Find out how you can live healthier, lose weight or gain muscle. Find out now how you can live a healthier lifestyle!

10 Small Changes You Can Make To Live Healthier

19th December 2016

When I started living a healthier lifestyle, I didn’t realize the trickle effect it would have on every aspect of my life.

Everyone can agree that we all need to be living healthy lives in order to feel our best every day. Living healthy means you’ll have enough energy to work, care for your children, enjoy physical activities, and much more.

Living a healthy lifestyle is exciting, beautiful, and can bring confidence and vitality to one’s life.

Do you feel as if you’ve tried every single thing possible to live a healthier lifestyle, yet you still feel restriction and end up binging on junk food?

Read further to learn how to create a life-long healthy lifestyle by creating small changes every so often.

Find out how you can live healthier, lose weight or gain muscle. Find out now how you can live a healthier lifestyle! Related: 

1. Swap candy for frozen fruit.

When I discovered frozen fruit, my life changed. Seriously! I love room temperature fruit, but frozen fruit goes on a whole other level of amazingness. Blueberries, mango, raspberries, and strawberries are my favorite. You can even make a bunch of different smoothie with frozen fruit, which is a major plus!

Go to your local grocery store’s frozen department and pick up a large bag of frozen fruit. They range from $3-$10 depending on the size you get.

I highly recommend checking out the 14-Day Lean Clean meal plan to set you up for success. The book is filled with tons of useful information (over 200 pages worth!). I am using this meal plan to hit my health and fitness goals.

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2. Always include a vegetable or fruit at every meal.

Vegetables and fruit provide a lot of essential vitamins and minerals that our bodies need daily. These foods fill us up, keep us satisfied, and keep our digestive system readily moving.

At my house, I cook a lot of stir fry’s (tofu + vegetables + rice + seasoning) and other Asian dishes that require a ton of vegetables.

For ice cream, I use 3 frozen bananas + 2 TBS peanut butter + 1 scoop of Garden of Life’s chocolate protein powder (the best protein powder ever).

5 ways weekly meal planning can help your diet tremendously. This is such a great list!

3. Incorporate interval training into your fitness routine.

Gone are the days where you have to spend an hour or two at the gym. High-intensity interval training allows you to get a quick 20-minute workout in, with you still getting the same calorie and fat burned, if not more. No equipment is needed, which is a bonus.


30 second sprint – 1 minute jog – 30 second sprint – 1 minute jog x10

4. Meditate.

Learn how to meditate for free with the app called “Headspace”. Meditating just 30 minutes a day can improve sleep, energy, mood, and improve your memory. Aim to do it at least once a day and you’ll soon see the changes mentally and physically.

If you want to take it even a step further, I recommend checking out “Yoga With Adrienne” on YouTube. She posts new yoga videos every week for free. Whether you are looking for yoga for weight loss or yoga for runners, she will have what you need. She even has a free 30-day yoga challenge!

Find out how you can live healthier, lose weight or gain muscle. Find out now how you can live a healthier lifestyle!

5. Sign up for $5 Meal Plan and get $5 meal plans/monthly sent to you.

The $5 Meal Plan cuts time and saves money on grocery shopping. The plan pays for itself easily due to you no longer having to go pick up fast food or take your kids out to a restaurant every night. You’ll start feeding you and your children healthier meals that everyone will enjoy.

Here are just a few of the perks of the $5 Meal Plan:

  • printable weekly meal plans and recipes delivered straight to your inbox
  • complete shopping list which means never forgetting ingredients or overshopping
  • budget friendly recipes allowing you to save money on food without sacrificing taste
  • free 2-week trial and gluten-free meal plans available

30 ways to cut your spending and save thousands. If you implement these tricks and tips, you'll definitely be on the road to saving thousands!

6. Don’t sit in front of the TV or scroll through your phone while eating.

Mindlessly eating is one of the reasons people eat too much. Getting caught up on television or Facebook can make someone lose track of time and even lose track of how much they are eating.

Next time you eat, take the time to notice the different scents, tastes and actually use your senses to enjoy the food. You’ll notice how much better the food tastes and become satisfied much quicker. I recommend eating in a quiet area at the dining table without any distractions.

7. Stick to healthy eating even on the weekends.

I suggest starting a new hobby on the weekends, so instead of looking forward to eating greasy, fattening foods that are probably not good for you, you’ll look forward to your new rock climbing or kickboxing hobby. Find a restaurant that cooks healthy, whole foods that will satisfy you and make you feel good afterward.

Ask yourself after you eat a healthy, nutritious meal vs. a greasy, fattening meal. Which meal keeps you energized and focused throughout the day?

Using Ibotta will help you save a ton of money on groceries and many other products at any major store. Get $10 in your account for signing up here.

8. Purchase a fruit infuser water bottle to drink more water.

Incorporating fruits into water creates an amazing taste in the water while also providing different vitamins and minerals. It’ll make you drink more water, too, which is what many of us need help doing.

Here is an affordable fruit infuser that comes with a free recipe ebook.

9. Limit the consumption of alcoholic drinks.

Drinking alcohol is drinking empty calories that are doing no good for your body or mind. You’ll end up making decisions that you wouldn’t otherwise make, which could include bingeing out on foods that don’t make you feel good, leading you to feel even crappier the next day.

10. Learn how to cook.

A crockpot is one of the easiest ways to cook at home to eliminate preparation time on food. Create a meal the night before and have dinner and leftovers prepared for days to come.

There are tons of free recipes available online to choose from. Here is a list of some of my favorite recipes.

Find out how you can live healthier, lose weight or gain muscle. Find out now how you can live a healthier lifestyle!

What do you do to live a healthier life?

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10 thoughts on “10 Small Changes You Can Make To Live Healthier

  1. Erin | A Welder's Wife

    I do a lot that you have mentioned on this list. One thing I have recently incorporated into my diet are supplements. I take a probiotic and Chlorophyll daily. I have noticed that my immune system works a lot better as the weather is changing due to the addition of these two supplements, and I feel great!

  2. Nicole Kroutil

    I’m hearing these meal plan delivery companies are becoming so popular and I can definitely see why! I also have started to meditate, I’ve been in the process of becoming healthier in all aspects of my life after being diagnosed with an illness. I have horrible days physically so I try my hardest to keep my mind healthy 🙂 thanks for sharing !

  3. Dana

    These are great tips and it’s so easy for someone to incorporate them into their life. I’ve started adding in veggies to every meal and I’ve felt great!


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