Meal Prepping To Stay Healthy and Save Money

Meal Prepping To Stay Healthy and Save MoneyI have started meal prepping once again and it really aids in making me stay on track during the week and weekend as well. I’ve found that when I don’t meal prep, I fall off the bandwagon and eat foods that are easy to cook and usually pretty unhealthy.

I don’t put each meal into its own container, but instead I’ll put all of the same foods into one container. Example: Chicken into its own container, as with salmon into its own container. I like to mix and match my meals and sometimes I don’t want to eat all of the same meals each day. I used to do this and I realized I would get bored a lot easier.

When do I meal prep?

I prep all of my meals on Sunday usually, and I only cook enough for 2-3 days. I quickly realized that when I cooked meals for the entire week, they would get soggy and gross after a couple of days.

What do I meal prep?

I even like to cook foods ahead of time for quick snacks. I like to put salmon on crackers with cottage cheese and other kinds of cheese as well. I have trouble snacking on different unhealthy foods when there isn’t anything quick to eat.

Normally, I don’t cook my vegetables ahead of time because I believe it makes them soggy after a couple of days. I like my vegetables as fresh as possible as well. I always have balsamic dressing in my fridge to drizzle onto my vegetables/proteins and even my brown.

I have been using regular boxed/circular containers for my meal prepped foods, but I’ve recently seen a wide variety of containers that can be used for meal prepping. There are containers that have 3 cubbies for each meal (vegetable, protein, and grain.) There are also salad jars that have an added sauce container on top for your dressings. There’s a ton of different kinds of salad containers to choose from on Amazon/Ebay.

What about your liquid intake when meal prepping?

I like to have cut up fruits ready for my water bottles. I usually start out with cut up lemons every morning in hot water. Lemon is a great diuretic and has a long list of benefits.

I’m not much of a soda/juice drinker so I like to spice up my water intake and include a variety in my liquids. Sometimes I’ll put strawberries and cucumbers together and it taste amazing. They are now selling water bottles that have fruit infusers in the center.

I’ve yet to buy one because I think the are a bit expensive, but I might buy one soon if I find one cheap enough. For now, I simply dump my fruits and vegetable straight into my water bottle. Do you have a water bottle that has a fruit infuser in it? If so, where did you buy yours? What kinds of fruit do you like putting in your water?

How do you meal prep? What foods do you use for your meal prepping?


Image via Flickr by Kathleen Franklin

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