10 Ways To Make Fast And Easy Income In The Summer

27th June 2016

Making extra money during the summer can be very rewarding as well as exciting if it's the right job. Whether you need the extra money to pay off debt, save up for a new car, or for no reason whatsoever.

Making extra money during the summer can be very rewarding as well as exciting if it’s the right job. Whether you need the extra money to pay off debt, save up for a new car, or for no reason whatsoever. Starting a new summer job can bring great opportunities and enlarge your network, leading you to new people, expanding your resume, and reaping many other benefits.

1. Become a runner for Favor. Favor is hitting cities all across the U.S. and is making it very easy for lazy people to sit in the comfort of their home while anything can be delivered to them. The runner is in charge of picking up whatever it is that person needs. Flexibility in hours and perks such as keeping 100% of tips are just some of the upsides to becoming a runner. Continue reading

The Rule of 72 & the Power of Compounding Interest

26th June 2016

In the following article we guide our reader through the simple yet amazing Rule of 72 and the power of compounding interest. If you are not acquainted with this beautiful truth of investing than prepare yourself to be amazed.

In almost every business transaction that requires an exchange of money these days, you’ll find that a percentage rate is somehow involved. Looking to get a credit card from the retailer of your choice, there’s a percentage rate. Continue reading

How to Separate Priorities from Distractions and Be Productive at Work

25th June 2016

These days nearly everyone struggles with being too busy and not getting enough done in our days which causes us problems with our jobs, families, and fitness. I consider myself to be a prime example of this. I have a busy law practice, four kids age four and under, and I try to fit in workouts wherever possible. To make things more interesting, each of the items on this list comes with its own separate list of distractions.

The problem is that none of us seem to know how to set priorities and we give all our attention and time to distractions and in the end we accomplish very little and fall behind which leads to anxiety, depression, loss of employment which all affect our quality of life, family and health. Continue reading

Rover – A Great Way To Make Money And Play With Animals

15th June 2016

tire-swing-1208211_1920Hey everyone!

I wanted to share an awesome way to rack in some side income (who doesn’t need some extra $$$?) and while having a blast in the process. If playing and loving on animals interests you, read further!

I was hanging out with some Austinite’s (is that the correct term? Ha!) the other day and a girl told me about an app called, “Rover”. Rover is in thousands of cities and is basically any animal lovers dream job.

Click here to check out Rover for yourself.

What is Rover? 

Rover is an easy to use app where you can book pet sittings for your furry friend as well as become a sitter yourself for dogs. Sitters go through an in-depth interview and background check, so you can be rest assured that your dog is in great hands.

How it works: 

  1. Search for a loving dog sitter near your home or hotel you are staying in.
  2. Book a meet and greet with the dog sitter to get acquainted and familiar with the sitter.
  3. Relax and be at peace knowing that your dog is very happy while you are busy!



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Free Summer Activities For An Exciting Free Weekend

8th June 2016


Exciting news!

I moved to Austin last week and I am so in love with the city. The small town in Colorado was fun and amazingly beautiful, but was never permanent and I had to decide very quickly which city would be my new home. After months of research and visiting different cities, my boyfriend and I decided on Austin, Texas due to it being #1 in the country of millennials to get jobs, affordability, weather, and more. We love it here so much and I can definitely see myself staying here for years to come.

Since arriving in Austin, there has been an endless number of activities I have wanted to partake in. Moving to a new city can be expensive, therefore, the choices and options are a little bit more limited for me and anyone else who wants to live on a frugal budget.


At the bottom of this page is a bunch of photos from some of my adventures in Austin!  Continue reading