Are You Ready For This Years Tax Season?

10th February 2017

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It’s tax season again!

It’s already February, which means taxes are due very soon. It’s time to start thinking about where you’re going to go to file your taxes. Although most of us don’t look forward to the experience, there are plenty of ways to make it easier and more convenient for us.

Do you know how you’re going to do your taxes yet? If not, I highly encourage checking out you ready for this years tax season? provides easy to use online services to file your federal and state taxes, as well as donates $2 to Healing Waters for every tax return filed through them.

You can complete your taxes on your own, but not only that, they donate $2 to Healing Waters International for every tax return that is filed through the site. So, even if the return is free, they will STILL donate $2 to Healing Waters. That can add up really quick, so make sure to tell your family and friends. If you plan on doing your taxes online, you might as well choose a tax company that is going to also donate to a charity, right?

I’ve personally completed my taxes on my own every year, with it not taking that long at all. You’ll become more familiar with your tax situation and get better at it every year, and save a lot of money by doing so. Many of us are perfectly capable of doing our taxes online by ourselves.

Benefits of using

  • Estimate your tax refund with 1040s free online refund calculator.
  • 1040 EZ returns are free
  • $2 donated to Heating Waters for every tax return filed


Why should you choose allows you to complete your taxes online by yourself AND it’s easy. will guide you through filing your taxes, as well as filing your completed tax return to the IRS. You also get the option of filing your state return at the same time. Your federal data will transfer to your state return making the process incredibly easy and simple.

I’ve been filing my taxes since I started working with the help of my mom until age 18. Then I started doing my taxes on my own starting at the age of 18 and still use the same process. If your tax situation is pretty simple and easy, I highly recommend filing online on your own. You’ll save a good amount of money, too, which is always awesome!

I encourage checking out, not only because they offer services that will easily guide you through the online process, but also because of their charitable work through Healing Water. After spending time abroad, I’ve noticed how fortunate we are here in the U.S. to have access to cleaning water. All around the world, right now, children and families are lacking the access to clean water, resulting in illnesses that one shouldn’t experience. Clean water should be a right everybody should have.

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How are you doing your taxes this year?

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