4 Reasons You Should Care About Eating Healthy

4 Reasons You Should Care About Eating HealthyIt seems like everyone is on a new fad diet or trying to lost 5 pounds. My friends are constantly asking me anything about weight-loss and I always say the same thing each time.

It’s all about healthy eating. & it can’t just be healthy eating for a week and then you’re done-that’s how people gain the weight back and some more. You need to make a lifestyle change.

Incorporate healthy meals slowly into your diet, and soon enough all of your meals will be healthy.

There are tons of reasons why I care about eating healthy. My top reasons are as follows:

1. I feel better.

I no longer feel lethargic and my mind is not a foggy cloud of mess. Whenever I eat junk food for long periods of time, or even after 1 meal, I feel like complete crap. I become lazy, moody, and I don’t feel like doing much of anything. This past winter I went through

2. Confidence.

Whenever I eat healthy, I feel so much better about everything. My entire outlook is different and every aspect of my life is improved. I feel more confident in my schoolwork/education, relationships, socializing when I’m out and about, and even when I try new things I’ve never done before. I continuously shock myself with how much I am able to do. I do things I’ve never thought I could ever do, and I truly believe it’s because the energy I’ve received from the healthy foods I’ve been eating.

3. Your body deserves it.

Do it because you owe it to yourself to finally treat your body well. Your body is your temple and you are housed in it. Your body continuously treats you well. So why would you feed it processed meals filled with chemicals? Feed it with whole nutrient foods that are good for your body. Your insides will thank you and all different parts of your body will improve.

4. And obviously because it’s great for my health.

I put this last because this is a given reason on why it’s important to eat healthy. You dodge an endless list of diseases and issues your body can get from all of the processed foods that are out there. The food companies are constantly putting chemicals into our food and it seems like everything is engineered these days. They just came out with a GMO apple… Yeah. I’ll leave it there. I try to eat organic as much as possible, and I’ve pretty much eliminated all unnatural food from my diet. I feel 10000x better in every aspect of my life,

Why do you care about eating healthy? Do you eat healthy because of any of the reasons I mentioned above?


Week 1 On 21 Day Fix Extreme

Week 1 On 21 Day Fix ExtremeAs you might know from past posts, I recently gained 20 pounds over winter break.

I sunk into a depression and felt so lost in life. I felt like I was failing myself and all of the people that come to me for help as well. Starting over was something I had to do and I had to take it seriously this time.

I realized I couldn’t look at fitness and eating healthy for just appearance/vain reasons. I had to do it because it was good for my body and I owed it to myself to love my body.

I’ve been going through a crazy journey and the process has been overwhelming, in a good way. Here is my week 1 update for my 21 Day Fix Extreme.

Week 1 Update

Week 1 was a little difficult at first, but I wanted to change my life so bad that it made the cravings not even worth to go through. I followed the plan and ate strictly clean foods. I felt absolutely amazing and my energy levels were quickly increasing. My confidence was coming back and I slowly started to care more about just eating healthy because it was good for my body.

I stopped checking the weight scale and I plan on never checking the weight scale again. I’ve decided that I don’t want a scale to determine whether or not I am succeeding in life. I’m never happy with the number even when I should be, so why check? I’ve decided to track my measurements instead, and I might check it when the 21 days are over with. I’m not sure if I want to or not because as with the scale, I don’t want the inches to determine how well I’ve done.

I’m currently on Week 2, and this has become second nature. It’s so easy to eat healthy now and I look forward to my smoothies and green juices every day. I look forward to my grilled chicken meal with vegetables. I make sure to make meals that are delicious and filling. My energy levels are so high that I no longer need a nap throughout the day and I’m rarely dozing off.

This program has changed my life. I’ve done Beachbody programs before, a ton of them actually, but this one has really stuck with me. I look forward to waking up every day and challenging myself once again. My strength inside and out is amazing and I’ve never been so motivated.

I plan on posting my results on Day 22 after my program has ended. I plan on starting my second round a day after. I want to give myself 1 day break. You might be thinking I should give myself more of a break, but I’m so addicted to the workouts and 30 minutes a day is such a short time.

Have you ever done any of Beachbody programs? Which ones have you done and what was your experience like?


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