10 Frugal Gifts For The Traveler Under $20

2nd December 2016

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Check out these 10 frugal gifts for a traveler. This list is full of gifts under $20. Perfect for Christmas, birthdays, and more. Are you excited for the holiday season? I am! I haven’t started any holiday shopping yet, but I already have laid out what I am getting for people. I’m shopping on a pretty tight budget this year, so I’ve decided to go with heartfelt and creative gifts.

Buying a gift for someone doesn’t need to be expensive or stress inducing. The holiday season should be exciting and full of joy!

Here are some articles that can help you this holiday season:

Below, I have included 10 gifts that are under $20. These are gifts that are necessary or convenient for traveling, as well as gifts that are just for fun!

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3 Tips For Creating A Gym At Home

2nd December 2016

3 Tips For Creating A Gym At Home

Paying for a gym membership can be expensive and unnecessary especially if you don’t use it.  All you really need to work out is space at home, a garden or a nearby park and working out won’t cost you a penny.

Think about how much money you are spending yearly on your gym membership, could you use half of this money to create a gym at home. This will save you both time and money. Continue reading

10 Gifts For The Finance Savvy

30th November 2016

Check out this list of gifts for the finance savvy or frugal person. This is such a great list that will inspire or motivate others to save money.Giving a financial tool as a gift is one of the best gifts that could be given during the holiday season. Learning how to save money, budget, and other important personal finance tools are key to living a stress-free life when it comes to money. Money is often a stressor for a majority of people, largely due to the fact that personal finance isn’t taught nearly as much as it should be in high schools.

Though this article is directed to the finance savvy, I also decided to include quirky gifts, gifts for someone who would like to be finance savvy or someone who is completely lost when it comes to the personal finance world.

All of the gifts I am providing are under $20 at the time that I am writing this post. I wanted to create a list that is both affordable and helpful for everyone.

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10 Ways To Save Money This Christmas

28th November 2016

We’re just a few days away from December, which means Christmas is just around the corner. Christmas shopping has already begun, but if you’re anything like me, you probably won’t start your Christmas shopping until the week of Christmas. Find out how you can save and make money this holiday season. This is such a helpful and inspiring list!

The holiday season is usually the highest spending time of the year, but cutting costs and saving money can be very easy as long as the right steps are taken. There’s no need to go into credit card debt, and the options I listed below will ensure that you save as much money as you possibly can.

Shopping for the holidays ahead of time is a smart idea, so if you can, you should. If you wait until last minute, you can still get great deals online and in store.


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10 Gifts For The Food Lover

23rd November 2016

Check out this list of gifts for any foodie. This is such a great list filled with creative gifts.Cooking an entire meal at home can seem like a lot of work, but with the right tools, cooking can actually be an exciting, rewarding experience. There’s nothing like seeing people truly enjoying your food. It seems as if a new kitchen gadget is being invented every day, which is quite awesome for al lof us newbies or even professional chefs that want to lighten the load of preparing, prepping, and cooking a meal.

All of the tools I included are going to slash your time of prepping by half, more or less. Clean up will be easier, and your patience won’t get too tested by the food taking so long to cook. (I’m not the most patient person in the world).

About a year ago, I started cooking my own meals almost every night. This was in large part due to transitioning into a vegan lifestyle and truly starting to care about which ingredients were going into my food. YouTube and other FaceBook chefs were regularly in my life, with me watching new videos of recipes every single day, even if I knew I would never be creating the food. There’s just something about watching food get prepared.

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