Most Memorable Moments In My Life

Most Memorable Moments In My Life2014 was a crazy year for me. I went through many changes and I am continuing to go through different changes throughout the year. It’s 2015 now and I am very excited about what the future has in plan for me.

This will definitely be a life changing year because of the summer I’ll be spending in Peru, but also what I have planned for when I come back to Peru.

So what are some of the most memorable moments in my life? These aren’t listed in order but are definitely events in my life that had some sort of impact on me.

1. My move to the Chicago suburbs from St. Louis.

I moved about 300 miles away from everyone I love and it was definitely a change for me, good and bad. I miss my friends terribly. I’ve learned that I like being by myself a little bit too much, but it”s just shown me how much of an independent person I’ve grown into.

2. When I moved from Chicago, back to St. Louis.

I was in like 3rd grade when we moved back to St. Louis (a little background, I was born in St. Louis and then moved to Chicago when I was about 5 years old, then moved back in third grade).

Living in Chicago at a young age was a TON of fun. I was always going to different places and obviously living so close to downtown Chicago was awesome. I was able to do so many different things and lots of traveling in the city on the weekends. Moving from Chicago to St. Louis was definitely a memorable experience for me because I moved to a suburb in St. Louis that was very different than where I was from. I was the only non-caucasian kid in my class in St. Louis and I got made fun of for being Asian a ton. That never happened to me when I was in Chicago, so I was really confused on why people were making fun of me.

I continued to get these jokes all throughout high school, because again I was one out of three of the only Asian people at my high school.

3. When I found out my dad was sick.

I’ve spoken about this a few times, but a time in my life I will never forget is obviously when my dad was going through chemo and eventually passing away. I remember the day I found out he had cancer so clearly. I was in the waiting room drinking some coffee and from the waiting room I could see inside my dad’s room. The doctor was giving the news to my dad and mother and I remember just having a feeling that it wasn’t good. Later on my brother told me the diagnosis and it felt like time stopped.

4. Couchsurfing in Denver was a memorable experience.

Riding a motorcycle to Chicago, Kansas City, Ozarks, Indianapolis, and Ohio was an experience. I spent the past 2 years in a relationship and I am incredibly thankful for the time I had with that person. I love looking back at all the memories and places we traveled to!

What are some of the most memorable moments in your life?


Things In Life That Make Me Happy

Things In Life That Make Me HappyThere are plenty of different things that make me happy in my life. I love trying out new things and testing out whether I like something or not.

So, what makes me happy? Pretty much everything! I like to find the good in every little thing, but I wanted to make a list of things that I’m passionate about and keep me excited.

1. Working out makes me happy.

This one is pretty much a given, but working out and trying out new physical activities definitely keep me happy. Branching off from the physical lifestyle, I also like to eat healthy (another given).

Doing both of these things makes me very happy, and whenever I am doing one but not the other, it feels incomplete and that is a no-no for me.

2. Keeping in touch with my long distance friends.

You really can figure out if you have good/close friends once you move and whether or not you keep in touch. I still talk to a majority of all of my friends from back home and it’s amazing!

It makes me so happy to know that these people aren’t just shut off from my life just because I moved. I made lifelong friends that I will be friends with forever and that makes me EXTREMELY happy. =)

3. Traveling to different places and meeting new people from all over.

I have yet to travel outside of the US, (Ok, South Korea once but I don’t remember it at all.) I recently did a lot of traveling this year and it’s been beyond awesome. I love getting out of my comfort zone and going on crazy adventures, including my couch surfing trip to Denver!

That was a blast! I am going to Peru in a few months and I will be there for the summer. It’s going to be a life changing experience and I can’t wait to blog and post pictures about it! May-July will probably be all about Latin America, so definitely stay in touch during the summer months! There is a huge festival in Peru while I’m there, so I’ll be posting tons of photos for that!

4. Learning about myself.

This really makes me happy because I am constantly learning about who I am and what I want to do with my life. I’m so incredibly motivated to better myself and I love what I am learning.

There are bad things I’m learning about myself, such as my indecisiveness that I mentioned about in a recent post, but you know what? I am happy that I can admit the good, and not so good things about me. I am constantly changing my mind, but I just don’t like staying in one spot if I’m not happy with where I am!

5. Last but not least, what makes me happy is what I do for a living.

Working with the special needs population has been life changing for me. My patience might be getting tested a few times, but it’s really changed me as a person.

I have such deep empathy and understanding for others. I am constantly putting others in front of myself at work which is what you pretty much have to do with every job. I was only 17 years old when I started working in my field, and I’ve been a different person ever since.

What makes you happy? Was there anything I mentioned that makes you happy in your life?


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