How I’ve Saved Almost $5,000 From Not Buying Stuff

26th January 2017

A couple months ago, I watched a documentary called The Minimalists. 

I wasn’t expecting it to inspire and motivate me as much as it did. Immediately after watching the film, I decided that I wanted to get out of consumerism and become more responsible for my purchasing decisions.

I got serious about saving money. The first step was to look at where my money was going. Then I set a goal. I had a goal to get to $5,000, and now that I’m almost there, my goal is to get to $10,000. Setting up goals makes this process a lot more fun. It ends up being somewhat of a game or a challenge, which I love.

I’m going to include what I did to cut spending and save money, how much it will save my yearly, and what you can do instead to replace the item.

Read further to find out how I’m stashing $5,000 into a savings account and moving toward $10,000 in savings.

Find out how I've saved over $5,000 as a 23 year old. Save money, budgeting, and setting up an emergency fund was very important to me. Continue reading

5 Reasons Why What You Eat Matters. This is such a helpful list for anyone who wants to get healthy and fit.

5 Reasons Why What You Eat Matters

25th January 2017

Did you know that the food you eat gives a direct result to how you feel every single day of your life?

Food can affect not only what you look like on the inside and outside, but it can also affect your academic performance, mood, sex drive, and more.

If you are used to eating unhealthy and have no motivation to change the way you eat, please read further.

I’m going to list the reasons why it is crucial for you to start eating healthier. I don’t care if you are 20, 30, 40, 50, or 60. It is NEVER too late to start eating healthy. Drop the excuses that have been controlling your life, and take charge of your future now.

Read all five reasons and I assure you that you will care about eating healthier and switching up your lifestyle.5 Reasons Why What You Eat Matters. This is such a helpful list for anyone who wants to get healthy and fit. Continue reading

How My Sister Went From $0 Affiliate Income to $50,000+ A Month

23rd January 2017

Just 1 month ago, I started an online course on affiliate marketing. Since incorporating the tactics of the course, I’ve made over $800. While that may not seem like a lot compared to others, that $800 was passive income that only required me to talk about things I love, and includes a few links here and there. While just starting this post, I got a notification saying that I made $10 from someone signing up for an app that I use daily to save money.

I was making money on my blog, but never from affiliate marketing. I never knew how important affiliate marketing is until a few months ago when I noticed my sister was doubling her income each month by talking about products she loved.

Though my blog doesn’t have quite the audience size of my sisters, I am still able to make a comfortable income to work full-time at home, while simultaneously talking about products I love using.

If you haven’t started a blog yet, learn how to below.

You can read my post on how to start a blog here.
Find out how my sister went from $0 in affiliate income to over $50,000. She's gotten over $300,000 from one single blog post. If you're a full-time blogger or want to become full-time, I highly encourage this course.

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15 Ways To Stay Healthy While Traveling

18th January 2017

Do you need help staying healthy while traveling? You’ve come to the right place!

After traveling to 5 different continents and countless countries, I’ve had to learn how to stay healthy abroad. When I ate healthy foods, I felt healthy, and whenever I ate junk, I felt like junk. I wanted and needed to feel my absolute best when traveling around the world. The days I ate crap, I immediately wanted to fall into a deep sleep and cancel on all of my activities. No one wants an upset stomach and feel lethargic when they’re traveling.

Eating healthy abroad is so doable, especially with most restaurants moving toward whole foods and healthier options. I’ve found that healthier food is cheaper and more abundant abroad, so there really aren’t any excuses to eat a bad diet.Find out how you can stay healthy while traveling. You can travel for a week or a year and not gain any weight at all, which is often the contrary. This is such a helpful list!

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