Carnival of Financial Planning

10th August 2013

Here is the Carnival of Financial Planning. Enjoy!


Emily @ Evolving Personal Finance writes Don’t Sell to Me, Man! – Don’t you hate that moment at the car rental counter when the rep is pushing the insurance and upgrades on you? I don’t like interacting with salespeople at all.

Jordann @ Making Sense of Cents writes Should Your Job Decide Your Emergency Fund? – An emergency fund is money that is set aside in case of emergency. It’s there for you when you need it for an unexpected expense, to prevent you from dipping into a credit card or a line of credit and ending up in debt.

FI Pilgrim @ FI Journey writes The True Impact Of Lifestyle Choices – Over the next few days I kept thinking about the word lifestyle and the far-reaching impact that it has on our lives (and finances).

MARTIN @ Don’t Throw Away Money writes Don’t Make Matters Worse When Struggling With Debt – Battling with debt is something that many will face in life- finding a solution before it gets out of control is the key

Ted Jenkin @ Your Smart Money Moves writes I Am A Freelancer… What Five Business Moves Should I Make? – You have decided to leave your employer and make a go at a consulting business on your own.

Hank @ Money Q&A writes Business Liability And Why It Is Important For Your Finances – Business liability insurance can and will help you and your business get through any type of situation, this form of insurance covers legal defense costs.

TTMK @ Tie the Money Knot writes Asking for a Prenup – Prenups can be a very tricky, sensitive topic. This post discusses the topic of how to ask for one.

Lazy Man @ Lazy Man and Money writes Free Summer Activities – Since most of us are on fairly tight budgets, it’s important to explore these free summer activities to ensure a fun-filled summer for less. All of the activities discussed can be done either as a family, a couple, or even a group of friends.

Harry Campbell @ Your PF Pro writes What’s the Best Day of the Week to Quit Your Job? – If you haven’t heard by now, I quit my job! My fiancee and I are moving and I did not want to make the hour plus commute so I gave my notice about a month ago. My last day was last Tuesday and so far being unemployed has been pretty awesome. Eventually I’m going to get back to my day job but for now I’m happy working online and living life. A lot of my co-workers thought it strange that I quit on a Tuesday but there was a method to my madness.

GD @ MLIQ123 writes What Is Permanent Life Insurance? – Even though most financial planners and advisers recommend buying term life insurance instead of permanent, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t research all your options, including whole, universal and variable universal coverage. Here is a comprehensive guide to permanent life insurance and the pros and cons of policies. When buying life insurance, be sure to make an informed decision!


Alexa @ Making Sense of Cents writes Tips for Diversifying Your Income: Slow and Steady Wins the Race – Imagine that you walk into work tomorrow only to be told that due to company downsizing your position has been eliminated. Your last day will be two weeks from now and unfortunately the company isn’t offering any severance packages. This comes to you as complete and utter shock. You have no backup plan.

Tushar @ Earn More and Save writes Secrets of the Wealthy: How to Pick the Right Career – Passion. Commitment. Perseverance. What do these three things have in common? They are traits of the wealthy who have chosen careers in which they excel. Choosing a career is a tough choice and, unfortunately many people choose the wrong one.

Buck Inspire @ Buck Inspire writes Forced Out Of My Comfort Zone – I’ve been primarily in server management throughout my IT career. Recently, I vowed to expand my skills into networking.

Minimalist @ Minimalist Finance writes Save Money on Your Education (Or Get it For Free) – Education is expensive. We all know this. Parents save for years for their kid’s post-secondary education, and sometimes that’s not even enough.

Robert @ Entrepreneurship Life writes Picking A Niche for Your Blog – Part of the reason I struggled was my niche perhaps wasn’t defined well enough. General TV is something that has been covered a lot, by larger, more popular blogs. I did however, get dozens upon dozens of hits when I posted an article and a video about how to copy a character from Glee’s hairstyle, something that had never been done before, so it landed a pretty high ranking on Google. But that in itself, although it brought in hits, wasn’t enough to make me successful.



Michelle @ The Shop My Closet Project writes Frivolous Spending, Super Poo, and Debt Repayment. A few thoughts about the road to Debt Freedom – I am on a serious mission to repay my debt. I stopped shopping, am using up my sh$t, bring my lunch to work, make my coffee at work, and am picking up extra work. Basically, I’m serious as a heart attack when I talk about wanting to take care of my debt!

Kyle @ The Penny Hoarder writes How to Get an Interest Free Loan from LendUp – Get this… Did you know that 12 million Americans take out payday loans each year to cover their daily expenses! Crazy, right? On average, a single borrower takes eight loans of $375 annually and has to pay a whopping $520 in interest!

Jon Haver @ Pay My Student Loans writes Sallie Mae student loan consolidation review – Sallie Mae‘s private loan consolidation is fee free, allowing for graduates and undergraduates to lump together all of their private loans into one lump sum, with a period of thirty years to make repayments. Interest rates are variable instead of fixed, and are mostly based on the student’s or cosigner’s credit history.



Irfan @ Everything About Investment writes What Makes Stock Prices Volatile? – If you want to invest in stocks, you must first understand how the stock market works. There’s really big money waiting for you by trading in stocks. However, you must be aware on how to gain big profits. Generally, making profits in stocks is attained by selling the stocks at a higher price than what you actually acquired it.

Jacob @ Cash Cow Couple writes Personal Capital Review – Personal Capital is an incredibly useful tool. Come take a look at the good and the bad, as told by a current user.

Pauline @ writes How to Start Investing – This post talks about the first steps to takes when you start investing, and the different brokerage accounts available. We go over the costs per order of the top 10 firms and explain how they work.

Dividend Growth Investor @ Dividend Growth Investor writes Eleven Dividend Paying Stocks I Purchased Over the Past Week – Over the past week, I purchased stock in eleven businesses. I have outlined these businesses below. Some of these purchases represented additions to existing positions, although a few represented new positions.

Bargain Babe @ writes 7 Cheap Meals for Dinner – The only thing better than a tasty, cheap meal for dinner is if someone else cooks it for you! If it’s you, consider reading my 7 cheap meals that are affordable, but also tasty!

Amanda L Grossman @ Frugal Confessions writes Add a Boatload to Your Savings Account in One Year, Even if You are Living Paycheck to Paycheck – There are a lot of people living paycheck to paycheck, out of necessity.

Maria @ The Money Principle writes The Manifesto of a Frugal Artist – In this article I discuss two kinds of frugality: extreme frugality and frugality as an art form. I am a frugal artist; how about you?

Tushar @ Start Investing Money writes Smart Reasons for Investing in Your Financial Knowledge – Here is a question for you: would you invest in stocks and shares if you didn’t know a thing about them? What about other forms of investments? Would you be willing to sink a good portion of your savings into an investment you knew little to nothing

SFB @ Simple Finance Blog writes Ready, Set, Shop! It’s Tax Free Weekend – It’s my favorite time of the year – a time when I can go to the store and splurge a little bit, while simultaneously feel a little less guilty about the money I’m dropping.

Brent @ PersonalFinance-Tips writes Tips That Help You Manage Your Personal Finances Well – Managing personal finances and that too personal finance is not an easy affair. In fact many of us face problems in taking care of our personal finances in spite of making a budget. It often happens that we end up spending more than we actually intend to.

Mrs. Accountability @ Out of Debt Again writes How to Get a Statement and Reconcile Your PayPal Business Account – Trouble reconciling your PayPal account? This short tutorial will show you how to get a statement that will allow you to reconcile your account.

Barbara Friedberg @ Barbara Friedberg Personal Finance writes Learn To Build Wealth In 15 Minutes A Day – Build wealth fast with a step by step money management program.

Tushar @ Finance TUBE writes What Are The 6 Best Investment Options of 2013? – Every investor is looking for the advice on the next big money maker. Smart investors are the ones who develop their own systems for determining which the best ways to remit their money are.

Don @ MoneySmartGuides writes How to Calculate Net Worth – Net worth is an important calculation that shows you your financial health. This post shows you how to calculate net worth.

Corey @ 20s Finances writes Tips to Save Money on Your Wedding Reception – Here are some tips I have gathered while planning our wedding reception.

MMD @ My Money Design writes Motivation In the Workplace and My Thoughts on Mind Control – Motivation in the workplace has gone from the desire to do your best into a simple will of survival. And worst of all: We let ourselves be hypnotized into this form of mind control. This post will explore why we let this happen.

DW @ Great Passive Income Ideas writes I Want To Make Money on the Side – What Are Some Ways To Do So? – If you’re saying I want to make money on the side but don’t know how, then you should know there are a lot of easy things you can start doing now that work. Here are my tips for ways to accomplish that.

Matt Becker @ Mom and Dad Money writes Is Peer-to-Peer Lending the Next Big Thing? – Peer-to-peer lending is pretty big in the world of personal finance right now. There are a lot of people talking excitedly about the great investment returns they’ve made recently, and of course this has only drummed up interest from others on how to get involved. This is typical of any new investment that’s seen some success, but does it mean that it’s a good thing to get involved with? Today I’d like to share some of my thoughts on peer-to-peer lending and how it might fit into an investment p

Little House @ Little House in the Valley writes Revisiting New Year’s Resolutions – Here it is 8 months into 2013 and I’m not so sure I’m on target with my New Year’s Resolutions.



Little House @ Little House in the Valley writes Kanga Cottage Cabins – As I’m usually interested in alternative and inexpensive housing solutions, I’ll focus on the cabin line which can be built as a stand-alone dwelling. The ‘Cottage’ plan comes in varying sizes ranging from 280 sq. ft. to 640 sq. ft. 1-bedroom plans with the option of adding a loft.

Mary @ Wallet Hub writes How does a reverse mortgage work after death? – Although a useful tool to supplement income in retirement, reverse mortgages are meant to be a last resort, and the recipient should consult the family and heirs in advance about how to mortgage will be paid back in the future.

Suba @ Broke Professionals writes 6 Reasons I Hate Underwriting – Buying a house is a different universe than it was five years ago. Getting a mortgage is like taking candy from a baby… or, maybe, a 42-year-old underwriter.

SBB @ Simple Budget Blog writes No Plan: How Americans Fare in Planning Budgets – The recent results of a Gallup poll reveal little enthusiasm for budget planning. Budgeting is important! Read here to learn more about American budgeting.

Pauline @ Make Money Your Way writes Renting part of your house or basement long term – This post shows how you can make money by renting part of your house or your basement to a new tenant.



Jon @ Novel Investor writes Breaking Down The New 3.8% Medicare Surtax – Whether you qualify for the new 3.8% Medicare Surtax will depend on your net investment income and your modified adjusted gross income.

Michael Kitces @ Nerd’s Eye View writes IRS Opens Door In PLR 201330016 For 1035 Exchange By Beneficiary Of Fixed And Variable Inherited Annuities – Using annuities for retirement income has become increasingly popular in recent years, which one unfortunate caveat: whatever annuity was used during life was the type of annuity the beneficiaries were stuck with in the future. But no longer – with a recent ruling, the IRS has opened the door for annuity beneficiaries to change to a new annuity that better suits their own needs and circumstances!

Roger Wohlner @ The Chicago Financial Planner writes Is My Pension Safe? – The city of Detroit recently filed the largest municipal bankruptcy in history. One of the potential casualties of this situation will likely be retired city workers receiving pensions. While pension payments are promises made by the employer, should the bankruptcy go through the city will be free to cut pension benefits as part of the restructuring of the city’s finances. In light of this situation, how safe is your pension?

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