7 Free Things You Can Get On Your Birthday

7 Free Things You Can Get On Your BirthdayMy 22nd birthday is quickly approaching and I can’t even believe it.

For some reason I no longer care about my birthday after I turned 21 years old. What’s so cool about being 22? Haha.

Actually, there’s a bunch of reasons why I am happy to move on to 22. I had somewhat of a rough year at 21 years old, and so many different things changed in my life.

I moved to a new state, made wrong decisions, fell in a spiral of heavy drinking and eating junk food. I was depressed, lonely, and lost. I truly believe we are all at one point pulled into a very dark time in our life for a reason, and it will eventually shoot you off into awesomeness if you work for it.

Since my birthday is approaching on the 27th of April, I’ve been looking up free things I can get that day. I know there’s a crazy amount of things available to people for free on their birthday, yet most never take advantage of it.

Below are seven free things you can get on your birthday.

1. Going to IHOP for their pancake revolution day. All you have to do is signup and enter your birthday on their site. You then get a free stack of pancakes and they also mention they offer a free meal one year after signing up. I am obsessed with IHOP and have spent many times eating my delicious pancakes by myself.

2. Certain airlines will give you a pretty awesome discount for buying a flight during your birthday month. All you have to do is look up which ones do. I know of Delta so far being one of the airlines that does so.

3. I am OBSESSED with Dunkin Donuts. Not for their donuts, but for their coffee. You do have to sign up for their rewards program/DD perks program. If you go there enough like I do, it’s definitely worth getting. Starbucks also has the same kind of deal on your birthday. Crazy enough, I’m not a fan of Starbucks.

4. If you have a Sephora’s Insider card like I do, you get a free gift on your birthday as well.

5. For my Missouri friends, all you have to do is sign up for the Missouri lottery email list and you’ll get a free lottery ticket.

6. If you have little kiddos around, sign up for Chuck E Cheese’s email club and you’ll receive free things for your child as well. That was my favorite place as a kid!

7. Another favorite place of mine, PF Changs. If you sign up for their email list you get a free dessert. That place is somewhat pricey but definitely worth it.

There are hundreds of restaurants that offer free meals on your birthday, you just have to figure out which one does (most seem like they do). I also get sent emails before or on the day of my birthday regarding all of the freebies I can get on my birthday. Depending on the restaurant, you might have to sign up for their rewards program, eclub, or newsletter in order to get free food.

What free things have you gotten on your birthday?


Creating a Good Base for a Healthy Lifestyle

When we think of staying healthy and fit, we often imagine a natural, vigorous lifestyle. A day filled with nourishing tasty foods, plenty of fresh air and enough exercise to keep our hearts active; to some this may sound attainable but for those without a good base it can seem impossible.

If you smoke, are not in the habit of eating the foods you need or have prohibitive health conditions you may need to focus on solving those issues before making the move towards a healthier life. Whilst we don’t always want professional or medical intervention, an expert opinion and even medication is often necessary to get us on our feet.

Quit Smoking for Good

There is simply no way to get around it: if you smoke, quitting is the biggest and best step you can take to improve your health. As any smoker can tell you, however it is so addictive that despite your best efforts you may not be able to quit.

If smoking is holding you back from living a healthy life, why not get help to quit? In 2006 a prescription medication was made available to help smokers quit. It has more favourable results than nicotine replacement treatments.

Available by prescription only, Champix’ active ingredient is called varenicline. It stimulates the receptors affected by nicotine in the brain, helping to stop cravings for cigarettes. It also stops the nicotine obtained from smoking from having an effect on the nicotinic receptors, meaning that smoking is no longer satisfying.

Start with the basics; quit smoking and you can then replace it with healthy habits.

Visit a Dietician or Nutritionist

It is easy to say you will start eating healthy foods or incorporate more of a certain food into your diet, but doing so is another story. A visit with a dietician or nutritionist can help you establish healthy lifelong eating patterns, with foods that are beneficial to your needs.

The difference between the two professions (in the UK) is that dieticians are qualified to make recommendations and give advice on all aspects of diet; whether for nutritional concerns or medical conditions such as coeliac disease. A nutritionist can give information on healthy eating and best practices in terms of food items and how to prepare balanced meals.

You can learn more about dieticians and nutritionists from the NHS. The idea is to kick start your healthy eating plans with a visit to an expert to help you design meal plans to kick start your healthy eating habits.

Address Health Conditions

Having a chronic health condition can make it seem difficult to stay healthy. Perhaps it is time to address health issues that keep you from exercising as much as you should, or that prevent you from eating certain nutritious foods.

If you have acid reflux that prevents you from consuming fruit juices, for example, take time out of your diary to visit your GP and really get a handle on your condition. You may suffer from severe hay fever that keeps you inside most of the time, or a condition like Irritable Bowel Syndrome that makes you feel as though you can’t do the things you normally would. These are treatable conditions. Once they are addressed, you will not only feel better, you will be in a better position to begin new and healthy routines. 

A proactive approach to your state of well-being includes considering what may be holding you back before you start a new and healthy routine. Getting rid of bad habits like smoking, seeking expert advice on your diet and addressing any existing health conditions will give you a solid base to move toward future goals.

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