My First Uber Experience

My First Uber Experience I used Uber for the first time in Denver, Colorado. As most of you know, I went couchsurfing in Denver and on my way to the airport I decided to use Uber instead of taking the long bus ride. I had such a great experience even though I was extremely hesitant on using it.

For some strange reason. I’ve never heard of Uber before until the week of, and I thought it was weird that random strangers were driving you around in their own vehicles, but I realized it’s the same exact concept as a taxi driver.

I downloaded the Uber app on my iPhone and requested an Uber. The app lets you know how close the nearest car is and it even gives you a text alert when the car has arrived.

My first experience:

First off, I walked outside and a man was waiting outside of his car. I asked him if he was my Uber ride, and he replied yes. I get in the car and put all my luggage inside. Then a girl comes walking out of the building I was staying in and looked really confused. She asked the driver if he was her Uber ride. Turns out I got into the wrong car. Learn from my mistake, make sure you’re getting into the correct car. If not, you could potentially risk paying a lot more in case the person ordered UberX or UberSUV (which is much more expensive).

I stepped out of the car and my Uber driver was right behind him. He ended up being the nicest guy I’ve ever met in my life! He gave me all kinds of tips and advice for using Uber.

Throw up fee.

I learned that you have to pay $150 for cleanup if you throw up while using Uber. My driver told me he’s never personally experienced someone throwing up in his car, but his friend’s car has gotten thrown up in before. He said it usually happens at night (obviously because these people are getting picked up from bars).

He told me all of the hotspots in Denver. He said he was an avid hiker and climbed many mountains. He was extremely fit as well! I miss this man already.

I’m not weird at all… Haha.

Uber makes it easy to pay.

You simply connect your card to the app and it automatically pays for you when you’re done with your ride.

You also aren’t supposed to tip and it’s frowned upon supposedly. My driver was so awesome, so I had to tip him. He wouldn’t accept it so I had to throw it in his front seat and jumped out of his car. It was pretty hilarious.

Surge pricing.

ALSO ALSO ALSO: Make sure right as you get in the car to ask how much the trip will be. My driver told me MANY times people will forget he charges double or sometimes triple more when he uses his uberBlack car. (I was in his regular vehicle this time, he said he has to use regular Uber as well 30x a month in order to keep his subscription to use that). Obviously more people use regular Uber instead of uberBlack, but he said he still gets a ton of service.

Last tip, depending on the trip you use for your Uber ride, there is a thing called surge prices. The prices can soar depending on if there are any events going on or if it’s night-time (think 3 a.m. when the bars are closing). I’m sure it’s more expensive in heavily populated cities as well.

You can also use my sisters code: Michelles1019 and get $30 for your first ride (this turns into $20 after November 30, 2014). I used this code for my first ride and barely had to pay anything for my ride to the airport.

Have you ever used Uber before?


Should Females Solo Couchsurf?

Should Females Solo Couchsurf?I was inspired to write this post because of how many people were shocked that I went couchsurfing by myself – and stayed with a guy!

I had such a great experience with using the couchsurfing site. I have to admit I was a bit nervous to use the site altogether, and going through a man wasn’t the top option on my list. I actually made it a rule to myself to not go through a male if I decided to use the site at all.

I contacted many women and none of them wanted to do anything I was interested in. Most if not all of the women were going to be working the entire time.

Others wanted to go to concerts that I had no interest in going to. I originally was going through one woman who would’ve been working almost the entire time, until I found another host to go through, who was a guy.

I was pretty shocked at my decision to couchsurf with a man.

Okay, so I didn’t just stay with any guy. He had probably the most credible page on the site, filled with references, many verifications, etc. He was extremely active as well and there were many positives to choosing him.

So would I couchsurf with a guy again?

Definitely. I get along with girls fine, but I feel like I get along with guys better. I’m not into what most girls are and I don’t truly enjoy talking about the same things they do. I swear I am a man in a woman’s body. My mentality with almost every aspect in life is a bit more on the manly side. My feminist side is kicking myself in the butt for saying that.

Would I advise you to go through a guy?

I don’t want to make the decision for you, but simply don’t steer clear of men on the site. Most of them are extremely nice and aren’t creepy at all. They really just want to show you a good time in their city.

Don’t trust EVERYONE on the site. Obviously.

There are a lot of men on there that are trying to pick up girls as well. Just be smart about who you go through. Looking at their profile can pretty much give you an idea of what they want. I also make sure to talk to the person first and get to know them. I’m usually really good at seeing what a person is like through a few messages. People are great at hiding their intentions though, so just be smart.

If you do decide to go couchsurfing and you’re a bit nervous your first time, make sure to check in with friends every so often. Make set times you’ll call or text them. Calling is better because if the person ends up being a serial killer, they will read your text messages and pretend to be you. Did I take that too far? Haha.

If you’re a female, would you go couchsurfing by yourself?


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