25 Tips For Weight Loss

9th November 2016

Whether your goals are to lose weight, live a healthier lifestyle or incorporate healthy things into your life every day, these 25 goals will be perfect for you.

Losing weight doesn’t have to be a long, grueling process. It can very w
ell be fun, as well exciting. You’re about to embark on this health journey that is going to transform your life, so there is a lot to be happy about!

Below are 25 tips for long-lasting weight loss. The key to that title is long-lasting, which means you should also incorporate these tools into your life every single day in order to make it routine.

Check out this list of 25 tips for long-lasting weight loss. This is such a helpful list for anyone on a weight loss journey or simply anyone who is aspiring to live a healthy lifestyle. Related:

1. Nutrition is key.

Many people mistake working out being enough to lose weight and live a healthy lifestyle. Eating healthy, whole foods is crucial to losing weight and living a healthier lifestyle.
So before we move on to the other tips and words of advice, I want to engrave this into everyone’s brain. NUTRITION IS KEY. Many people put 100% into working out and beat themselves up if they miss a workout. Exercise is such a small portion of losing weight.

Now I’m not saying that you should never workout, but I know of people who never workout, solely eat healthy foods and sustain their weight loss that way.

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2. Prep your meals ahead of time.

Nutrition is key to long-lasting, sustained weight loss. Many people assume that by missing a workout, they are setting themselves up for failure. The truth is, nutrition is the largest component when losing weight and living a healthier lifestyle. Remember that you eat to fuel your body, not overstuff it because you’re bored and have nothing else to do.

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3. Get a Fitbit.

Which will track your calories lost, a number of steps per day, heart rate, sleep patterns, and more. My Fitbit even alerts me to go to bed at a certain time. I’m more motivated to get my steps in each day and keep moving.

There are also challenges in the app that make create some competition between friends to see who can walk the most steps.

You can grab a Fitbit here.

4. Stop eating out of boredom. 

We are so quick to go to a fridge in order to relieve boredom.

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5. Increase your veggie intake. 

Fibrous foods such as cucumbers, broccoli, and carrots will keep you satiated longer, get your “stuff” flowing (if you know what I mean), and is loaded with much-needed vitamins and minerals.

Check out this list of 25 tips for long-lasting weight loss. This is such a helpful list for anyone on a weight loss journey or simply anyone who is aspiring to live a healthy lifestyle.

6. Avoid alcohol. 

Alcohol, again, is filled with unnecessary sugar calories that do nothing for your health. You generally hear alcohol calories as “empty calories” due to their being NO nutritional value in it.

Drinking also leads to poor decisions, such as hitting up a fast food joint at 2 AM. Making a routine out of this can not only make you gain weight but also feel crappy in the morning.

7. Workout at home.

If you want to save some money or aren’t comfortable working out in a gym setting, I advise getting resistance bands. They are great alternatives for heavy weights, and less expensive.

This is the workout program that achieved these results below!

8. Keep track of your meals.

Keeping track of what you eat makes a huge difference. Most people don’t even realize that they are overeating until they look at their journal.

Many people think they’re eating healthy, but once they look at a planner, they realize their fat, sodium, and sugar intakes are way too high.

You can grab a fit planner here.

Check out this list of 25 tips for long-lasting weight loss. This is such a helpful list for anyone on a weight loss journey or simply anyone who is aspiring to live a healthy lifestyle.

9. Drink enough water.

8-10 glasses a day is the basic guideline for water intake. Grab a reusable water bottle and ditch the plastic, one-use water bottles.

I highly recommend keeping track of how much water you eat for a few days, whether it be by an app or a piece of paper.

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10. Ditch the oil.

Oil has no nutritional value and just adds unnecessary fat to your day.

I avoid oil like the plague, and that might have also contributed to why I no longer have bad acne.

11. Avoid sugary, high sodium snacks like chips.

Instead, eat snacks like fruit, vegetables, and hummus, or a handful of nuts.

12. Eat mindfully. 

Eat in a quiet room with no distractions.

Eating in front of a TV or staring at your phone can lead you to eat more and not truly tasting the food. Seeing, tasting, and smelling your meal will help you become more mindful of what you are eating, which will make you satiated sooner.

Check out this list of 25 tips for long-lasting weight loss. This is such a helpful list for anyone on a weight loss journey or simply anyone who is aspiring to live a healthy lifestyle.

13. Eat enough calories. 

On an average day, I’m taking in between 1600-2500 calories. I make sure my calories come from whole, nutritious foods that are filled with different vitamins and minerals needed for my health.

14. Cook at home. 

By cooking at home, you get to see firsthand what is being put into your food.

When you go to restaurants, you have no idea how much fat, salt, and other unnecessary ingredients are being added to your food.

This not only saves you money but lets you be more creative by trying out different foods.

15. Increase your protein at each meal.

Protein helps us stay satiated for a longer period of time, which means we’ll be less likely to keep eating food and overstuffing ourselves.

I get my protein from tofu, beans, tempeh, nuts, fruit, vegetables, and other plant-based foods.

You can grab the protein that I use here.

16. Don’t deprive yourself. 

Eat the foods you love by making a healthier version of them.

I’ve found that the healthier version tastes better, and you can eat more of it, but I always recommend eating until you are 80% full, not 100% or over because, at this point, you are overstuffed and will not feel happy afterward.

Check out this list of 25 tips for long-lasting weight loss. This is such a helpful list for anyone on a weight loss journey or simply anyone who is aspiring to live a healthy lifestyle.

17. Find healthy swaps of unhealthy foods.

Instead of eating food like heavy fat and sugar loaded dips, create your own hummus dips at home.

Make your own ice cream at home by freezing bananas and then blending them. Add peanut butter, almond milk, and dark chocolate chips.

18. Find online support. 

Instagram, Facebook groups, and Pinterest are awesome for online support.

When I first started my health journey, none of my friends ate healthy food or worked out. I made many online friends, primarily on Instagram.

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19. Realize this is not a diet, it’s a lifestyle.

You are not going to eat healthy food for 2 weeks and call it quits. In order for this to be long-lasting, it needs to remain throughout your entire life.

20. Not all calories are created equal. 

100 calories of chips is a whole lot different than 100 calories of a home-cooked stir fry filled with vegetables.

Check out this list of 25 tips for long-lasting weight loss. This is such a helpful list for anyone on a weight loss journey or simply anyone who is aspiring to live a healthy lifestyle.

21. Get enough sleep.

Sleep is key to keeping your hormone levels in check. Not sleeping enough can lead a spike in certain hunger hormones, which will make you eat sugary foods real quick.

22. Work on yourself mentally.

I find that yoga really helps me with relieving stress and negative emotions.

Get a yoga mat here and use Yoga With Adriene’s free videos on YouTube.

23. Surround yourself with people of your same mentality.

Your friends can have a huge impact on your life, so make sure you are surrounding yourself with at least a few people that eat healthy foods.

24. Ditch long distance cardio. 

If you’re into running as a hobby and it makes you happy, keep doing it, obviously. BUT, if you’re doing it because you think it’ll help you lose weight fast, you need to get the facts straight.

Long distance cardio is a quick way to lose muscle over fat. If you don’t care for muscle, remember that the more muscle you have, the faster your metabolism will be, which means fat loss will continue at a steady pace.

25. Read health books.

Knowledge is power. I firmly believe a book of 200 pages can totally transform an individual’s life. I went vegan one year ago and the results have been life-changing. My skin has also cleared up, which was always a huge insecurity of mine.

Grab “How Not To Die” here.

I wanted to end this post by saying that losing weight alone isn’t going to make you happy. I learned this myself after many, many years of hitting my goal weight and still not being happy. 

You need to pull yourself out of the negative, dark, insecure mentality in your brain. We are so quick to judge and put ourselves down, not realizing the consequences we will suffer from doing so

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16 thoughts on “25 Tips For Weight Loss

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  2. Mike

    Nice tips! I especially like 1 and 3 and 13

1) Nutrition is absolutely the number one factor. Too often you hear of people doing crazy workout routines in an effort to loose a bit of weight.

    When in reality all they need to do is cut back on the food that they’re eating for the same results.

    3 + 13) Fitbits really help with understanding calorie consumption and energy expenditure. It’s super easy to be completely way off on both of them, and completely screw up your goals.

    I don’t think Fitbits are perfect, but they’re a great way of getting some sort of objective measurement into your weight loss attempts

    1. Alexis Post author

      Oh, I totally agree that Fitbit’s aren’t perfect! I love them for the fact that they are accurate when it comes to steps and the challenges that I’m in. I’ve noticed that my heart rate is accurate, too!

  3. Jaylene

    Great Post…Drinking water before meals may reduce appetite in middle-aged and older individuals. This decreases calorie intake, leading to weight loss.

  4. emily bennette

    This is some really good information about losing weight. I always seem to be hungry. So, I like that you talked about how you should drink more water because it will help you stay full.

  5. Cindy

    Hi Alexis, first of all, I must say you are an incredible writer. These tips are really helpful for me. A healthy life is a dream of everyone. These tips can change our life. Please keep sharing. Thanks!


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