Bridal Shower Tips

Bridal Shower TipsIt’s Spring time and wedding season is now upon us. If you have a best friend getting married soon, she might have asked you to by the maid of honor or a bridesmaid.

My sister just had her bridal shower recently and at first it was a little bit stressful planning and getting it together, but it came out amazing!

Tip #1. Sending invites/Finding out who the bride wants to be at the shower. This is crucial of course and you want to invite everyone ahead of time.

Tip #2. Find out who is bringing what. Bridal showers call for many different items like food, drinks, serving dishes, favors, and decor. Placing all of the stress onto one person might be a little much. It is always nice to help out the person throwing the shower and chipping in where you can.

Tip #3. Come up with a theme. Since you know the bride so well, figure out what kind of theme they would like. If they are into Paris, you can make it Paris themed. (Like in the movie Bridesmaids. Of course you might not have enough money to rent a chocolate fountain and give out puppies as favors.)

Tip #4. Bridal games. This topic is a little bit iffy for me because I know a lot of people don’t like playing bridal games anymore. Either the bride doesn’t want all of the attention on her, or the games are too cheesy. If you have a close enough and fun group, I doubt you will need games.

Tip #5. Make sure there will be enough food. Also, finding out the brides favorite food is a great idea as well. If you don’t already know their favorite food, you might not be that good of a maid of honor! Haha just kidding.

Tip #6. Set the day of the bridal shower on a day that is doable for everyone.

Tip #7. Bridal favors. I always thought it was nice when there would be bridal favors at the shower, however little they were. It’s the thought that counts and shows everyone that you are thankful for them coming and helping assist the bridal shower.

Tip #8. Take lots of pictures! You can never have too many pictures, especially on a special occasion like this. Taking group pictures and pictures with just the bride in front of her gifts is a great memory down the road as well.

Tip #9. You can never have too many desserts, can you? I made the mistake of buying WAY too many desserts for my sisters bridal shower. I should have known no one would want to eat cupcakes and churros when we are all getting ready to go to Vegas in 2 weeks! Haha.

Tip #10. Have fun. You put so much work into the bridal shower, it’s time to relax and kick back. Enjoy your time with everyone and you will realize all the hard work and effort was worth it when you see how happy the bride is. It’s her special day before her big day!

Have you helped put a bridal shower together before?

Do you have any tips in case I help put one together in the future?


Why I Am Against Diets Part 2

Why I Am Against Diets Part 2So, a few days ago I posted about why I am against diets. The book I am currently reading called Intuitive Eating has given me so much insight on nutrition, exercise and health that I frankly can’t stop talking about it.

I really want to spread the message and get people to realize that life isn’t about quick diets, or even diets that you are losing weight slowly off of. I am proud to say I will never go on a diet again because of this book. It made me realize how you don’t really learn much at all from a diet, besides how to deprive yourself of food.

Instead of being on a diet, why not make it a life long event? Doesn’t everyone want to be able to maintain the weight instead of shedding some off here and there and then putting it back on?

Life isn’t about the constant struggle of dieting and feeling crappy about yourself. It is time to find a median and learn to be happy wherever you are in your body or life.

When you are on a diet and obviously depriving yourself of some of the foods you would call unhealthier, you are telling your mind no and that’s never good. When you tell yourself you can never have that dessert or unhealthier food, your mind begins to want it even more.

Instead tell your mind you can have it, but you don’t want it because you know how unhealthier foods make you feel. I know when I am eating donuts and cupcakes (which I can rarely eat) I become a bit sick. Eating too much unhealthy food makes me feel sluggish and tired. I become a person who has absolutely no energy and I don’t feel like doing anything or much less working out.

So every time you see a food you want, but “shouldn’t eat” just tell yourself you can have it but ask yourself how you will feel after it. It’s simple as that. Stop depriving yourself of foods that you deep down want. A little bit of something has never hurt anyone. Weight is much easier to attain when you are focusing on life long changes instead of quick, fast fixes. Learn to love life and food without it being a difficult journey. Food is going to be with you for the rest of your life, you have to learn to make it attainable and fun to live with.

My only words of advice left is to pick up this book I have been constantly talking about. I feel like I’m a salesperson for this book but I’m honestly not! It has simply helped me in so many ways, more than a book ever has. I want you to receive the help too. I’m so incredibly happy that someone pointed this book out to me because I was continuing to have an unhealthy relationship with food and constantly depriving myself. I was always thinking about food, but not anymore because I know I can have something if I want it without depriving myself.

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