Shutterfly + Several Coupon Codes

29th July 2015

Shutterfly + Several Coupon CodesShutterfly is becoming more popular by the day due to it’s low prices and abundant options to choose from.

We are now able to customize photo albums to a T based on our taste, and it’s a lot less work than printing out photos, buying a photo album and doing it yourself. Shutterfly also offers many other options to customize, such as pillow cases, mugs, and basically any kind of home decor you can think of.

I recently bought a GOPRO at Best Buy (more like back in January), and was lucky enough to get a free Shutterfly book with my purchase. I had absolutely no idea what Shutterfly was until last week.

Most of you know I got back from my trip from Peru a month ago, so I decided to make a photo album of my trip. The photo album blew my expectations away, and I immediately showed everyone my album. I’m the farthest thing from creative, so receiving this book completely made by myself felt pretty rewarding!

Making my photo album was so incredibly easy, and a ton of fun as well. I was able to customize each page, bind, cover, and edit every little thing imaginable. Shutterfly is very affordable as well, and gives you an entire new way to remember the best moments of your life. Creating a customized photo album is also great for gifts for family, significant others, friends, and more.

What Shutterfly offers:

  • Photo books
  • Cards & stationery
  • Photo gifts
  • Home décor (pillows, stocking, mugs, etc).
  • Calendars
  • Prints & posters


How to use Shutterfly:

You can download the app on your phone or create a photo album online. Both ways are very easy, but if you download the app on your phone, it makes it a lot easier (since you probably have most of your photos are on your phone).


  1. Go to Shutterly
  2. Upload photos to Shutterfly
  3. Start editing!

It’s that simple. If you aren’t satisfied with your product, you’ll get a 100% refund.


Shutterfly coupon codes:

  • All customers enjoy 50 free 4×6 prints with Shutterly promo code 50FREE at checkout
  • New customers enjoy 100 free 4×6 prints with Shutterly coupon code 100FREE at checkout
  • All customers enjoy $20 off one qualifying merchandise order of $20 or more with Shutterly coupon code JOLLYJULY at checkout
  • Use Shutterly coupon code CARD4U to get a free card and try out any style you want.

Have you used Shutterfly before? What did you think? Hope you get good use out of the many Shutterfly coupons included in this Shutterfly review!



365 Days of Sobriety

27th July 2015

rp_5179031393_545460f86f_z-300x200.jpgI am refraining from drinking any kind of alcohol, until July 21st, 2016.

I am refraining from any kind of alcoholic drink for 365 days. There are numerous reasons why I want to do this, but more importantly, I need to do this. I wrote a post about taking a hiatus from drinking back in February, and lets be real, I failed miserably.

There wasn’t a set length down of how long I wanted to quit either. In return, I drank once more in April, and I basically made up for the absence of drinking for those past 2 months. I also went to Peru over the summer and drank quite often, and lost control of myself. The drinks were much stronger in Peru, and I was definitely much drunker than I should’ve been.

Most of you know I used to smoke a pack of cigarettes a day, so I believe if I quit smoking cigarettes cold turkey, drinking shouldn’t be too difficult. I had the chance to sit in a few Alcoholics Anonymous classes back at my old job, and it was an eye opening experience. I spoke with people that believed they never had a problem and never thought they would be at an AA meeting. Some were successful business executives, others were living in shelters with no where to turn.

Writing this is taking a blow to my confidence and pride, but I figured I should do it to remind me of why I am doing this.

So why would a 22 year old want to consider giving up alcohol for a year, or potentially their entire life? Many reasons.

1. I need to learn how to have fun socially, without booze in the picture.

2. I want to wake up every weekend feeling awesome, not like a pile of s***.

3. Most importantly, so I can learn how to face reality without needing alcohol to cover up my problems. (When in fact, it made my problems much worse).


Drinking History:

I started drinking at the age of 15 years old. From then forward, I was spending almost every weekend drinking.

I turned 18, and I was able to get into clubs. Drinking a fifth of hard liquor every weekend was becoming standard and ordinary for me. Speed forward to turning 21, my drinking went out of control. I didn’t know when to stop, and I wasn’t really sure why I would want to stop anyways.

Everyone around me was getting just as drunk, and I had it in my mind that getting out of control hammered was expected at this age. I made extremely dumb decisions when I drank, and my thought process was completely opposite of how I am sober. If I kept going forward with how I was drinking, I would’ve hurt a few people (emotionally), and to be honest, maybe even physically.

I made very poor decisions when I was drunk, and did a few things I definitely wouldn’t have done if I were sober.


How Drinking Makes Me Feel:

When I have a drink, I immediately feel amazing (obviously). Then comes the second, and I start to feel that easygoing, mellow, happy-go-lucky feeling. There’s not a worry in the world, and I become the happiest drunk. From there forward, I have the mentality that more drinks will equal more pleasure and happiness.

This feeling stays around for a while, but once the drinks stop, I crash and the happy/carefree feeling slowly dissipates. I wake up, and feel like complete s***.

The next day is completely done for, since I have no physical or mental energy for absolutely anything. Depression kicks in, the laziness is on full force, and I start to become the most negative, pessimistic person in the world.


When I Started Figuring Out I Had A Problem:

I had a moment of realization less than a year ago. I woke up one day from a heavy night of drinking, and felt absolutely horrendous. I’m not talking physically, but mentally. I never felt more depressed in my entire life. My life felt out of control and out of my hands.

I was turning to alcohol to relieve me of my problems, but it only made it worse in the long run. There have been times when I had 3 drinks, but knew 1 was more than enough. I knew I had a problem when committing to 365 days of no alcohol sounded absolutely absurd. Thoughts were rummaging around in my head, such as, “…but I am going to Europe in less than a year, and I’m going to a couple weddings in the next coming year.” When I think of celebration or travel, I immediately pair it with getting hammered.

You might ask, “Why not just drink 1-2 drinks, and stop there?” Frankly, that’s not doable for me. Once I have 1 drink, I want more and refraining from having another drink is so much more challenging than if I were to have not drank at all from the beginning.


Facts on alcohol consumption:

  • Alcohol consumption in college students’ link to about 1,400 deaths and 500,000 injuries every year and is steadily increasing every single year
  • Drinking significantly increases the chances of falls, burns, drownings, and more related accidents.
  • 1/3 of drownings are linked to alcohol consumption
  • Almost 10% of ER visits are related to alcohol
  • Women who drink regularly are at significantly greater risk for liver damage
  • Chances of cirrhosis is much higher with heavy alcohol consumption
  • Alcohol actually makes depression worse for both sexes
  • Chronic alcohol consumption can affect the frontal lobes of the brain and cause an overall reduction in brain size
  • Healthcare costs from alcohol were nearly twice as those of drug abuse related costs
  • Once alcoholism is developed, it is difficult to overcome it


Benefits of quitting alcohol:

  • Alcohol is empty calories, and drinking alcohol makes it much harder to stick to your goals and refrain from greasy/salty foods
  • Alcohol contributes to over 60 diseases. Many people don’t realize the lasting effects it has on the body until they are diagnosed with the disease
  • Chance of dementia is significantly lower when alcohol consumption is decreased
  • Improved liver function, blood sugar balance, and stronger immune system as well
  • Improved quality of sleep, clearer skin, senses, and mood.

Do you have any advice or tips for someone who wants to refrain from drinking? I also like reading other stories of people who have quit, so if you can share an article, post below!

5 Excuses That Stop People From Living A Healthy Lifestyle

22nd July 2015

5 Excuses That Stop People From Living A Healthy LifestyleAccording to the CDC, in the year 2011, 35% of adults over the age of 20 were clinically obese. If we were to add being overweight into the equation as well, that would increase the number to a staggering 69%.

So, how are our children in America doing? Well, 17% of children are currently obese. Understand that I only said obese, and didn’t factor in the percentage for how many children were overweight. This number will only increase in percentage from here, but only if we start to take action immediately. By 2030, it’s predicted that over 42% of America will be clinically OBESE.

I was inspired to write this post because as a fitness coach and someone who blogs about health on the regular, I’m constantly getting messages from people who want help. They want to take charge of their life and get healthy, but when it comes down to getting started and changing, people back away and figure out a long list of excuses to keep them from getting started. Here are the excuses I hear the most, that quite frankly… I’m sick of hearing.

Share this post with friends, family, and whoever else you think might benefit from this post. We need to end the obesity epidemic and we can only do that by being a team and supporting one another.

#1 “I can’t afford to eat healthy food.”

I know there are people in the world that truly can’t afford to eat healthy, and eat whatever food comes by them. I also know that there are people that say they can’t afford to eat healthy, but then eat out 3-5x a week at fine dining restaurants.

When I used to eat unhealthy, I tracked my food spending for one month. The amount I spent not only was shocking, but tore me up inside. The amount of money I was spending on food, drinks, and tips was completely mindblowing. People don’t realize how quickly it adds up. I have an exercise (not physical) for you this month.

Keep track of your dining out receipts for a month. It’s going to hurt you in the end, but we all need this reality check/wake up call. You’re going to realize you actually do have money for healthy food (which actually isn’t that expensive, if you shop right.)

#2: “My family and friends don’t eat healthy, so it’s difficult for me to eat healthy.”

I deal with this myself (although it’s gotten plenty better) on a regular basis. We live in a country where fast food restaurants are prevalent and right outside our front doors now. I hear that people find it hard to eat healthy when their significant other doesn’t eat healthy, or is constantly eating junk food. I can almost guarentee that once people start seeing you eat healthier, they will hop on the band wagon as well. These people will start seeing how the healthier food is making you feel and how you look on the outside as well.

It will be hard at first, but it is definitely doable.

Prove to yourself that you are in charge and able to tackle whatever you are faced. If your family is constantly eating fast food, have healthy meals ready and prepared so you aren’t tempted. Start leaving a little extra leftover for your friends or family, and I’m sure they will like it as well. (As long as you made something yummy, not just a simple piece of tofu! That WON’T convert someone to the healthier side.)

Also, find friends that are into exercise and eating healthy. Make friends online at, gyms, or other places near you. It’s so much easier when you are surrounded by people who are on the same path as you.

#3: I don’t have time to cook or exercise.

Another exercise: Take a look at how much you are watching TV, on Facebook, or other social media sites every day. Most people spend over 2 hours a day doing things that are not benefiting their life at all. I only workout 30 minutes a day and then I’m completely done with my workout for the day.

That doesn’t mean that I sit on my butt for the rest of the day. I found hobbies that I enjoy doing, such as climbing and hiking. Life is about being happy and spending time doing things you love.

So, if you don’t have time to invest in your health for the long run, then you need to prioritize your days better. If you have kids, you’re in luck! Most gyms have a daycare service, and there are also mommmy clubs where the kids play, and the moms workout.

#4: “My friends and family don’t support that I want to live a healthier lifestyle”

I’m about to say the brutally honest truth about this excuse-if your family or friends are saying this, they are jealous and upset about not being able to or wanting to change their lifestyle themselves.

I get so terribly sad when I hear this from people. Don’t let those people bring you down! I had many people against me for awhile, but remember, misery loves company. You are in charge of our life and doing this for you, no one else.

#5: “I don’t like working out or eating healthy food.”

Working out doesn’t have to be lifting weights or running forever on a treadmill. Working out can be hiking, rock climbing, kickboxing, yoga, and many other activities.

The way exercise makes you feel after is going to make it pretty hard to NOT like exercise. At first it might seem very difficult, and it might even seem like you can’t keep the routine going for longer than a week. This is where discipline and determination comes in. Every person has this within them, it only takes a little power to bring it out and keep it going.

If you don’t like healthy food, it’s simply because you aren’t cooking your meals right! We are living in a day and age where healthy recipes are online everywhere.

5 Reasons Why What You Eat Matters

20th July 2015

5 Reasons Why What You Eat MattersDid you know that the food you eat gives direct result to how you feel every single day of your life?

Food can affect not only what you look like on the inside and outside, but it can also affect your academic performance, mood, sex drive, and tons more.

If you are used to eating unhealthy and have no motivation to change the way you eat, please read further.

I’m going to list the reasons why it is crucial for you to start eating healthier. I don’t care if you are 20, 30, 40, 50, or 60. It is NEVER too late to start eating healthy. Drop the excuses that have been controlling your life, and take charge of your future now.

Read all five reasons and I assure you that you will care about eating healthier and switching up your lifestyle.

#1: Eating poorly at a young age will impact your long-term health.

Get ready to pay for high medical bills in your future. Eating whole, nutritious foods such as fruits and vegetables can decrease your chance of different health problems such as cancer, heart attack, kidney stones, stroke, and many more.

People with healthy diets are known to live longer, which means more time with their kids, spouses, and friends.

#2: Eating poorly can impact your energy levels.

Eating poorly can severely decrease your energy levels, which means you don’t have energy for all of the activities your body is able to do.

Whole and nutritious foods are packed with the vitamins and minerals you need to support your body. These foods are essential for your health because it helps fight off diseases and bacteria.

#3: Eating poorly can impact how you feel and act.

Eating nutritious whole foods will decrease your chances of having anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, and more. We have even seen recently in the news that children with autism are being treated with whole foods, and they are seen having improvements in their daily lives.

It doesn’t take a scientific research to realize that the food we eat is linked to how we feel. Have you ever noticed after eating a hamburger and fries, you all of a sudden feel like your energy has disappeared? Now, think about how you feel after eating a couple eggs, vegetables, with some whole grain toast and peanut butter. You feel energized and ready to take on the day ahead of you.

#4: Eating poorly can impact your sleep.

What you eat can affect how much you sleep, and the quality of your sleep. If you are eating meals that are filled with bad fat and tons of sugar, it can take a toll on your body’s digestive system. What does this exactly mean? It means you will have trouble falling asleep, and your quality of sleep will be affected due to your digestive system working so hard.

#5: Eating poorly can impact how you look.

Last but not least, eating healthy or unhealthy directly links to what your body looks like (most of the time, at least). There are obviously different circumstances, such as people who have certain diseases that make them heavier no matter what, or making them very light. If you are wanting to be able to run longer, keep up with your kids, complete some kind of physical activity, take a look at what you are eating. Diet is so essential and important to achieving weightloss/muscle gaining goals.

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to fuel your body with what it NEEDS to survive and work properly. The food you eat is FUEL for your body to function. We are living in a world where we feed are bodies even when we aren’t hungry. If you are determined and ready to change the way you eat and live, comment below or email me at – I will help you get started on eating healthy and getting physical activity in your every day life. You will begin to love healthy food and even crave it!

Why do you eat healthy? Why do you think eating healthy matters?


South America Packing List- Dos and Don’ts + Essentials To Buy

15th July 2015

South America Packing List- Dos and Donts + Essentials To BuyAs most of you all know, I recently got back from my two month long trip in Peru a couple weeks ago. There were a few items I regret bringing, and a few items that I really wished I would’ve brought.

The amount of research I did for what I should pack was abundant, and I still wasn’t ready for my trip. The reality is, no matter how ready and prepared you are for a trip, it still won’t be enough.

You’re bound to forget different items even if you made a checklist months before.

Items I should have brought:

1. Probiotics.

There were so many times this would’ve came in handy. My digestive system was severely backed up by the foreign foods I was not used to eating. Never had I ate so many potatoes in my life.

Combining the last 2 months worth of potatoes eaten would still not add up to how many potatoes I’ve ate in the past 22 years of my life. Since I was in Cusco, potatoes were of high quantity because of the elevation, which meant it was ate at least twice a day in our homestay and restaurants. I ended up buying probiotics at the local pharmacy to get my digestive system back to normal, but they were a bit expensive and only came in small packs.

2. Hiking boots.

I did a TON of hiking in Peru, as you would do with any country in Latin America. I made the mistake of not buying hiking boots before I left and instead started out in South America with my inexpensive Walmart tennis shoes. They did NOT last long and the grip at the bottom of the shoe was making me slip often due to Cusco’s sidewalks being made of slick stone.

Luckily enough, I bought hiking boots at a cheap market by my house for $10US. 15th of the cost if I were to have bought them here in the United States. The quality might not be amazing, but it did get me by and they are actually in great shape still.

Items I should NOT have brought:

1. Three dresses that I never wore.

I made the mistake of thinking I would be able to wear or for the fact be COMFORTABLE in wearing in Peru. Peru was going through winter, and I also knew it was a hardcore Catholic country, but for some reason it still didn’t stop me from bringing them. I heard Peru’s nightlife was huge and I assumed I would need dresses (oh boy was I wrong). In a country like this, you already get enough attention as it is. I remember wearing a summer dress out one day, and never have I felt more uncomfortable. So. Many. People. Staring.

2. Books.

I brought 3 books, that took up way too much room. My homestay ended up having a mini library, and even so I still did not have a ton of time to read. Books were pretty expensive in Cusco, so I never bought one, but would often borrow from others when I felt like getting a quick read in.

3. I brought too many electronics.

I had 2 phones (1 backup), an iPad, cameras, and my laptop. I believe I would’ve been fine with simply my iPad and 1 phone.

4. Don’t buy an international phone plan.

I did and am in FULL regret because I seriously used my plan a handful of times. I wasted about $90 on this plan and basically…regret regret regret. There are wifi spots everywhere in Cusco (and depending where you are) you will most likely have wifi areas that are free to use. Instead of using texting, download apps such as Whatsapp and do what I did, and use your Facebook messaging app.

If you’re leaving for a longer duration of a trip, whether it be 2 months like I did, or a year, you’ll want to be prepared as possible as items can be more expensive at your arrival destination. If you’re lucky, you’ll find items for A LOT cheaper at the new country or city you’ll be residing it for a few months. Make sure to pack the least amount of items as possible, as you will need much room for all the souvenirs you will buy.

What would you recommend packing for a trip to South America? Do you agree with the list I posted above?


5 Items To Buy A Wanderluster

13th July 2015

5 Items To Buy A WanderlusterWanderlust: a great desire to travel and rove about.

I would define myself as a wanderluster since I have this unstoppable urge to travel nonstop. I want to travel everywhere and anywhere that will bring me to a new experience.

Experiencing different cultures and societies is what drives me, and learning how different populations function is thrilling to me. I was inspired to write this post because I was jotting down all of the items I want or have that I believe would be beneficial for any ol’ traveler, old or new.

1. Gopro or Gopro accessories.

A Gopro is a given no matter where you are traveling around the world. This camera enables you to capture the very essence of the country you are traveling in and will leave your friends in awe of your adventures. I went the frugal route and bought the cheapest Gopro available, which was only $129.99 US. With it, I bought a tripod, stick to capture better photos and photos with different angles to it.

The Gopro is also waterproof (which is major for those underwater photos in Costa Rica with the turtles). You can also get the Gopro headband that attaches around your head for those awesome photos of you riding down the Andes Mountains or hiking to Machu Picchu on the Inca Trail. A definite must for any traveler.

2. A large map of the entire world.

Any wanderluster would love this because not only is it a map, but it is also evidence of all of the places you’ve been to. What you can do is stick pins on all of the different countries you’ve been to and possibly even color code the pins.

You could make the blue pins placed you’ve already been to, and the red pins places you’ve never been to before. This is a great way to look back on where you’ve been and where you are motivated and inspired to go to as well.

3. Jewelry.

Buy your wanderluster this cute, simple necklace as a symbol of their travels in the past and where they will end up in the future.

4. A travel journal.

If you’re buying a gift for a new wanderluster, then they most likely don’t have a travel journal yet. If you’re buying a gift for an experienced traveler, they most likely have a travel journal already from a country they’ve visited too. Keeping track of travels is vital to remember every thing you’ve done, as things can become quite foggy as you look back on your trip.

5. A globe.

This globe could be short or small. Globes are classic and a great representation of where you want to go and to also look back at huge places you’ve been before.

I think globes are awesome because (if you’re like me) you can be spontaneous, close tour eyes spin the globe and place your finger on a random spot! Research the area and find places to visit in the country. This way of finding places to travel can lead you to a place you thought you’d never venture to before.

Traveling is a great way to learn about yourself, and can even lead to a greater sense of confidence and stability within yourself. So what are you waiting for?

What would you want as a fellow wanderluster? Do you have any of the items in this post?


Buying A Home

11th July 2015

A home is usually one of the largest purchases that a person makes in their life. It’s also one of the most exciting purchases that a person makes in their life.

However, with that being said, there are many things that go into buying a home. Being as prepared as you can is extremely important as no one wants to make a mistake or waste money.

Watch the video below to learn more about buying a home.

Why and How You Should Stop Comparing Yourself To Others

8th July 2015

Why and How You Should Stop Comparing Yourself To OthersAs I’m writing this post, I’m reflecting on a lot of past thoughts and experiences with comparing myself to others. In reality, I do this often and I get zero benefit from it.



This past week has actually been the worst for me when it comes to comparing myself to others. When I feel lost or negative about a certain thing, I end up doing a ton of research and online work to get to the root of my problems and also how I can fix my issues.

Writing this post is not only for all of you to benefit from, but for me to look back at it and remind myself how to feel better.

Why you should stop comparing yourself to others:

  1. You are seeing peoples best version of themselves online or in person. Is there someone on Facebook that seems to have every little thing together? It’s simply because they don’t share the negative parts of their life, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. For me, I don’t like showing even an ounce of negativity on my Facebook. Being positive and optimistic about my life is something I hold dear to me because I lived SO long in a negative state of mind. In the end, realize what you are seeing online is not everyone’s real story. Many people are going through ups and downs, and not everything is showcased in real life as well.
  2. I believe each person who has set foot on this earth has something beautiful to offer. Instead of wishing you were better at a certain thing than that person, realize that they have great qualities. Better yet, instead of being jealous and comparing yourself, ask them to make you better at that certain quality.
  3. Someone might be better at playing guitar or drawing than you, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have amazing qualities to share as well. When we start comparing ourselves to others, we start thinking about all of the horrible things about ourselves. (Or at least what we think is horrible.)

How you can stop comparing yourself to others:

1. Live by Dr. Seuss and the many wonderful quotes.

“Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive Youer than You.” I could be getting this totally wrong, but in my mind I’m hearing this as appreciating who I am as an individual. I’m different than any other human being in the world, and have unique traits to offer.

2. Don’t compete with others.

Be the best version of you and if you have to compete with anyone, compete with yourself. What exactly are you comparing yourself to others? Work on getting better at that specific thing and realize people do things and look differently.

For example: Do you remember having a conversation with your friend about their naturally curly hair, wishing you had those luscious curls in the morning, rather than your stick thin hair? Vice versa. You might not be too fond of something physically, but someone else wishes they had it. Truth is, everyone has beauty to them and our physical qualities are all different.

3. Be realistic.

If you compare yourself to others physically, that can turn quite dangerous. If your phone is loaded with photos of women with perfect bodies (that you got online that are most likely photoshopped) this can get pretty dark and shady for you. You’ll continually try to achieve goals that are possibly out of reach and that will only lessen your confidence and make you compare yourself to others even more.

4. Spend time on a new hobby.

Start a new hobby and work weekly on it to get as good as you possibly can at it. Not only will working on the hobby get your mind off certain matters, you’ll also gain confidence from reaching new goals. Try something you thought is daring and adventurous. Get outside of your comfort zone. This is when change happens.

So why we do compare ourselves to others? I believe it’s because we aren’t currently happy with our current selves. We have insecurities and instead of thinking about everything we succeed at, we dwell on the traits that we aren’t satisfied with. Work on yourself daily, gain confidence, and continually try new things. Surprise yourself and realize that stopping these negative thoughts is a process, but is definite worth the time to decrease, or potentially end it altogether.

Remember: “Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive You-er than You.”


The Stupid Things I’ve Done To Lose Weight

6th July 2015

puzzle-432569_640Today, I am going to lay out all of the craziest things I’ve done to lose weight. I’m also going to talk about the several different diets I’ve tried to lose weight.

None of them worked and they ALL made it harder to keep the weight off or even maintain. Which is why I wouldn’t advise anything I’m about to mention to anyone.

Losing weight the quick way might sound like the easy way out, but it’s actually the hardest.

You aren’t learning how to maintain a healthy lifestyle which will make every single day a damn struggle.

First off as I mentioned in an earlier post last week, I used to search what wrestlers would do to lose weight quick. We all know they have to cut weight quick and I knew someone who would give me some tips as well. Let me also mention that I did what I’m about to say when I was at my heaviest, about 180 pounds. So here I go.

1. I would spit out every single drop of saliva I had.

Yep, you heard me. Pretty disgusting right? Well I lost weight quick. I lost a bunch of water weight and I was so ecstatic with all the weight that was coming off, but it didn’t last for long. I also gained it back. Let me tell you, it was not at all glamorous spitting all the time.

I would spit out of my car window, my friends car windows, and I even had a bag with me when I was at home to spit in. If it makes me sound any better, it was a lot less nasty than the wrestlers at school who would spit in water bottles. Blek.

2. Of course, I tried not eating altogether.

Wow. What a horrible idea this was. It screwed of my metabolism a bet and just messed up my whole way of thinking.

I would not eat as long as I could, and then binge like crazy at night. What a great way to lose weight right? I hated myself at night and told myself that I would try harder the next day. It was such a vicious cycle, let me tell you.

3. I used to be a smoker, so you probably know where I’m going with this.

Any time I was hungry, I would smoke a cigarette. Now I’m completely repulsed by the smell of cigarettes. I used to smoke almost a pack a day, which is so insane to think about today.

I can admit that I never went to bulimia to lose weight. I can’t even throw up when I am at my sickest. I’m actually I’m this way because I think I would’ve made myself throw up back in the day. I was sick in the head and wanted to find any way out of my fat body. I hated myself and what I looked like and I was envious of all the skinny people around me. I know bulimia is an extremely touchy subject and I do take it seriously. I wish I could help all of the people out there who had eating disorders.

Overall, I wanted to write this post to show all of you that I once tried to lose weight the unhealthy ways. I tried to do short term diets that weren’t going to change my life at all. I was trying to take the easy way out and it took years for me to figure out that it is a lifestyle change. It’s so much easier to manage when you’re having fun with the different lifestyle and not making it a chore.

Have you ever done anything crazy to lose weight? Have you tried different diets like Atkins/Weightwatchers?


Using Square Cash With Friends

6th July 2015

Using Square Cash With FriendsHave you ever owed a friend money but didn’t have cash on you to do so?

Maybe a friend owes you money but the two of you can never seem to connect to make the exchange.

Maybe someone has some money to pay but the other doesn’t have change, and then it just turns into one big jumbled mess because money keeps flip flopping back and forth.

Situations like these happen all the time. Since no one ways to damage a friendship by not paying the money that is due from them, using an app such as Square Cash can come in handy.

Square cash makes it easy to send and receive money from family and friends. You can do it in an instant, plus it is free! Below are some questions that you may have about Square Cash.

Is there a fee to use Square Cash?

If you are just a personal user and exchanging money between friends and/or acquaintances, there is no fee to use Square Cash. This means that you can pay your friends or they can pay you easily, and all for free.

This can make it very easy to settle a bill, to pay for something that you and your friends are splitting (maybe a fun friends vacation?!), and so on. It also makes it easy to pay with Square Cash because you can send your friend the exact amount of money that you owe instead of having to ask for change at the bank (you won’t even need to go to the bank!). It really does not get any easier than using Square Cash.

If you do end up making business transactions through Square Cash, the fee is just 1.5%, so that is extremely cheap as well, especially when compared to other online payment methods that are currently out there.

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How does someone send money to a Square Cash user?

Anyone can send money to a Square Cash user.

All you have to do is find their $Cashtag (which the person will give you) and then you can easily send them money through the Square Cash phone app or online through an easy web URL that the Square Cash user can give you.

Does the money sit in some sort of online account?

Nope! Once you or your friend sends money to a Square Cash user, the money then gets sent directly to their bank account.

Are you interested in using Square Cash? How do you settle money between you and your friends?