5 Reasons To Test Your Water

5th January 2017

Water is such a vital part of life, which is why I’ve decided to test my water to ensure it meets safety requirements. With what’s been going on in the news lately with cities having issues with their water meeting safety requirements, I thought it was crucial to test my water now.

Not only do I drink the water coming out of our faucet, so does my boyfriend, dogs, and friends that come over. A water testing kit is affordable and includes many different tests such as Lead, Bacteria, Pesticide, Iron, Copper, and tons more.

In Flint, Michigan, many residents went without safe water for a year, and the government knew what was going on. It’s better to be safe than sorry and get your water tested. Get some peace of mind and test your water for yourself.Find out why you should test your water to ensure it meets safety requirements. Water is such a vital part of life and tons of news articles are stating that water all over the country might not meet safety requirements. Related:

Below are 5 reasons why you should test your water:

1. To make sure your water meets safety requirements.

Water can, in fact, smell and taste good, with even the appearance looking normal, and still be dangerous. There are certain contaminants that our senses can’t detect. Even a very low level of the contaminant can have a harmful effect. Getting your water tested by using a simple water testing kit can ensure you have safe drinking water in your home.

2. Someone in your family is constantly having stomach related issues.

If someone in your family hasn’t been feeling well, especially having stomach issues, this could be related to the quality of the water they are drinking.

3. Your plants could be suffering from your water.

The quality of water is crucial when feeding your plants. In order for plants to grow healthy and strong, they need to be fed high-quality water.

4. You’ve noticed cloudiness in your water.

This can very well be a sign of a contaminant in your water.

5. You are pregnant or have children in the home.

Contaminants have a much stronger effect on young children, especially those who are pregnant. Health issues can range depending on the contaminant.

My Experience Testing My Water

I decided to test my water with a kit that only took a few minutes to give me results. I was the most concerned about lead levels in my water, due to what has been going on around the country with lead poisoning in water. Dangerous levels of lead can cause developmental issues, as well as many other issues in the body, so I was relieved to see that I’ve had clean and safe drinking water.

This is the water testing kit I used.

It was really easy to find out my results with a color-coded chart and instruction manual. The water testing kit is also made in the United States, which was important to me because I’ve read that you shouldn’t buy foreign-made tests from abroad.

Have you tested your water before?

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6 thoughts on “5 Reasons To Test Your Water

    1. Keane Darren Storm

      I’ve never tested my water before too. But after reading this article I feel it necessary. Year ago 10 people have died of legionnaire’s disease in Flint, where the water is poisoned. So we must to care about yourself.

      1. Alexis Post author

        Water kits are so cheap, it seems a bit silly to not test your water, right? I never thought about doing it until a month ago!

  1. Shannon // Style Emulator

    My husband is a water operator so I’m allllll about getting your water tested. I think most people take water for granted. It really is important to know if your water is safe or not, regardless if you live in a city or have a well. If it is making you sick, the odds of considering your water are probably slim to none. You would have to eliminate scads of other things first before realizing it was your water all along (all the while getting sicker). Anyway, great post!
    Shannon // Style Emulator recently posted…Nate Berkus Gray Layered Living RoomMy Profile

    1. Alexis Post author

      Thanks Shannon. I never knew how important it was, just because I thought safe water was a given. After seeing and reading what’s been on the news, I rather spend $20 on a kit and make sure I’m drinking safe water.

  2. Denise

    Oh! I got not chance to tests our water. To think I was comfortable on it. But when I read this blog. I must say, Testing water is very important when we talk about our health.


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