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How I Doubled My Pageviews In 1 Month

15th February 2017

2016 was an amazing year for FITnancials and going full-time on my blog drastically changed my pageviews. I went full-time in November, and as you can see in 2 months, I’ve doubled my pageviews exceeding over 60,000.

I’ve been blogging for awhile, but never took it seriously until November of 2016. Blogging was a hobby of mine and I usually only spent a couple hours a week on my blog. I quit my full-time job and decided to go full-time on FITnancials, and I’ve never been happier.

As a blogger, the learning never stops. Social media is constantly changing and it’s one of the more frustrating jobs I’ve had, but it’s a job I would never give up. I am my own boss at 23, get to travel and see my family whenever I want. I’ve been to 5 continents and counting and have been able to work anywhere in the world. The amount of money I make is constantly increasing and I don’t have to wait for that 1x per year to get my raise.

At the very bottom, I’ve included actual proof of my pageviews from Google Analytics.

Find out how I went from 12,000 page views to 30,000 thousand page views, and now at 60,000 page views per month! Continue reading

Top Travel Posts To Save You Time And Money

13th January 2017

Here on FITnancials, I talk all about health and saving money. I started traveling a couple years ago, which motivated me to start writing more about how to travel the world affordably.

I’ve been to 5 continents altogether, backpacked throughout Europe by myself and met people from all over the world. I grew up pretty reliant and dependent on others, so doing this was no small feat, which is why I always encourage anyone and everyone to travel solo at least once in their lives. It was an overwhelmingly positive experience that brought me out of my comfort zone and taught me a lot about myself.

Blogging has allowed me to travel full-time. If you’re interested in starting a blog and working from home, read my post on how to start a blog here.

Below are my top posts that will get you started in traveling, whether it be au pair life, Couchsurfing, or backpacking the world.Check out these travel resources that will save you time, money, and tons more. Learn about au pair life, traveling on a budget, and backpacking throughout Europe. Continue reading