Types of Point of Sale Receipt Printer

Receipt printers are useful in getting information from the point of sale terminal out in a hard copy to the customer. These hard copies can then be used as proof of purchase. There are a number of companies, Shopify among them, that offer receipt printers in a number of different configurations. What you need as far as a receipt printer goes depends on what use you have in mind for it.  [Continue reading]

How I Quit Smoking A Pack A Day

How I Quit Smoking A Pack A DayOh, the stupid cigarette addiction I had in high school. I’m not really sure why I started smoking in the first place.

Was I stressed out? Did I feel pressured to smoke because the majority of my friends were smoking at the time?

I’m not really sure. I think I did it because I didn’t really care about the health factors that were drawn into it because I was so young. I felt invincible and that’s pretty normal for a high school adolescent.

So how did I quit smoking? Well, it’s probably not how most people do it.

I went completely cold turkey and stopped smoking altogether.

I know most people can’t do this and slowly ween off of it, but that was pretty impossible for me. I do believe I was an addict even though I was only a teenager. I was spending thousands of dollars a year on buying cigarettes and I wasn’t even old enough to buy them. I’d usually have someone else buy them for me and let them have the leftover change for doing me the favor.

I was even hesitant on quitting cigarettes because I always heard so much about people quitting and gaining a bunch of weight. I believe my case was a bit different though because cigarettes made me hungrier instead of feeling “full”.

When I quit smoking, I started focusing on other things.

I had money to do all kinds of things. I was becoming more focused on becoming healthier, and what kind of person smokes cigarettes and goes to the gym? It made absolutely no sense. I also hated reeking of cigarettes and my teeth were noticeably yellow. I was a teenager then and did care much about my outward appearance, and thinking about all of the negative effects smoking cigarettes had made me really take a step back and question what I was doing.

Social smoking.

A lot of my friends still smoke on a regular basis, or they happen to be a “social smoker”. Whenever I go out on the weekends, I’m surrounded by people who are smoking. It’s no longer a temptation anymore but more repulsive for me now. I honestly could never date a smoker because the stench gives me a headache and who wants to have a headache all the time? Haha. I’m not making that up either.

What do I think about e-cigarettes?

I think it’s leading a lot of people to think it’s the easy way out because it’s not as “bad”. When in reality, it doesn’t pose any benefits and is actually seen as bad as cigarettes. I haven’t done too much research into it, but from what I have read, it isn’t that different from cigarettes.

I do think it’s a waste of money and I dislike how people are continuing to smoke e-cigarettes without the intention of quitting because they think it’s healthy or better for you than cigarettes. Money is still being wasted.

Are you addicted to smoking cigarettes? If you’ve quit, how did you do it?


Image via Flickr by Lindsay Fox

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