Trend of Tax Refunds and Car Buying

12th February 2016

rp_desk-918425_640-300x195.jpgIf you are thinking of buying a vehicle this spring or did during President’s Day Sales at your local car dealership, well you aren’t alone.

There has been a growing trend towards new and used cars being purchased during President’s Day weekend up through March. Many have accounted this trend to the tax refund period. Many are doing their taxes in January and February, and with that money they are using it as a down payment on a new or used car.

Some other popular ideas on what to do with your tax return are:

Seed your own business startup – this is an option for those that have an actual plan. Starting a business requires a lot of calculation and funding. So only do this if you know what you want to do, and you have a plan B as well.

Do some home improvements –this is a very common choice for many new and old home owners. Renovating a kitchen or bath, or adding a garage are a few good ideas to start with. But each homeowner is different. Just be sure to check with your local building inspector first.

Start a Roth IRA –this is a great idea for those young professionals that haven’t really done much planning towards a retirement plan. Not every employer will offer a good retirement package or plan for their employees, so having a Roth IRA is a great idea.

So now for a couple things you shouldn’t do with your tax dollars:

Have a huge party—now this might sound like a great idea for you young adults out there, but fact is one day or evening of excitement will never equal the value of owning a new car long-term or having a strong retirement plan.

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10 Ways To Lose Weight At Home For Free

10th February 2016

10 Ways To Get Lose Weight At Home For FreeMost people believe having a gym membership means achieving health goals will become easier.

This is not entirely true, especially since many people quit their gym memberships after only a couple months.

Working at home can be quite convenient because there is no cost involved.

You also not need to worry about transportation costs to the gym, and the time it takes to get to the gym and back.

Below are 10 ways you can workout at home for no cost at all.


Jamie Eason’s 12 Week Plan, along with many other free workout and exercise plans for moms, bodybuilders, and more. Bodybuilding is an awesome website anyone and everyone should use, no matter what your goal may be. You can learn to the educate yourself on different workouts and what muscles they target on the body. Free meal plans are also available, depending on your goal.

2. YouTube. Yoga With Adrienne, Blogilates, and plenty more.

I recently started Yoga With Adrienne’s 30-day plan and have learned a lot already. I am working on not only my body, but my mental clarity. My patience has increased and I enjoy the slow workouts that work on me mentally as well.

3. Use your library card and get access to countless workout DVD’s at your local library.

There are tons of workout programs you can partake in for no cost at all, all available at the library. I’ve learned that my library is stocking up on newer workout programs, but there are still some workout programs left from the 80’s.

4. Download free workout apps, such as Workout Trainer, 7 Minute Workout, and my personal favorite, Sworkit.

With Sworkit, you can customize and guide what you want to workout, and what kind of workout you want to do. If yoga is your thing, Sworkit has workouts you can customize to your wants and needs.

5. WorkoutBox is a site similar to Bodybuilding.

This site also has workouts that are custom to your wants and needs, and tells you how to do the exercise and how many reps, the difficulty, and so on. It’s entirely free as well.

6. Do a quick Pinterest search for free workout and meal plans.

Pinterest is amazing because you can get free and quick workout/meal plans very quickly, geared to your specific goals.

7. FitnessBlender is a site that is very specific to your wants in a workout.

You can find workouts that are in a specific time frame, level of difficulty, training type, and equipment needed. The option of choosing how many calories you want burned is also an option.

8. Borrow a library book from the health and fitness section of your library.

When I began my fitness journey, the library was my best friend and even helped educate me on so many different subjects in the health world.

9. Work on cleaning your home more often, or even make it a daily chore.

Cleaning burns many calories, as most of you might already know from vacuuming floors and cleaning bathtubs.

10. At home workout programs, such as 21 Day Fix or Insanity.

This option is not entirely free, but is at a very low cost for programs that include exercise and meal plans in the comfort of your own home.

Benefits of Building Credit

10th February 2016

rp_office-581127_640-300x2001.jpgAlthough most people have had the benefit of taking personal finance classes in high school, the understanding that your credit rating is important doesn’t always prepare you for the reality that you may face when you become unemployed or your family costs outstrip your ability to pay all of your bills on time. To make matters worse, for people that are not perfect or excelling financially, the offers and options that are available to them for financing help are often so expensive that they do not help them to get out from behind debt that has been accruing. Continue reading