Pressure on Women in the 21st century

Lately I have been reading a lot of other blogs, articles, and other social related media sites on the pressure that is placed on women. This isn’t news to anyone, and has a lot to contribute to why there are thousands of girls/women out there that are suffering from eating disorders, and other related disorders.

This topic is so sensitive for me, because for so long I was dealing with feeling so insecure and low about myself, and sometimes I still do. In my opinion, this had to do with growing up in a culture that was filled with beautiful women in the magazines, movies, and merely seeing what my boyfriends were staring at.

You can’t watch the television for 5 minutes without seeing an almost naked woman doing some kind of sexual act.

Is this what our world has come to? Or am I overreacting?

You can be the judge of that. For my own personal experience and growing up in this generation, my view on what is beautiful has been quite altered. For awhile I believed having a thigh gap, extremely noticeable clavicle bones, and other “skinny” related images all that truly mattered. I had it implanted in my mind that in order to be beautiful, you needed to show plenty of skin and wear sexual clothing in order to get attention from men.

Boy, was I wrong.

The other day I went looking through all my photos in from a 1-3 years ago, and it was mind-boggling. The clothing items I was wearing.. and how much skin I showed in these pictures I posted, made me look like a fool.

It was so embarrassing and also eye-opening to me, to see how much I’ve changed. I ended up deleting almost all of the pictures from my Facebook and Instagram, and although they were deleted, it still sticks in my mind that I once acted so childish and embarrassing.

I recently talked to my boyfriend about this subject, and he believed that girls are simply insecure and place this kind of pressure on ourselves. Is this really the case? Maybe, and I’m definitely not one to tell him he’s wrong, but my opinion is different.

I am a girl living in the 21st century. I live in a society where sex sells, and although as a society we are changing, it is incredibly slowly. Growing up, I noticed that guys didn’t want the smart girl who was in the library all day, covered up in sweaters and blue jeans. My mindset was so messed up, and I didn’t even know it at the time. For so long I was wondering why I didn’t a boyfriend, and it was because I didn’t love myself.

I am proud to say I don’t believe I need to reveal all my skin anymore, and my body isn’t for show. This blog post might have been a bit cheesy, but I wanted to reach out to girls and women all over the world that are currently experiencing this feeling; that they aren’t beautiful enough and need to alter themselves in order to be. No one needs to feel that horrible feeling.

Once you see your true beauty, not just your inner, but otter as well, that is when you will truly become beautiful. It will radiate and the whole world will see it. You don’t need a thigh gap, you don’t need to starve yourself, and you certainly don’t need to live up to this society’s piece of s*** standards.

We are going to change the standards.


  1. I agree with you. As women we need to change the standards as well.

  2. I completely agree Alexis! It seems like every movie that comes out anymore is filled with naked women and young girls are now hardly wearing anything or posing it up in their teeny bikinis all over social media.
    Ashlee recently posted…Turning 28 Was Great!My Profile

    • I totally agree. It’s quite sad but us women can come together to change the standards that are put onto us! =)

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