Bikram Yoga And My Crazy Experience

Bikram Yoga And My Crazy Experience

Yoga dog!

Oh my goodness. Where do I even begin? I tried Bikram Yoga for the first time yesterday and it was an insane experience.

I was mentally trying to prepare myself for what was to come, but nothing can honestly prepare you for your first class.

I’ve been wanting to try Bikram Yoga for quite some time now and I also wanted to start doing something physical that would challenge myself. I’ve been debating on getting into Crossfit, yoga, or back into boxing.

I chose yoga for now, and if I like it enough I will continue doing this. Obviously I can’t pay for all 3 memberships so I need to be smart and pick one activity for now.

I paid $30 for 30 days, which wasn’t bad at all.

If I decide to get a membership there, I would be paying $85 a month for unlimited classes since I am a student and under the age of 25. That is a REALLY good deal for yoga. Some yoga studios can go up to a few hundred dollars a month for a membership.

When I arrived at the studio, I was very intimidated.

I even asked myself if I should really do this. I’ve heard about Bikram yoga before and how the studio rooms are close to or over a hundred degrees. The lady at the front desk was really helpful and later on I found out she was the teacher of the class as well.

I enter the studio room and it was INSANELY hot. I didn’t even start the workout and I was sweating like crazy. For the first class, this yoga studio also gives you a yoga mat that has a built-in towel in it as well since you sweat so much.

Bikram yoga consists of a total of 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises. About halfway through the postures, I felt like I was starting to see colors and became light-headed. I was told beforehand that this would be normal and to sit down when I feel like this. I had women in their 50′s completing the entire workout without having to sit down and it made me feel out of shape, but in reality the first class is challenging for everyone.

So will I come back to the Bikram Yoga studio?

Yes indeed. I am going back tomorrow for my second class and I am actually really excited. Bikram yoga increases flexibility, helps you lose weight, lowers your risk for diabetes and other obesity related diseases. It also helps relieve stress and has made me have a clearer mind.

I can’t wait to see what my results are like physically and mentally in a month from now. I’m going to shoot for about 4-5 classes a week. I can’t wait to become more flexible and stronger overall. I want to become stronger mentally as well since I feel like I lack in that area.

Have you guys ever tried Bikram Yoga? What was your experience like?

Would you do it again?


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How to Fit an Exercise Regime into Your Busy Schedule

How to Fit an Exercise Regime into Your Busy ScheduleModern life is hectic, stressful and very demanding. We’re all working longer hours and leaving ourselves with less and less time to look after ourselves.

If you’re one of those people who dismisses the prospect of regular exercise because you’re simply “too busy to exercise,” it may be time to look at things a little differently. By integrating exercise into your daily routine, you can make exercise a way of life.

Become an early riser

While it may be a struggle at first, getting up an hour earlier than usual in the morning will give you a little time to run, cycle or head to the gym. Exercising in the morning is a great way of energizing yourself before the rigors of work, and it’s also a way of avoiding the crowds if you like to take your exercise outside.

Buy a bicycle

Instead of fighting over seats on the train or taking your gas-guzzler into work, why not cycle to work every day? Not only will you save money on the costs of travel, you will keep yourself fit without the need to devote any more of your leisure time to exercise. And to make things more interesting, you can use a fitness app to keep track of your times and routes. Setting yourself the challenge of getting to work more quickly can be the motivation you need to stick with your bicycle.

Utilize your lunch break

If you have an hour – or even 45 minutes – for your lunch, using 30 minutes of it three times a week for exercise could deliver some fantastic benefits. Perhaps your employer offers gym facilities, or maybe there is a gym nearby? Whether you use the time to run or just for a brisk walk, exercising in the middle of the day can blow away the cobwebs and keep you in great shape.

Use every opportunity at work to exercise

If you work at a desk, why not implement your own office-based exercise regime? You can use both your chair and desk for a range of exercises that can be performed between calls, or when you get two or three minutes to yourself. Implement a series of exercises as part of your work routine, and you will start seeing results in just a few days. The Forbes website has a great guide to desk exercises that will get you started.

Combine your social life with exercise

If you need to catch up with friends or loved-ones at the end of a busy day, why not do it with a jog in the local park? Instead of going to the local restaurant or pub, why not arrange a friendly game of badminton or squash at the local leisure centre instead? Try to look upon socializing and exercise as activities that can be enjoyed together, and finding the time will rarely be an issue.

Don’t be a couch potato

There’s nothing wrong with cuddling up on the sofa to watch TV or a movie. However, a sedentary lifestyle can lead to serious health problems and weight gain over time. Instead of lying on the couch for hours on end, punctuate your TV time with short bursts of exercise. Pause the action, and do some sit-ups, jumping jacks or stair climbing. You’ll be amazed at how quickly you’ll see results if you can squeeze in 30 minutes of exercise into your TV time every day.

Exercise shouldn’t be looked upon as a chore, or something that has got to be ‘endured’. Try to make it as fun and challenging as possible by including friends or using a fitness tracker to keep tabs on your improving performance. But most of all, try to make exercise an integral part of your average day.


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