Ideas for 2015-2016 + Me Being Indecisive

the-question-mark-350170_640The year of 2015 is going to definitely be a life-changing year for me. I’ll be a junior in college and I also will be closer to one day getting my masters in ABA. Or possible becoming a Special Education to be a teacher, but we will see. At least I’m sticking to what I want to do for the rest of my life, that’s never changed! Haha.

Well, as it’s only January, I have a lot of things on my mind. I’ve already made it clear how much of an indecisive person I am, but this will only make it more clear for all of you! Haha. Sadly, (or not so sadly) I have the mind frame of if you are unhappy, change what is making you unhappy.

Well, there’s been a lot on my mind since I’ve moved to the Chicago burbs… Am I happy? Yes, in different ways than I thought I would be. I am happy that I am staying focused on school and my career. Are there other parts of my life that I am unhappy about?

A little bit, yes.

After school is over in April, I have a lot of decision-making to do. I’ll be in Peru for a few months in the summer and I’m hoping that will help me decide what I want to do once I come back.

Which is leading me to…

Do I want to stay in the Chicago suburbs? Honestly, not so much. Maybe if I had more friends and a close-knit group around me. I’m not really sure what is giving me this unsatisfied feeling. I do not regret moving to the Chicago suburbs because it helped me grow as a person. I definitely do not want to go back to St. Louis, (but who knows I might change my mind on that too?) Haha. So what are my options and what I REALLY want to do?

1st option:

After living in Peru, I can come back to the Chicago suburbs and finish school for another 2 years.

2nd option:

I can actually move IN the city of Chicago and transfer schools. I think I would be much happier actually living in the city, as opposed to living in the suburbs. Didn’t realize how far I was from the city, after all.. Haha.

3rd option:

This is kind of a big one, but I’m pretty excited about this one. My sister and her husband are moving to Colorado in about two months and they offered to have me come with. I miss living with them terribly and I actually cried in my car on the way to Chicago after leaving them. It was a lot more upsetting than I thought it would be. Living with them gave me a sense of living in a close-knit family home.

I’ve made plans to go to Colorado for my spring break instead of going to Canada. I will testing the waters and seeing if I like it there. I’ll also be helping my sister and brother-in-law move most likely. I also plan on visiting Colorado Mesa University, so we will see.

Yep, I’m extremely indecisive, but that’s what your 20’s are about, right? I’m finding out what I like/don’t like, what makes me happy/unhappy, and although my journey is a bit rocky at times, I’m enjoying every second. I am basically choosing between Chicago city living and Colorado country livin’.

What are your plans for the upcoming year? Anything exciting or life-changing in mind?


Spring Classes and My Favorite Courses

Spring Classes and My Favorite CoursesThis semester has been really exciting because I am starting to dive into courses that are really of my interest.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I’m not a fan of taking the regular required courses that universities make you take.

I know the majority of us rather dive right into our degree and learn more on what we will actually be doing for the rest of our lives. I don’t totally hate general education classes, I just simply prefer not to take them.

I am currently taking four classes this semester, which is the maximum at my school unless you want to speak to the head of admissions and take on a 5th class. I am going to try to do this next semester, so we will see! I’m going to lay out the classes from my favorite to least favorite, so here we go!

ABA- Introduction to Applied Behavior Analysis.

I am feeling super enthusiastic about this course because this is what I will most likely be doing for the rest of my life! ABA is used in various settings, pretty much anything you can think of! It’s been proven to be a good technique to use with not only the special needs community, but with animals, raising children, etc.

If you’ve never heard of Applied Behavior Analysis, I would definitely suggest to look it up now! This course is only 2 months long but I am in class for 5 hours once a week. It was pretty brutal the first week, I’m not going to lie. My professor is amazing though and really gets the class motivated to learn!

SCW- Effects of Trauma On Children.

I really enjoy this class for various reasons. Our professor really dives in and gets into the gritty parts of social work. This might sound bad, but she really brings out the traumatic events that have happened in all of our lives. We get to talk about an event in our live that has really effected us and continues to affect us. We also learn about traumatic things that happen to children and what we as social workers can do about it.

Science and Society.

This was a required course by my school and although I wasn’t excited about it at first, I’m feeling quite enthusiastic about it now. We are learning about how science and society connect and it’s definitely more than I thought it was! We are currently learning about GMOS/processed foods and how it is damaging our society. I also got to break open a hairdryer for class our first day!

SCW- Survey of Contemporary Social Work.

This class is alright so far, but I’m not as excited as I thought I was going to be. We are learning so far about the history of social work and how it’s changed our society, which is very interesting to learn about, but it’s been pretty much 100% lecture and not much participation involved. I love getting involved in class and conversing with others about the topic, so this is a bit different!

Are you taking any courses this semester? What are some of your favorite/least favorite courses?


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