Free College Tuition In the US? Plus What You Can Do To Cut Costs

8th December 2014

Ah, how much I enjoy talking about the topic of free college tuition. I constantly hear about this on the news.

My friend recently did a project on cutting college costs and he weighed out the pros and cons. I definitely believe in my opinion that there are way more pros to having free tuition for everyone in the U.S. There are several countries with free college tuition and they seem to be doing just fine.

Check out what you can do to reduce college tuition.Related links:

Why isn’t tuition free in the United States if there are other countries with free college tuition?

Good question. Many people actually don’t know the many underlining problems to having free tuition in the U.S. Obviously there are many benefits if we did have free tuition.

One benefit is that the population would be educated at a higher level if college were free. There would be a more intelligent and well-rounded functioning society.

But what about jobs? What would happen if more and more people were becoming qualified for jobs? Would some people be going to school for no reason? I really want to hear all of your thoughts on this. This is such a great topic to debate about, especially with the rising debt costs students are facing.

Here is an awesome article that lays out why free tuition isn’t the answer for various reasons.

There are a few free colleges in the United States, which might surprise you. You can find an article on US News about this here.

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Check out what you can do to reduce college tuition.

SO what can you do in the mean time to cut costs since there aren’t too many tuition-free colleges in the United States?

Well for starters, start out with community college. I’m not sure why this isn’t a required part of a college student’s curriculum. I believe there should be at least some education given out junior/senior year for students in high school on community college. You seriously save SO MUCH MONEY.

I’ve saved at least $30,000 so far because I went to community college. I am constantly taking community college courses and even though I transferred to a university, it doesn’t stop me. I take courses in the summer and although they are online, I still learn a decent amount, although I personally love face-to-face courses more.

Rent your books. There are sites out there that will actually compare different textbook rentals from all of the textbook rental sites. All you have to type in is “Textbook rental compare prices” and a ton of sites come up. I used this during my Fall semester and I also plan on using it my Spring semester. And every semester thereafter.

Check out what you can do to reduce college tuition.

What do you do to cut college costs if you are not in one of the countries with free college tuition?

Anything at all, please share! It will benefit everyone and anyone, especially as college costs, increase in the future.

If anyone wants to read more into student debt, Huffington Post has a ton of articles on this subject. I was surprised to see what the top 10 schools were with the most student debt.

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8 thoughts on “Free College Tuition In the US? Plus What You Can Do To Cut Costs

  1. Mindy Forman

    Especially as a parent it is important to check out what your company offers. My company has agreements with two colleges that allow my entire immediate family to take advantage of a reduce tuition any where from 10-40% depending on the school and course of study.
    Mindy Forman recently posted…Strawberry ShortcakeMy Profile

    1. Alexis Post author

      That’s amazing! Tuition assistance is something I look for in every job I apply to.

  2. Lynn E Evans

    Hi there. I am a recent graduate, December 2014. In fact December 13, 2014. And on December 15 I was sent to collections for the college for non-payment of the tuition. I am fighting the system for this and its an uphill battle and any help, suggestions, assistance would be great. Its a twisted, long story.
    I got hurt at my previous job in Feb, 2012 and decided to go back to school and accepted a position in the nursing program at Salisbury University (SU). I researched the school a bit and it has a great NCLEX pass rate and the campus is highly rated. I attempted to apply at Delaware colleges but was rejected because my classes were too old, per the advisors I spoke with at several Delaware colleges. I am a Delaware resident. I was accepted to SU and was given a reduced tuition which paid part of the tuition and student loans paid the rest of the balance, or so I thought.
    I was told by my orthopaedist I needed surgery on my shoulder and had a weight restriction on my left arm 12 days prior to starting classes, August 26, 2012. The SU administrator gave me a choice of starting classes part time or waiting until next year. She stated she had never had this happen before. I started classes part time Aug, 2012 and my funds ran out December 2013. I was able to get donations for the Spring of 2014 but I was not able to for my final semester August 2014. I asked for assistance from the financial aid office but spoke to students who did not know what to do and they were not able to guide me to any proper assistance. I spoke to the head of the department and complained but it was way too late. I also had a sling and was on pain medication after my surgery and contacted the office of disability, again, to no avail. They only offered someone to take notes. I needed someone to assist me with much more than taking notes as I was having trouble with migraines from a pinched nerve in my neck related to the accident from my previous work.

    The bottom line, I have gotten no assistance from the college, the misrepresented themselves to me, gave me no assistance for tuition once they offered me partial tuition aid, and then my advisor told me to see a counselor to get financial aid. The whole school has misguided me from the very beginning and I am left with a bill in collections, I am unable to get my official transcripts, I can not take the NCLEX, I can not get a nursing position, I can not work to pay the bill, I am doomed to stay on the welfare system.

    I have contacted Delaware’s district representatives and no one will return my facebook posts or phone calls. I have posted questions to MD and DE governors. No one will return with a response. I want some sort of reparation. As a single mother with three kids that were in the house when I started college in 2012, I think I should qualify for some sort of assistance. It seems so fiscally irresponsible to spend tens of thousands on health insurance and food stamps to keep me on welfare, then finding grants and scholarships to help me pay this bill as a one time payment to make it so I am a contributing tax paying person again.

    1. Sally

      Lynn Evans – there’s a lot missing from your story. You say you had student loans or so you thought…. What does that even mean? What sort of financing package did you sign for? It doesn’t sound like the school misrepresented itself here. I see nothing in your story about them promising anything but reduced tuition. The reason you aren’t getting a response is because you don’t seem to have a clear explanation of the situation. What was your agreement with the school, and what does the paperwork you signed say?

  3. Amanda B.

    Just saw this post, and I have to agree. Community College and Book Rentals are great steps to reducing college costs. I will add another. Get excellent grades. I am talking straight A’s. I went to college a couple of years before my oldest son. I finished my associate’s degree with only 2 B’s. My son had straight A’s. We went to the same 4 year state university (different programs), and he was able to get $3,000 PER SEMESTER more in scholarship money. He didn’t apply to any scholarship programs, either. His scholarship is one that is given automatically by the school to state students with perfect GPA’s. Every grade counts when it comes to scholarship money.
    Amanda B. recently posted…God Can Do BIG ThingsMy Profile

    1. Alexis Post author

      That’s awesome Amanda! That’s definitely a great way to drastically cut costs.

  4. Shanni

    I think that while having free tuition would be fantastic – I know that I don’t want to have to pay taxes for everyone else’s college the rest of my life. That would just suck, and the taxes would be unbearable, especially coming straight out of college.

    1. Alexis Post author

      If the majority of people were educated, we would be paying a lot less on other things and I also believe the crime rate would go down.


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