Finding A Fitness Buddy

Finding A Fitness BuddyFinding a fitness buddy has been on the top of my list lately. It was always a dream of mine to have a bunch of health/fitness friends, but it still hasn’t happen!

I feel like I’ve tried finding people in my area that were really into working out, but I still haven’t. Thank god I have my boyfriend, it seems like he’s the only person around me that cares about his health!

I have tried many social networking sites, and even found a site online that is solely based on finding you a workout buddy in your area.

I haven’t given this effort in awhile, but I might try again. I also tried Craigslist, but didn’t have much luck in that area as well. I also think I’m going to stay clear of that website because I solely had creepers emailing me.

I’ve found a bunch of people that were willing to be “accountability buddies” online, and they have been SO much help! Having someone that is holding you accountable really makes you want to stay on track. There are also times I feel like giving up, but talking to these friends online really give me that push and motivation that I really need.

Having my boyfriend by my side has been plenty helpful, because we share the same mentality. We are both so motivated and inspired to keep track of our health, and we love helping each other out and making sure both of our minds are on the right track as well.

I recently found out how much I love working out with my boyfriend, and it’s an awesome feeling! For awhile I was always intimidated to workout with him, but I find him to be very motivating and I push even harder when he is around.

Whenever I go to Golds Gym, I always see all these other girls I want to go up to and socialize with, and become friends with..But I am so intimidated/scared. I am the type of person that doesn’t like when people talk to me while I am in my “beast mode” and I don’t want to interrupt anyone while they are training either.

I’ve had so many guys come up to me trying to hit on me, tell me what I am doing wrong, that it makes me not want to talk to anyone altogether, which is pretty sad. I go into the gym with this stern, mean look on my face usually so people leave me alone. I need to change this mentality! I just want to stay focused. (I recently found out a great tip from my boyfriend.

He told me if I wear a hat, I can make it to wear it’s tunnel shaped, and I would basically have tunnel vision so I could stay on track better and not be tempted to look at other things, so instead I am focusing on my weights and proper movement.) I feel like I should have known that tip by now!

Do you have any tips/advice on finding workout buddies in my area?



  1. I recently made an agreement with a blogger friend across the country to be my fitness buddy, believe it or not. :-)

    It might sound silly, but we are going to do weekly weigh ins and try to keep each other accountable.

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