The Struggles of Being an Au Pair

24th May 2016

The Struggles of Being an Au PairThere are endless perks of being an au pair, as I’ve spoken plenty about in recent posts. What about the struggles and downfalls?

There are just as many struggles as perks, in my humble opinion. Below are some of the challenges that I have faced, and will continue to face as I finish my time here in Italy.

1. You’re living with parents again. I’ve found this to be troublesome for many reasons. I moved out when I was 18 and have been living almost entirely by myself for the past year. I can’t watch TV or listen to music without headphones at 11pm if I feel like it. I have to follow semi-strict rules and keep order in the home. If I do something they do not like or we are not on the same page, it’s brought to my attention, which I will then have to learn how to do it their exact way.

2. You essentially live at work. There have been a few times where I thought to myself, “Meh, I wish I could just go home and relax.” Being an au pair, that’s entirely impossible unless you want to buy a $2,000 flight home last minute. You are constantly at work, even if you are “off”. I might only work 5 hours a day, but there are plenty of times it feels much more than that. During my off days, I make sure to travel to another city in my host country, or even fly out to a different country. Those off days are essential to keeping my sanity. Continue reading

Is Bone Broth the New Miracle Food?

24th May 2016

What food can reduce inflammation, boost your immune system, and help improve your overall health? If you said bone broth, then you are correct. Because it is made from simmering bones, this broth is packed with nutrients that are very beneficial to your health. So, is this something that you should be eating? If you want to reap its many benefits, then it is definitely worth adding it into your diet. Continue reading

Top Benefits of Working Remotely While Traveling

19th May 2016

Top Benefits of Working Remotely While TravelingPlease enjoy this post from Jason.

Working remotely has gotten easier than ever.

Everything in the workplace now revolves around computers, the Internet, and the cloud. Software, rather it’s Google Docs, Skype, GroupMe, or OneNote, has given us the freedom to move away from the office and into new territories.

My current experience of working remotely include being an online tutor, and more recently, being a code editor for my University’s websites.

I can assure you from my personal experience, that there are several benefits to being a remote worker. Continue reading

5 Reasons You Need Travel Insurance

17th May 2016

5 Reasons You Need Travel InsuranceTravel insurance is something that some people buy, but they don’t fully understand. It’s also something that many people skip buying because they do not believe that it will be useful for them, so instead they try to save a little money thinking that they do not need it.

This is a huge mistake!

Recently, a friend of mine paid over $8,000 for a vacation with their husband. It was a luxurious vacation that they could afford, but they skipped the travel insurance purchase because they believed that they did not need need.

Well, that was a very big mistake on their part. The wife ended up getting sick and having to go to the hospital. While she is better now, they both missed out on the vacation that they paid for, and now they won’t be getting a refund on any part of their travel-related expenses. Continue reading

How Weekly Meal Planning Can Help Your Diet

17th May 2016

One of the best ways to ensure you are getting the complete nutrients you need and are consuming the appropriate portion sizes is to take total control of your meals. You can do this by planning out your workweek meals in advance. This not only makes healthy eating possible when you’re in the middle of the hectic rush of the rat race, but it also can help you save time and cash. Cooking in large batches can help you regulate your eating habits in ways that ordering off a menu or even reading labels in the mess hall won’t allow you to do.  Continue reading