainer – My New Career

28th May 2013


Starting my new job as a personal trainer was pretty nerve-wracking at first. Everyone was so experienced and had so much more knowledge than I did.

I felt intimidated and unsure of my capability of doing the job. I’m a pretty paranoid person, and you could say I’m pretty hard on myself when it comes to absolutely anything. I knew confidence was the key and if I didn’t change my attitude then I would fail.

Going from a job that I don’t have much interest into a job that doesn’t even feel like a job felt amazing.

Although I am working both jobs and going from the uninterested job in the morning to the personal training job afterwards, it’s what I have to do in the beginning. I have already learned so much in the little time that I have been at the gym.

I was able to experience a CrossFit class, which I highly recommend. I know people have hesitation about the classes because of how hard it may seem, or maybe you feel you aren’t fit enough. But CrossFit can be for anyone, just go at your own pace.

I’ve shadowed a few trainers and it’s really gotten me excited to start being a trainer. The way the trainers and clients interact is interesting to me. You can see the strong relationship between the trainer and client and notice the trainer actually cares (at least at the gym I work at). I can’t wait to help people change their lifestyle the way I did.

I know it’s going to be difficult work and it will take a while for my business to pick up, but I’m very excited to start. I’m currently working on my fitness nutrition specialist certification and plan on getting a third personal trainer certification from ACE. Knowledge is power, and I want to know as much as possible.

One of the great things about personal training is the education is endless and there are always so many different exercises you can learn. I’m always looking up new exercises and information that can help better my career and for my own sake as well. Staying away from injury is key and learning to do proper form on every exercise is very important.

Don’t try to progress too quickly on an exercise, and if your form is poor, don’t rush the exercise! Go as slow as you need to perfect your form. I’m still working on my form every day.

I’m so excited for the day when I train my first client. I can’t wait to hear everyone’s story and what’s led them to go to a personal trainer. I think a big plus for me getting clients is ring able to relate to the client. I was once in their vulnerable position and I know what it takes to make someone feel comfortable when talking them and uncomfortable when working out.

Do you have any tips for someone starting out as a personal trainer?

Any ideas/advice you would like to share that could help me with my career?


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