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How To Start A Healthy Lifestyle + My Most Valuable Tips

8th February 2017

Living a healthy lifestyle gets easier day by day. If you’ve lived pretty unhealthy for most of your life and lived off of junk food and no exercise, a healthy lifestyle can seem pretty intimidating at first.

To put it lightly, when I started my health journey, it was anything but easy. I was trying to lose weight in unhealthy ways.

Below are 9 tips that truly paved the way for my success for living a healthy life. Implement these tips into your life and start reaping the benefits today!
Check out these 9 tips that will get you started on a healthy lifestyle. This is such a helpful list. Continue reading

Break the Chain of Misery, Quit Smoking

6th February 2017

Setting the goal of evolving yourself:

You are responsible for your evolution; no one is going to come and save you from the misery that you’ve been through. The problem is half solved when you take charge to take it up; self-awareness is the first thing before any action. Have some solitude and think about your current condition and figure out the loopholes that you want to patch. When it comes to change nothing is going to change at sudden, the change happen at gradual pace is the permanent one. Considering about the evolution of quality of your life, you are going to tackle one issue, but it will improve multiple dimensions of your life. Continue reading

25 Activities To Keep You Busy

1st February 2017

Are you trying to become more productive with your free time and improve or learn a new skill?

This post was inspired by an article that I read that talked about how many hours a day is spent on social media. This made me wonder how far a person could go within themselves if they spent time on bettering themselves and leading a more productive life. Those 2 hours spent scrolling through Facebook could be spent learning another language.

I often get asked by my readers what I like doing in my free time. When I’m not blogging, I love trying out new activities and foods. Getting out of your comfort zone usually leads to growing as a person and becoming stronger.

My go-to activity at the moment is browsing around at tiny houses on Pinterest. I recently visited a tiny house community in Austin, Texas (the largest in the country) and it blew me away! I’m currently trying to get J.D. on board, so we’ll see. Did you know that the average tiny house cost is $25,000, while the average American house is $285,000? Mind blowing!

Keep reading to get some inspiration to start a new hobby and fill your time with awesome activities.

Check out these 25 activities to keep you busy. This is such a helpful list! Continue reading

5 Reasons Why What You Eat Matters. This is such a helpful list for anyone who wants to get healthy and fit.

5 Reasons Why What You Eat Matters

25th January 2017

Did you know that the food you eat gives a direct result to how you feel every single day of your life?

Food can affect not only what you look like on the inside and outside, but it can also affect your academic performance, mood, sex drive, and more.

If you are used to eating unhealthy and have no motivation to change the way you eat, please read further.

I’m going to list the reasons why it is crucial for you to start eating healthier. I don’t care if you are 20, 30, 40, 50, or 60. It is NEVER too late to start eating healthy. Drop the excuses that have been controlling your life, and take charge of your future now.

Read all five reasons and I assure you that you will care about eating healthier and switching up your lifestyle.5 Reasons Why What You Eat Matters. This is such a helpful list for anyone who wants to get healthy and fit. Continue reading