Denver Trip + My First Couchsurfing Experience

10th November 2014

Hey guys! So I’m finally able to say I’m a couchsurfer. I did it.

I met up with a complete stranger from Couchsurfing. They were verified/background checked and had numerous references, so I went the “safer” route.Check out my first experience couchsurfing!

I’m officially in love with this site! I saved A TON of money since I don’t have to spend anything on a hotel. I also got a personal “tour guide” all to myself. This was an amazing experience and has motivated/inspired me to do this again.

I plan on taking a 2 week trip in December solely using the couchsurfing site. I’d like to hit up 3-4 places during those 2 weeks, but I haven’t decided where I will travel to yet.

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My trip to Denver.

I stayed in Denver, CO from Thursday-Sunday morning. It was a nice and much-needed vacation. I went to Milwaukee the weekend before, but I was ready to go somewhere like I’ve never been. I hear constantly about how amazing Denver is! Now I know what all of the fuss is about.

So when I arrived, I was pretty much jet lagged and extremely tired. The first couple of days were honestly lazy days. I was too tired to do anything but made a promise to myself to go all out on the third day. I did go on a couple runs in the city and I was lucky enough to be staying with someone who lived smack downtown in Denver next to the capital. Pretty sure I got a better view than if I was staying in a hotel.

I was greeted by my host and I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a bit nervous. It was my first couchsurfing experience and I was also staying with a guy, but he ended up being super awesome! I felt comfortable throughout my stay and I’m happy I didn’t choose someone else.

I worked out each day I was in Denver, and I feel more fit already. I went to a gym called “Fitness In The City” and it was beyond awesome. I actually enjoyed the workout and it had tons of variety. If you live in Denver, you should definitely check this place out!

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After our workout, we hit up a brewery. (Makes sense, right?) The brewery was called Great Divide and they had AMAZING beer. I tried out 6 different kinds and it only cost me $6 for a generous amount of each beer. I’m starting to become a fan of beer! Never thought I’d say that.

After the brewery, we went to a place called Snooze and it was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. Seriously. If you are in Denver or going to visit, this is a definite place to hit up. Don’t feel guilty either! I didn’t!

After Snooze, which now I know why it’s called Snooze, we decided to take a trip and browse some street art in the city. I can’t believe people can actually create these kinds of images and I can’t even draw a perfect circle.

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Once we were done with the street art portion of our day, we rented some bikes and went on a gorgeous bike ride I’ve ever been in my life. I am seriously contemplating on moving to Denver once I am done with school. I can’t wait until I graduate! I wish I would’ve taken some pictures during the bike ride, but I was pretty much done for the day. I just wanted to get home at this point.

Too much beer and pancakes.

We later went out at night and hit up a gay bar and a couple of other bars. I forgot how much I missed going to gay bars. It’s the best place to go to when you don’t want to get hit on and just want to dance! We went to another bar afterward and I met some awesome people. Denver has to have some of the nicest people I’ve ever met.

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My first time using Uber.

As I was leaving my host’s house, I decided to use Uber to take me to the airport. If you haven’t heard of Uber, it’s basically a better version of a taxi and it’s cheaper. Uber is more convenient all around and if you haven’t yet, download the app. There’s also a promo code for first-time users that I used so it made my ride extremely cheap. You can use my sister’s code which is “michelles1019). My Uber driver was amazing and gave me all the ins and outs on Uber. I learned a fun tip: Don’t throw up in their cars cause it’ll cost you at least $150 (no, I didn’t throw up. The driver was just telling me fun facts about Uber).

If you’re reading this Matt, you were an awesome host. I’ll always remember my first experience going couchsurfing and now I’m inspired to do it all the time!

Where do you think I should go during the 2 weeks I have in December?

Would you ever go couchsurfing?

P.S. I also got a haircut and I felt it was necessary to include a picture. Haha.



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