I got the job! I’m now a Personal Trainer.

8th May 2013

UntitledHello everyone. I wanted to give a little update on how I’m doing since I haven’t done an actual overall life update in what seems like forever! My birthday was on April 27th and it was great!

Well, around two weeks ago I went to Chicago to visit my family for a week. It was a great little vacation and I’m glad that I’m able to get paid vacation from my work, or I probably wouldn’t have gone. I haven’t seen my family in a long time, and it was really worth it.

While I was gone, I found out that I received my Personal Trainer Certification! I’ve been working hard towards this and I am of course very happy. While I was gone, I applied for a personal trainer position. Right when I got back, I was asked to come in for an interview at a gym that I go to. I went to a couple of interviews and found out that I GOT THE JOB!

I’m very happy and this is what I’ve been wanting and working towards for some time now. 🙂  Some of you  have asked me how to become a personal trainer. Take a look at the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics to read a good article about how you can become one.

Also, I’m going to St. Thomas tomorrow. My sister and I haven’t gone on a vacation together in a very long time, and I’m really looking forward to going somewhere pretty and relaxing.


This week I thought I would share my favorite fitness and food related posts:

  1. No-Bake Oreo Cookie Pie – This just looks super yummy.
  2. What happened when i stopped exercising – This is an awesome post about working out.
  3. A review of every type of cross-training workout I have ever done – This is another great post. If you are thinking about a certain workout, read this post! Tons of information about different options.
  4. Veggie Quesadillas – YUMM 🙂
  5. Protect Your Investment: Planting Tips For Your Vegetable Garden – I’ve been thinking about starting my own garden.
  6. Ashamed of Gaining Weight – Everyone please read this post.
  7. PB protein French toast – Another yummy recipe.


Here are some awesome finance related posts:

  1.  Chasing Happiness is a Fool’s Errand
  2. The Inconsistent Side of Freelancing: $3K Less Income in April
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  4. Does Being Frugal Mean You’re Good With Money?

And I was included in the Finance Carnival for Young Adults.

What are your favorite blogs? How are you doing with your fitness goals?


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