Landed in Cusco, Peru + What I Miss About Home

Landed in Cusco, Peru + What I Miss About HomeI. Can. Not. Believe. It.

I made my way to South America (Peru more specifically) on Thursday, May 14th. I had a 3 hour layover in Dallas, TX, as well as a 5 hour layover in Lima, Peru.

A week before my departure date, the nerves starting to set in. I began to ask myself what I was getting myself into, and how I was potentially putting myself in a dangerous situation by moving to a country that has some dangerous areas, or is close to potentially dangerous areas.

There were days when my anxiety would shoot through the roof. I kept asking myself if I was prepared enough and if I would be physically and emotionally ready for this trip abroad. It would be my first trip abroad and I would also be going solo.

After only 2 days in Peru, I feel like a totally different person. Landing in Peru hit me like a ton of bricks. Very few people could understand English, and it was time to put my Spanish speaking skills to use. I know enough to get me by, and I also can understand a decent amount of what people are saying. Forming sentences is quite difficult for me, and thinking of what to say immediately back to someone is quite nerve wracking as well.

Getting around Peru is RIDICULOUSLY cheap. I had no idea just how cheap everything was in the city of Cusco. I spent 13 soles on a 5 course meal, which might’ve been the best meal of my life. If you are ever in Cusco, DEFINITELY check out Green Point. It is a vegetarian restaurant but don’t be fooled, if you are a meat eater you will STILL love this place. They have a set menu for the 5 course meal or you can order from the menu that has many different options. You can even see the cooks make the food. Oh yeah, unlimited salad with the set menu!

1 US dollar = approximately 3 Soles.

So that means my 5 course meal was approximately $4. Tip is already included as well.

Getting around Cusco is quite easy as well, as taxis are readily available. I get around Cusco for about US$1 each way. Amazing.

If you plan on visiting Cusco, make sure to use a local company. I will attach the link of the company that EVERYONE I know goes through. Once you land in Cusco, check out his spot in Plaza de Armas where you will find even MORE tours he has. His site only has a few, but he actually has a ton more to choose from. His name is German Flores so you can also add him on Facebook! He is very friendly and has perfect ratings online. Also, the prices are about as cheap as you’ll get here in Peru.

My volunteer trip ends July 11th, and I am planning to make the most out of every single day, especially weekends. I am starting to plan my weekend excursions and I already have my Machu date set. I will be taking a 4 day trip to Machu Picchu and I am so pumped for it already! I have been trying to figure out what I exactly want to do after my volunteer program ends. I was thinking about adding 2 weeks of jungle conservation in the Amazon, or backpacking to Santiago, Chile.

If you have any recommendations of other places to visit in South America, please let me know.

I have only been here 2 days and am already blown away. I walk outside and it hits me, I’m in Peru. I’m living in the beautiful city of Cusco filled with some of the most amazing history in the world.

Have you ever been to Cusco, Peru? Or any other places surrounding Peru?


Vegas Trip + Bachelorette Party

imageVegas is a place that many people go to for bachelor/bachelorette parties, to go away for a weekend for fun, or to simply take a break from a stressful time in life.

I have been to Vegas 3 times so far, and I have to say I believe that is too many times for only being 21. Haha. I went twice when I was younger, and then once when I turned 21. My sisters bachelorette party happened to be a few days after my birthday which worked out in my favor because I wanted to visit Vegas for my 21st.

On our way to Vegas, I decided to drink on the plane which is something I don’t ever plan on doing again. The alcohol made me feel light headed, nauseous, and tired. So just a little tip, refrain from drinking alcohol during a flight, especially a longer one.

We stayed at the Flamingo hotel and it was a lot less expensive than the other hotels on the strip. I really enjoyed staying at this hotel because there were 2 different pools available. One pool was geared toward families, and the other was only for 21+ years old. The drinks were VERY expensive, but the pool area was so incredibly nice and was a blast to hangout in every day. They also had amazing food at the Flamingo 21+ pool.

I’ve been to Vegas a couple times before I turned 21, so this third trip was way different for me. I had my first experience of what Vegas is REALLY like. I was able to experience different clubs and nightlife and I was only a few days past turning 21 years old. Quite the experience!

Perks of being a woman in Las Vegas: Promoters are always on the lookout for women, usually around my age. The promoters show invite us to the nicest nightclubs in Vegas and not only do we get free entry, but we also got free unlimited drinks all night long and we even had our own lounging area at Tao. Tons of celebrities spend their birthdays here, and I understand why.

I was very surprised that you are allowed to drink inside the mall on the Vegas Strip. We had those tall smoothie drinks with us and were allowed to keep them throughout our shopping.

Vegas is definitely a place to experience at least one time in your life. Now that I only live 6 hours away from Vegas, I would like to visit again here soon.

Have you ever been to Vegas? Have you ever been to the places I mentioned above? Which places would you recommend going to?












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