Responsible Pain Relief When Taking Acetaminophen

A nurse explains why it’s important to take only one medicine at a time containing acetaminophen as it’s found in hundreds of Rx and OTC medicines. It’s always important to follow the directions of a medicine closely that you are taking.

Different Options For Living Situations When In College

Different Options For Living Situations When In CollegeI am moving to Chicago over the summer so that I can go to college there starting in the fall. However, what I haven’t decided yet is where I will live. It’s so hard to decide, and there are positives and negatives for all of the different options that college students have.

As you all know, I’m in college now, and I live with my sister. However, when I move to Chicago I have a few different options.

Staying at home.

This isn’t an option for me, but it is for many others. You could continue living at home when you are in college and possibly save a lot of money. The only real downside I see is if you have a long drive from your parent’s home to your school. However, whether you are staying there for free or paying a low rent, it’s probably the cheapest way to live while you are in college.

Renting a room from someone.

I have looked into possibly renting a room from someone in the Chicago area. I have found a couple of different places, but I’m still not sure. It would be a stranger that I would be living with.

Also, since it is a stranger, so we wouldn’t really know if we were compatible until after I moved in, which may lead to it not working out and me having to find a new place at the minute.

Renting a whole place to yourself.

Renting a room from someone would be much cheaper usually than renting a whole place to yourself. All bills would be up to you if you lived by yourself, and instead of paying something like $500 to rent a bedroom, you might find yourself spending $1,500.

This is not something that I plan on doing. That is just too expensive for me!

Living at college.

Another option that I am thinking about is possibly living in a dorm or college apartment. A dorm may be out of the question, but a college apartment may be something that would work.

Usually these are quite expensive though, and I would have to share it with multiple other people. So, I am just not sure!

What did you do when you were in college?


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