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11th January 2013

Welcome to my blog, everyone! My name is Alexis, a 19-year-old aspiring Personal Trainer/Fitness Nutrition Specialist.Read further on my “About” page. I also plan on getting my bachelors degree in Exercise Science or Nutrition. I’m from Saint Louis, Missouri USA. I first started on Instagram and now I finally have a blog 🙂

I have gone from obese to unhealthy skinny to overweight and back to the fit and healthy active lifestyle. For the past 5 years, I have always thought the number on the weight scale was all that mattered and in my mind pounds defined me as a person.Check out my journey to a fitter and healthier life. My blog is filled with helpful tips regarding healthy living, weight loss, plant-based lifestyles, and more!

It’s been a long, hard journey to get over my infatuation with losing weight and having a hot body.

Over the past year, it has become so much more than that. I realized in the beginning of 2012 I wanted to do this to become healthier overall, not just for the outside but for everything within my body. This was a huge step for me and eventually made me realize I wanted to help others embark on their journey of living a healthy lifestyle.

The online community

You might be alone in this in your personal life, but the people you meet online will become family. At least that’s how it was for me. For awhile I felt alone on my path to becoming healthier and happier but eventually realized how helpful the online community was. How crazy is it to think a person 3000 miles away could be more helpful and encouraging than someone who was living in the room next to you!

Striving to be healthy wasn’t an easy adjustment for me. I was surrounded by people who could eat whatever they want and not gain a pound. It made me always think, how come when I eat that amount of food I gain weight like crazy? I also always had the mentality that living the healthy lifestyle was extremely expensive. Eventually, I found ways to make it inexpensive and I’ll share my tips along the way!

Check out my journey to a fitter and healthier life. My blog is filled with helpful tips regarding healthy living, weight loss, plant-based lifestyles, and more!

Why I’m starting this blog

I’m not only starting a blog to inspire others to be healthy but to share my overall journey of life with you all. I’ll share my setbacks, and amazing moments I have in my life. You’ll find out what’s worked for me, and how I save money while becoming fit. I will also be sharing other ways I save money in different aspects of my life, not just the fitness and healthy eating part of my life (which makes up about 80% of my life LOL).

I’m extremely excited to meet others that have changed their lifestyle. I love hearing other people’s stories and I absolutely LOVE getting feedback and tips/advice. I will be posting workouts and my favorite healthy and delicious recipes as well. My recipes are extremely easy to make and so incredibly tasty!

Since this IS called FITnancials, I will also share with you how I save money while living a healthy lifestyle. Being healthy doesn’t have to be expensive unless you make it expensive!

Check out my journey to a fitter and healthier life. My blog is filled with helpful tips regarding healthy living, weight loss, plant-based lifestyles, and more!

Thank you all for joining me and I hope you all have fun reading!

 Just for a little fun, please share your fitness/health goal for 2013!

Here are my go-to ways to having a healthy and fit body:

I highly recommend checking out the 14-Day Lean Clean meal plan if you are trying to lose weight or get healthier. The book is filled with tons of useful information (over 200 pages worth!). Not only does it talk about nutrition, but it dives into sleep patterns, how and why to ditch added sugar, salt, oil, and how to stay motivated throughout your weight loss journey.

Here are my go-to ways to saving and making money:

  • $5 Meal Plan: Monthly meal plan with recipes and grocery list
  • How to find the best online price for hotel accommodations
  • Ebates: Awesome way to earn cash back on your regular online purchases, easy to use)
  • How To Travel The World On $50 A Day: How to save on travels
  • Ibotta: How to get cash back on grocery, clothing, household items and more 
  • Swagbucks: Make money filling out surveys and more

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12 thoughts on “Journey To Fit

  1. Alex

    Hi Alexis!

    I look forward to reading more of your blog, and I absolutely love the graphic you have up on this post. Non-scale victories. That’s a great way to describe what I’m looking for in my health goals for 2013. I’d like to feel stronger and have more energy, but frankly I don’t care much about the number on the scale. The numbers on the scale tend to go down when I achieve my non-scale goals, but it isn’t a primary goal of mine.
    Alex recently posted…Happy Thought of the Day: Finishing on a High NoteMy Profile

  2. Sam

    Excited to read more from your blog! Big fan of Michelle’s blog, too! Two of my favorite things to read about are health/exercise & personal finance. Looks like you will be combining both! Congratulations on starting the blog!
    Sam recently posted…Money Saver for StudentsMy Profile

  3. Shovellicious

    I visit Michelle’s blog regularly and that’s how I found out about this place! Congratulations on getting started, I wish you all the best and I’ve already added your site to my Google Reader because I’m really excited to hear more about you and all these things you’ll share with us 🙂 Good luck!
    Shovellicious recently posted…Goals for 2013My Profile


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