How Many Hours A Week Should I Work

2nd July 2014

How Many Hours A Week Should I WorkAs my move is quickly approaching I have been on the run to apply for jobs.

Many different things are floating through my mind like:

  • Where should I work? What should I do?
  • How close should I be working to school/home?
  • How many hours a week should I be working? I will be going to school so I don’t want to completely drain myself.

I’ll be going to school full time and have a lot to take into consideration. I will need enough money to pay for rent, my phone bill, car insurance, food, etc. Thankfully I have a good amount of backup “saving” money for my move, so I’m financially prepared.

Where should I work?

There are a few different options in mind for jobs. At first I was simply thinking about getting a job in the field of disabilities, working at a company close to where I will be living. It’s my usual job and what I have so much experience in doing.

Now that I’m moving to a new state and city though, why not think about other job opportunities?

Other jobs I’ve been thinking about pursuing is babysitting/nanny/pet sitter jobs. I would possibly work for people with developmental disabilities, but it would be a different setting and environment. I have applied to be a personal assistant for a couple of people that are extremely successful in life, but simply were dealt with having a certain disability like Cerebral Palsy/etc and need some assistance with their everyday lives. This actually sounds pretty exciting to me because I would be one on one with a person that simply needs some help with getting ready and errands.

Work study?

I also plan on applying for work-study jobs at my university. I have heard great things about these kinds of jobs because you get to do homework while on the job. Not sure if I should be typing that out but I did anyway. For my school, you can only work a maximum of 15 hours a week and you get paid minimum wage of $8.15. This is doable for me, but I would definitely get another part time job to make some extra cash besides that.

What about Beachbody?

I have also started thinking about getting back into selling Beachbody.

I was doing it for a short period of time, and realized with a heavy school and work load it was becoming too much. I was falling behind in my studies and working 50-60 hours a week. Once I move and get a new job though, I will not be working nearly as much. I would probably work a third of the hours that I was used to doing. Being a Beachbody coach is great because you get to work from home, and meet so many people from around the country. They also have countless benefits as well!

How many hours a week do you think a full time college student should be working? Any advice/tips for me?


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