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How to Save Money with Home Improvement Tax Credits

7th February 2017

If you’re like most of us, the chill that can result from cold, drafty windows is reason enough to invest in new panes for the home. And, if your water heater is so old it falls flat on its face after one hot water shower, you’re probably already thinking that it’s time to shop for a replacement.

But did you know that there are significant tax credits that can be earned if you upgrade certain parts of the home to maximize energy efficiency? The federal government continues to support clean energy production and responsible residential improvements that reduce energy consumption. If you’re curious as to how you can improve your home’s livability while also qualifying for a range of tax credits, read on. Continue reading

15 Ways To Stay Healthy While Traveling

18th January 2017

Do you need help staying healthy while traveling? You’ve come to the right place!

After traveling to 5 different continents and countless countries, I’ve had to learn how to stay healthy abroad. When I ate healthy foods, I felt healthy, and whenever I ate junk, I felt like junk. I wanted and needed to feel my absolute best when traveling around the world. The days I ate crap, I immediately wanted to fall into a deep sleep and cancel on all of my activities. No one wants an upset stomach and feel lethargic when they’re traveling.

Eating healthy abroad is so doable, especially with most restaurants moving toward whole foods and healthier options. I’ve found that healthier food is cheaper and more abundant abroad, so there really aren’t any excuses to eat a bad diet.Find out how you can stay healthy while traveling. You can travel for a week or a year and not gain any weight at all, which is often the contrary. This is such a helpful list!

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15 Free Health And Fitness Apps You Need To Try Now

16th January 2017

Are you trying to eat healthier and workout more? Awesome! You’ve come to the right place to find a bunch of free resources to kick you off in the right direction.

I’ve included 15 apps that will help you find out if a good is rated healthy, how to get an intense or relaxed workout at home, and more. Best of all, of all of these apps are free! Apps are awesome because all you have to do is download them and then you can use them anywhere in the world, so it’s perfect for traveling.

During my weight loss journey, I used a lot of these apps to help me stay motivated and on the right track. These apps helped keep track of my weight and measurements, made sure I was drinking enough water, and pretty much everything else I needed help with.Free health and fitness apps that will lead you on a road to success. Stay motivated and inspired throughout your health journey. This is such a helpful list.

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The Ultimate Weight Loss Guide

8th January 2017

Hey, everyone! I’m so happy to share with you an ebook that I have been obsessed with the past 2 weeks. As many you already know, New Years has passed, which means New Year’s resolutions are in full force. I already eat pretty healthy but decided I wanted 2017 to be the year I cut out added sugar, salt, and oil.

I have only been using this guide for a little over a week and have seen amazing results in the way I feel and how I look. I’m much leaner in my stomach area and I’m eating satisfying foods that actually taste amazing! I love that I can get potatoes, rice, and other foods I’m obsessed with, and get fitter at the same time. My boyfriend even said that I seem a lot happier, which is an added bonus!

Below is everything you’ll need to know about the Lean and Clean plan, and why I encourage trying it out.

I also want to point out that I would never recommend a health plan unless I TRULY believed in it, which is why I haven’t encouraged a health/weight loss plan until now.

Find out how to get healthier in all areas of your life, including: Nutrition, exercise, mentally, sleep patterns, and more. This ebook will set you up for success in all areas of your life. 200+ pages worth of useful information, plus recipes and a 14 day meal plan!

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