Jobs I Want To Try Before I Die

22nd December 2014

This is a strange yet interesting topic. There are so many different jobs and careers to go into. Although I’m going to school to work with children/adults with special needs, there are still so many other jobs I’m interested in at least trying out.Check out this list of jobs I'd like to try before I die. Are you in any of the careers?

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Job #1: Flight attendant.

I think it would be SO awesome to be a flight attendant for a year. To travel to as many places as possible and meet people from all over the world. I had a coworker who was a flight attendant for awhile and she told me the many downsides of it, which is why she eventually quit.

I still think this would be an awesome job and great experience. I wouldn’t be too fond of only getting paid when actually in flight, but it’s okay. I love seeing the Emirates attendants at the airport! They always look so decked out and perfect. They even seem to walk in sync! I read the rules for the Emirates employees and they are pretty strict, though.

Job #2: Retail worker.

Yeah. Surprising right? I know a lot of people who have had horrible experiences in retail, but I would still enjoy trying it out. I’ve never worked in retail and I would basically do it just for the experience.

I think it might be one of the toughest jobs out there because you have to deal with incredibly impatient customers. I see customers being angry and rude towards retail employees on a daily basis. It must take A LOT of patience to work in retail.

Props to you all that do it.

Check out this list of jobs I'd like to try before I die. Are you in any of the careers?

Job #3: Hotel industry.

I’ve always wanted to do this because, for one, I love hotels. I love the atmosphere they give off if that makes sense. I love meeting new people and experiencing different backgrounds and cultures from all around the world.

My brother works in the hotel industry and I think it’s awesome! He works in downtown Chicago and he even showed me around at a hotel he works at. It was one of the nicest hotels I’ve ever been in!

Job #4: English teacher in a foreign country.

I recently received my TEFL certificate this year and I can’t wait to use it. I wish I could take a year off school and teach English abroad, but I would much rather be finished with college first. I just can’t wait to do it!

I have no idea what country I am going to choose, but who knows. I could do it for a few years before I start a family. My plan is to go to grad school online while I’m teaching English, but first I’d like to test out how much time being an English teacher would take. I don’t want to overload myself with too much work.

Check out this list of jobs I'd like to try before I die. Are you in any of the careers?

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What kind of jobs/fields would you like to go in before you die? Are any of the jobs I mentioned something you would be interested in doing? Are you currently in any of the jobs/fields that I mentioned?

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10 thoughts on “Jobs I Want To Try Before I Die

  1. Chonce

    A flight attendant would be a really fun job and a cool way to travel and get to see other places 🙂 I would love to work in the culinary industry. Not so much as a fancy high pressure restaurant but I’d like to decorate cakes for weddings, baby showers and other events. I love to bake, and I’ve tried it before but it’s very time consuming to do as a hobby which is why I’d love to just make a side job out of it one day.

    1. Alexis Post author

      Ah I wish I knew how to bake! I’m afraid I would gain a bit of weight from eating all the sweets though. Haha.

  2. Amos

    I am glad that you are willing to use your skills in teaching English. If you got the passion then I would urge you to go for it. As for me, I want to try to be a truck driver.. Quite crazy huh!

    1. Alexis Post author

      I know quite a few people that are going into the truck driving industry. My friends dad has been all over the US because of this job. Pretty cool since you get to travel the whole time.

  3. Traci

    The hotel industry one is interesting to me! That’s a job I’ve never even though about, but could see the perks. I’m sure it’s also incredibly difficult, in certain ways. Anyway, I am happy that I have honestly achieved MOST of my dream jobs already, but hope to grow in each of them in the future. I would like to be a published author.
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