Is it time to Give Video Conferencing a Try?

9th January 2017

Despite the huge strides video solutions have made since it first started, there are still plenty of businesses around that fail to recognize the ease and convenience it brings. If your business has survived without video conferencing so far, here are some of the signs that says it might be time you made the switch:

Low engagement in meetings

Want a sure-fire way to up the engagement level in your meetings? If you’ve always done audio conferences and been frustrated with the lack of responses and poor participation, video calls might just be the one thing you need to turn that lackluster meeting around. In video calls, people know their colleagues can see everything they do on the screen. That makes them extra attentive. It might make a few of them uncomfortable but the rise in engagement is just one of the many reasons to give it a try.

High costs, low returns

If you still rely on a bunch of hardware for your communication platform and infrastructure, then your system is sadly out of date, says the Gadget Advisor. Instead of trying to keep an outdated system alive with spit and prayers, invest in a new and better one. Also, hardware can cost a premium. Outdated, with a ton of hefty costs, it’s not hard to see why more and more users are turning to cloud-based video conferencing solutions for their video tools.

Big travel costs

How much does your company spend on travel? Airplane fares, bus tickets or gas costs all add up. Not to mention those food allowances and venue payments, if you have to book a venue for a meeting or training. Then you add in hotel accommodations and you’ve got a sizable pile of expenses in your hands. Instead of flying in managers to branch locations and asking them to perform training seminars onsite, they could simply perform these trainings via video. Or if you send in batches of new hires to your HQ every quarter for management training, that could cost you a ton, especially if you’re getting employees from all the world. One way to cut down on those costs is to use video to perform those training sessions. So you won’t have to fly in your new hires for a month. You could just carry out the final week on location and do the rest of the training through video. Same strategy with your training managers. Ask them to perform the training via video instead of making them catch plane after plane just to train new hires. Either way, you save on money and resources.

Hard to use system

If you’re still using an outdated video conferencing system or audio system, then that’s standing in the way of you and a better system performance. By investing in better video conferencing in business like BlueJeans, you can take advantage of an easy to use system along with the slew of updated, collaboration-ready features it comes packed with. Excellent communication is key to a successful business. Bad communication tools, on the other hand, can lead to misunderstandings, delays in production schedules and the potential loss of consumers because of your inability to deliver the goods on time. So make sure your business won’t continue to suffer because of a bad communication tool. Toss it over for a better one right away.

Mobile experience

One of the best reasons to give video conferencing a try—if you still haven’t—is the mobility and freedom it brings, says the Business News Daily. Employees don’t have to be tied to their desks. With work at home solutions made possible by video conferencing software and systems, your team can report to work from anywhere. So whether they’re stuck in traffic or at home, they can get the work done or log into any meeting in an instant. That’s the kind of connection that could help give your team stay relevant in the business and give your competition in the field a run for their money.

Lack of customer support

When you do decide to shop around for a video solution, don’t just jump at the first one that comes along. If you want to make the most out of every penny you invest in the system, put in the time and effort necessary to picking out the right one. A major factor can be, if things are equal, is the quality of their customer service. You might have found a good video system but if the quality of their customer service team sucks, you might want to seek out a product that comes with an excellent and pleasant customer service team. That makes a huge difference, especially when you consider the fact that if anything happens, you’ll need to deal with the support team. Might as well pick the team that’s going to provide you with the best experience possible.

So don’t be blind to the signs. If you encounter any of these, it might be time to switch to a video conferencing solution.

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