November Goals

November GoalsI can’t believe it’s already going to be November next month. This year has gone by so quickly. Every year seems to go by faster than the one before!

For the month of November, I want to work on three different goals. These goals are more of a progressive thing so I won’t be officially “completing” them but I’m working on getting better at these things.

1. I’d like to workout 5x a week with a mixture of weightlifting and cardio, of course.

Ever since I started school and working two jobs as well, I feel like I never have time. When I do have time, I am too exhausted to do anything else. I need to work on getting my workout in early or right at the very beginning of my day. When I wait to do my workouts at the very last-minute at night, I find excuses to not do them and I tell myself I’ll do them tomorrow.

I’ve had weeks where I only worked out twice a week and I hate that! I am going to run 30 minutes to 1 hour 3x a week, and lift 2x a week.

2. I want to start rock climbing more often.

I recently went indoor rock climbing in St. Louis and FELL IN LOVE. It was seriously such an awesome experience and I can’t wait to do it again. My arms felt like jello the next day and I really enjoyed that feeling.

I love the day after of feeling extremely sore because it shows me I had a great workout and that I should have possibly warmed up and stretched better? Haha. I found a rock climbing gym nearby with pretty decent prices, but I’ll be talking more about that in my rock climbing post.

3. I’d like to focus more on my eating as well.

I do eat pretty healthy and I seldom go out to eat anymore, but I find that there are days when I am craving more than usual. I think this might be due to stress but I also have realized my meals are pretty boring. I find that when I am around food that takes awhile to prepare and isn’t simply 1-2 ingredients, I eat way more of it because I’m simply never around food that has a variety of flavors. I’m used to cooking such basic meals at home and that does get boring to me.

I have new goals for the month of November and I’m glad to say I’ve completed goals I’ve had set for the couple of months before. I recently have been working on being more positive and optimistic and I don’t think I’ve ever been so happy before. I’m not really sure what happened, but something simply clicked and anytime something negative happens to me I automatically look at it in a positive light. I used to be such a complainer and negative nancy but I feel like a whole new person!

What are your goals for the month of November? Anything you want to work on that you didn’t get to complete in October?

Also, if anyone can help me with #3 goal, I’d really appreciate it. I need to find recipes that I can cook that are delicious but aren’t so simply but easy-ish to make! I need to get more variety in my meals.


Image via Flickr by Karl-Ludwig Poggemann

I Went Rock Climbing!

I Went Rock Climbing!I recently went indoor rock climbing in St. Louis and it was beyond awesome. I had such an amazing experience and I cannot wait to go again!

I went to a local rock climbing facility in St. Louis but they also have a location near where I currently live which is pretty awesome. The gym I went to was fairly large and the walls were definitely intimidating at first.

So if you’ve never been rock climbing before, the staff will take you through a short introductory on rock climbing and if they don’t, leave immediately! Haha. When I first looked at all of the walls at the rock climbing gym, I honestly didn’t think they were that high at all. I told myself I could probably do all of these walls.

Boy was I wrong. I started out with the kiddie walls that they use for birthday parties mostly. I couldn’t even make it up the first wall! Seeing all of these little kids do it beside me crushed my confidence for a bit but I realized this was only my first time.

My advice for your first time, don’t overextend yourself. Don’t push yourself too hard when you see all of these people make it look so effortless.

They’ve probably been doing it for a long time and were most likely at your same spot when they went for the first time. Rock climbing is NOT easy and whoever tells you it is, well they are probably lying to you.

The challenge of rock climbing is what makes it so awesome. When you finally get all the way to the top, the feeling of completing it is so incredibly awesome. I remember being so close to finishing this one wall that was labeled a “5.7″ which is fairly easy, and I was at the top barely hanging on for a minute or two. I wasn’t sure if I was going to complete it and my arms felt like they were just going to pass out on me. I knew I had to complete it and I finally did. I gave myself time to recover and then I finally touched the very top. That was such an amazing feeling.

After making that wall, I felt accomplished even though I didn’t successfully complete other walls. I’m proud of myself for even trying and now I can admit that I am addicted to rock climbing.

I’m not sure if I’ll ever be one of the most people who go rock climbing in the wilderness with nothing but a few chains locking them on, but I am happy to start in the indoor gyms for now. Oh yeah, and the walls are WAY higher than you think they are. I remember only being 1/3 up on a wall and I was losing it. I felt like a baby after seeing all of these little kids climb up the walls like monkeys.

Once it was time for me to go down, I would actually climb myself down because I was too scared to let go. I finally stopped doing that and once I did make it to the very top of the first wall I completed… I basically lost it. You have to trust this rope to hold you and not just let you fall to the ground. I kept thinking of all these horror stories and people just falling to their death. I obviously didn’t die though!

Have you ever been rock climbing before? What was your experience like? Would you go again?

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