Highlights Of 2016 + Favorite Memories

4th January 2017

2016 was a crazy year for me. I left my job in the special education field, departed for a 2-month journey in Europe as an au pair and explored Western Europe by myself, moved to Austin (which I love!!) and became a full-time blogger!

I feel like 2016 was the year I really grew into a strong, independent young woman. It was only once I got back to the United States did I realize how much crazy sh*t I did abroad. I’m still left in so much shock when I look back at what I did! Growing up I always relied on other people and enjoyed having others around, and this year was the complete opposite. I wanted to explore the world and get a bit uncomfortable, which I did.

Blogging has truly changed my life in 2016. I was able to travel the world and set up my own schedule. You can read my post on how to start a blog here.

Check out my year around the world. Included are a posts to educate you on getting healthier, saving and making money, plus tons more!

Check out the link below to see my favorite posts from 2016. What an awesome year of blogging!

My Favorite 2016 Posts From FITnancials

Check out my year around the world. Included are a posts to educate you on getting healthier, saving and making money, plus tons more!In 2016, we adopted Coco from Austin Pets Alive

Check out my year around the world. Included are a posts to educate you on getting healthier, saving and making money, plus tons more! I went to my first legit play in London. Les Misérables

I explored Rome and visited the Coliseum

The fam was all together once again

Looked back on memories of my late father whom I want to include in my life more, even if he isn’t physically here

Went on trips and grew closer to my mom

I met the greatest friend

Got a little tipsy on a dock in Venice

I still have a healthy, happy dog

 I moved to Austin

I explored Nice, France

I stayed at a beautiful farm stay in Perugia, Italy

Spent time with beautiful animals

Explored Paris solo

Ate too much gelato in Italy

I took a bus through Austria

I met a lifelong Italian friend

My rescue’s health is restored

I explored Venice with a British friend who has the best humor in the world

I visited my first castle in Germany

I explored Zurich, Switzerland and realized the city is too expensive for me

I explored Florence, Italy with my amazing friend from New Zealand

 This was one of the coolest things ever to see!

My go-to vegan burger gal

I spent 1 day with this German gal and it felt like we knew each other for years

Met a beautiful girl from Myanmar who taught me so much about her country

Fell in love over and over again with this guy

Found me

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What are your goals for 2017?

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