Fall Semester of School-DONE!

I am officially done with the Fall semester of school, and I am SO happy it is over with! I finally get to breathe, and I have more time to do things that I actually want to do! Going to the library and checking out books that are actually of interest to me is a great feeling.

Yep, I’m a dork.

To sum up the Fall semester, I would say that I could have done better.

I feel like most people feel this way, but I could be wrong. The fact that I was working so much as well probably had a lot to do with it. There wasn’t my full attention and dedication to my classes, but it was also awesome that it was online because I was able to get stuff done anywhere, at any time.

For the upcoming Spring semester, I think I definitely want to try out some classes that are actually on campus. One of the things that definitely were a negative for me for the online classes was that it wasn’t as informative as I would have liked it to be. I feel like I could have learned WAY more learning at a campus, and that some of the professors didn’t check their online class much at all.

One of my top complaints would have to be my History class only making me read out of the book and do quizzes. I’m not much of a fan of history anyway, so this isn’t too much of a complaint of mine, but I guess that’s what I get for taking online classes. Or am I wrong?

Taking offline classes.

I also feel like taking classes on campus would be good for me, because I could also make some new friends as well, and do some socializing. I only went to campus when I had to take exams, which left 0 room to talk to other students.

I’m actually excited for this upcoming semester, and excited for the courses I will be enrolling in. I’m not exactly sure which classes I will be taking, but the idea of getting further into my degree and education is so awesome. From being out of school for so long, and finally being on track makes me extremely proud of myself. There are plenty of days I wake up and feel so proud of myself for changing my life and getting it back on track.

For this upcoming semester, my goal is to give my classes much more dedication. I also feel like once I start taking course that are more into my degree, I will be much more excited and enthused to do the school work and projects that go along with the course. I can’t wait to get these general education course done with!

As far as my major goes, I still feel a little indecisive. My mind has been on special education for a while, but I keep thinking about all these other options as well.. Will I ever make up my mind?


  1. Which school are you going to? I haven’t had good experiences with online courses in the past and don’t ever plan on taking another, unless it’s for free or cheap (Skillshare, Coursera, etc.)

    While it’s ok to get gen ed and fundamental courses out of the way, I don’t recommend choosing a major while you’re in school and so indecisive. You don’t have to choose a major right now. Experience the types of jobs you think you’re interested in, whether it’s through volunteer, internship, or job shadowing, it’ll really help you in making a decision. I wish I would have gotten a completely different degree after finding out the types of jobs I enjoy doing after graduating from an expensive art school.

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