Stomach Bug Is At It Again – How To Feel Better

Stomach Bug Is At It Again - How To Feel BetterThe stomach bug is swarming around and at it again. I luckily haven’t gotten it yet but everyone around me has been getting it.

My friend visited me this weekend and ended up driving home with the stomach bug. Nothing more horrible than having a 6 hour drive home and throwing up at the same time.

I’ve had the stomach bug about 2 different times this year and each time seemed to be worse than the last. Absolutely nothing good comes from having the stomach bug. I know a lot of people get happy about it because they lose some weight, but it all comes back again anyway!

Here are some of my tips from having the stomach bug and how I overcame it.

Get used to it.

First off, you’re going to puke all freakin’ day so get used to it now. I always go in it with the mentality that I need to throw up everything I have as soon as I can to get it over with.

Frankly, you’re going to feel sick all day no matter what, even if there is nothing to throw up. So get comfortable now and bring some blankets and pillows into the bathroom.

Be careful before you take any medication.

Secondly, don’t take Tyenol or Ibuprofen immediately. I recently read that there is something in these types of medications that actually react with the acid inside of your stomach while you have a stomach bug and it actually makes it worse.

Makes sense why all those times I took medication, none of it ever worked. It seemed to simply deteriorate in my body as soon as I swallowed it.

How do you start feeling better?

When you’re finally done throwing up for a few hours and seem to be getting better, start drinking more water and something that has electrolytes in it. I make sure to have someone grab me some Gatorade from the gas station. I also LOVE drinking 7up or Sprite. The carbonation really helps my stomach and this helps me every single time.

When you decide to start eating food, make sure you only eat bland food. Crackers, soup, and anything of that nature is best. I usually just stick with eating bread and having some Sprite with me. I make sure to stay in the bathroom until I know I’m feeling about 80% better.

There are all of my tips for you guys and I hope I could help. The stomach bug spreads quickly and I hope none of you catch it. This is going to pretty much be common sense, but make sure to Lysol and wipe down everything around you. Almost everyone that has come through my house has gotten the bug and I’m one of the last that hasn’t gotten it yet…I am crossing my fingers! I can’t get it for the third time…

I like to bring my laptop, books, and other things I can do while I am laying down on my blanket in the bathroom. I like to get comfortable because I know I’ll be randomly throwing up out of nowhere.

Have you ever had the stomach bug? How did you overcome it?

Did this post gross you out?


Image via Flickr by Faruk Ateş

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