How Many Hours A Week Should I Work

2nd July 2014

How Many Hours A Week Should I WorkAs my move is quickly approaching I have been on the run to apply for jobs.

Many different things are floating through my mind like:

  • Where should I work? What should I do?
  • How close should I be working to school/home?
  • How many hours a week should I be working? I will be going to school so I don’t want to completely drain myself.

I’ll be going to school full time and have a lot to take into consideration. I will need enough money to pay for rent, my phone bill, car insurance, food, etc. Thankfully I have a good amount of backup “saving” money for my move, so I’m financially prepared.

Where should I work?

There are a few different options in mind for jobs. At first I was simply thinking about getting a job in the field of disabilities, working at a company close to where I will be living. It’s my usual job and what I have so much experience in doing.

Now that I’m moving to a new state and city though, why not think about other job opportunities?

Other jobs I’ve been thinking about pursuing is babysitting/nanny/pet sitter jobs. I would possibly work for people with developmental disabilities, but it would be a different setting and environment. I have applied to be a personal assistant for a couple of people that are extremely successful in life, but simply were dealt with having a certain disability like Cerebral Palsy/etc and need some assistance with their everyday lives. This actually sounds pretty exciting to me because I would be one on one with a person that simply needs some help with getting ready and errands.

Work study?

I also plan on applying for work-study jobs at my university. I have heard great things about these kinds of jobs because you get to do homework while on the job. Not sure if I should be typing that out but I did anyway. For my school, you can only work a maximum of 15 hours a week and you get paid minimum wage of $8.15. This is doable for me, but I would definitely get another part time job to make some extra cash besides that.

What about Beachbody?

I have also started thinking about getting back into selling Beachbody.

I was doing it for a short period of time, and realized with a heavy school and work load it was becoming too much. I was falling behind in my studies and working 50-60 hours a week. Once I move and get a new job though, I will not be working nearly as much. I would probably work a third of the hours that I was used to doing. Being a Beachbody coach is great because you get to work from home, and meet so many people from around the country. They also have countless benefits as well!

How many hours a week do you think a full time college student should be working? Any advice/tips for me?


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6 thoughts on “How Many Hours A Week Should I Work

  1. SarahO

    I would definitely recommend picking up a work study job as I work at a university. It is true that many jobs (like working at the checkout desk of the library or front desk of the campus gym) will give you plenty of time to do your homework and pay minimum wage (and give you something to do between classes). There are other jobs available through that will pay more and give you experience in your field. It all depends on who is hiring, what their budget is, and if they are federal work study jobs or not (federal work study is a program in which you have to qualify to participate in, and federal funds are used by the employer to partially pay the student, but some professors use grants or research accounts to hire students–and you don’t have to financial qualify for it). So when looking for campus jobs, ask not only the financial aid people about work-study jobs, but also professors and departments if they know of anyone needing an assistant (networking really does help!). Good luck!

  2. Dillon

    You should work enough so you don’t have any debt including paying for tuition, books, fees, housing, food etc.


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