Fall Break In St. Louis + More

Hey guys! I was recently in St. Louis for Fall Break and had such an amazing time. I didn’t even think I would really enjoy myself because I had a trip to Denver scheduled beforehand but it fell through.

I decided to go somewhere still since I had so many days off and I’m really glad I chose St. Louis! I was able to see so many of my friends and I did something fun every night, including rock climbing which I talked thoroughly about here. If you’ve never been rock climbing before… Try it out asap! You honestly don’t even feel like you’re working out, but the next day your arms/back muscles will be on FIRE.

I arrived in St. Louis Wednesday night and my friends and I went out to a place called Electric Cowboy. I am NOT a fan of country music but I decided to go anyway to see my friends. Going to this place was like going to my high school reunion. I even saw some people who used to make fun of me for being fat! They kept commenting on how good I look now. HA-HA.

The next day I relaxed for the most part. At night I went out to the casino and watched the Cardinals game…and we lost. Wow. Do not be in the city of St. Louis when the Cardinals lose the season. It is not a pretty sight.

Other than that, I went out with my friend and he won a bunch of money at the casino. I’m happy I don’t know how to play anything or even enjoy slots because I do not like wasting money on activities like that.

This is where the story gets good.

I went out Friday night to hangout with some friends and go bar hopping. I arrive at a bar and I kid you not, I am here for 10 minutes and a guy comes up to me with his girlfriend and smears his hand all over my face and my lipstick goes everywhere. The girlfriend starts laughing and I am in utter shock just standing there like, did some stranger just come up to me and smear their hand all over my face? My red lipstick got all over my face and I am pretty surprised I didn’t punch him and his girlfriend in the face. If a boyfriend of mine EVER did that to someone I would dump them on the spot right then and there.

The girlfriend continued to give me dirty looks all night and I’m assuming she made him do it for some crazy reason. Right as I was about to leave, a huge fight broke out and the bar ended up closing. Remind me why I go out to bars still..? I’m blaming it on me just turning 21, but this is getting old pretty fast.

Milwaukee trip.

I’m preparing for my Milwaukee trip in a couple of weeks and I am beyond excited. I get to see my best friend Erin and we are celebrating her birthday in Milwaukee, where I’ve never been. We are going on brewery tours and I get to hangout with all of her friends and family that I’ve never met. She lives in Ohio so we rarely get to see each other, but when we do we have a blast. She was recently here in Chicago and we had so much fun eating pizza and going out for drinks.

Have you taken a fun trip in October? Go anywhere awesome?!

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